Communicating With Spirits Using A Spirit Box

Communicating with spirits

What Is A Spirit Box?

A spirit box is a revolutionary tool designed for communicating with spirits. It scans radio frequencies to capture electronic voice phenomena. These phenomena are widely believed to act as messages from the spirit world. Many enthusiasts and professionals use it to connect with deceased loved ones, offering a unique window into the realm beyond our own.

Its popularity just shows our timeless desire to bridge the gap between our world and the ethereal.

Understanding Spirit Box Sessions

A spirit box session is a dedicated time when individuals use the device or application to tap into the spirit world. It’s more than just turning on a device, it’s about setting intentions, creating the right environment, and keeping an open mind to the experience. The goal is to communicate with spirits, seek answers or guidance, or simply form a connection with those beyond the dead.

The Importance Of Preparation

Setting clear intentions

Before diving into spirit box sessions, it’s crucial to clarify your goals. Are you hoping to connect with a particular spirit or seek general insights from the other side? By setting clear intentions, you align your energy with your purpose, making it easier to communicate and receive relevant messages. This focused approach ensures a more meaningful session.

Ensuring protection

Venturing into the spirit world can be risky. The majority of spirits are benign, but it’s important to shield yourself from potential negative energies. Before starting, envision a protective barrier around you, perhaps visualising a radiant light or bubble.

This not only safeguards you but also sets a boundary. This ensures that only spirits aligned with your intentions can come through. Remember, protection is key for a safe and positive experience.

Creating The Right Environment

Establishing a sacred space

To effectively communicate with spirits, you need to create a conducive environment. This means designating a quiet area where you can focus without distractions. This sacred space becomes a sanctuary; a bridge between our world and that of ghosts. Adorn it with items that speak to you – perhaps your favourite incense or symbolic artefacts. Doing this can enhance the spiritual experience.

Inviting positive energy

Once your space is set, it’s time to cleanse and infuse it with positive vibes. This practice isn’t just about making the room feel good, it’s about ensuring the energy is right for spiritual communication.

Engage in deep breathing exercises, light some candles, or play calming music. Picture a warm, welcoming light filling the space, attracting only benevolent spirits and setting the stage for a successful session.

Conducting The Session

Starting the conversation

Starting a dialogue with the other side can be both exhilarating and daunting. When you start talking, begin with a simple greeting or a call to your spirit team – guides or loved ones who assist from the beyond.

Express your intentions clearly, whether you’re seeking guidance, answers, or just a connection. Remember, spirits were once part of our lives, so approach them with the same respect and openness you’d offer a living person.

Receiving and interpreting messages

As you go deeper into the session, be prepared to receive messages in various forms. Some might hear audible whispers, while others might sense emotions or see visions. The key is to be receptive. When receiving messages, it’s essential to trust your intuition.

Also, not every message will be clear-cut, some might be symbolic or require reflection. Take notes, and if something doesn’t make sense immediately, give it time. Often, the most profound insights from the spirit world unfold with patience and contemplation, offering wisdom that can illuminate our life’s path.

Concluding The Session

Closing the door properly

After your communication with the spirit realm, it’s essential to close the session correctly. This acts as a symbolic gesture, signifying the end of your interaction and ensuring no lingering energies remain.

Thank your spirit guides or any entities you’ve communicated with for their insights and messages. Picture a door closing, sealing off your space from the spirit world. After that, re-ground yourself in the present moment. This step is crucial for maintaining a clear boundary between our world and the ethereal.

Reflecting on the experience

After the session, take a moment to process the messages and feelings you’ve encountered. In this case, journaling can be a beneficial practice. This can allow you to capture thoughts, emotions, and any revelations.

Discussing the experience with trusted friends or mentors can also provide clarity and perspective. Remember, each session is a journey, offering insights and lessons to enrich your spiritual understanding.

Other Helpful Tools

  • Pendulums: Devices like pendulums can be a cost-effective way to contact spirits. Alternatively, you could try out dowsing rods.
  • Spirit guides: Calling upon these ethereal helpers can enhance communication and offer protection.
  • Automatic writing: Automatic writing is a practice where one lets the spirit guide their hand to write messages, often revealing profound insights.
  • Psychic medium: Professionals who can bridge the gap between our world and the spirit realm.
  • Ouija boards: A very popular tool. Do note that Ouija boards require caution and experience for safe usage.


What is the Estes Method?

The Estes Method was developed for ghost-hunting purposes. It involves a person using a spirit box and headphones, focusing on the spirit responses. This person is often blindfolded to enhance focus. And they repeat aloud any messages picked up from the spirit box. Other people ask questions, hoping to connect the messages they receive to their inquiries.

Can I conduct a session alone?

Although you can conduct a spirit box session alone, it’s generally better to have company. Another person offers added safety and emotional support and can help maintain a positive energy during communication with the spirit world.

How is a Spirit Box different from an Ouija Board?

The spirit box is an electronic device that captures EVPs from radio frequencies. This facilitates communication with spirits. An Ouija Board uses a planchette and a board with symbols. It relies on participants’ energy and spirit guidance to answer questions.

Is it safe to conduct a Spirit Box Session at home?

Conducting spirit box sessions at home can be safe with proper precautions. Ensure protection, set clear intentions, and create a sacred space. Always approach the session with respect, so the environment’s energy stays positive.

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable or scared during the session?

Trust your instincts. If you feel bad vibes or fear, immediately end the session and thank the spirits. Afterwards, cleanse the space, reflect on the experience, and discuss your feelings with trusted friends or experts. Always prioritise your emotional well-being and safety.


When it comes to talking to spirits, tools like the spirit box and Ouija board have paved the way for interesting interactions. After hearing “Are we friends?” on a spirit box, paranormal investigator Charlie Harker joined the ranks of many investigators who claim to have got through to the other side.

Whether guided by a spirit guide or driven by sheer curiosity, the journey into the ethereal world continues to captivate and mystify, reminding us of the mysteries that lie beyond.


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