How To Do Ghost Hunting Events

Ghost-hunting events

Both serious ghost hunters and people with morbid curiosity can attend ghost hunts hosted by companies or paranormal experts.

These ghost hunting events allow you to do something out of the norm, meet fellow paranormal enthusiasts, and visit fascinating historic properties (often after dark) – plus you might just experience the unexplained!

But, what can you expect from attending a paranormal event?

This article will provide first-timers with information about going to a ghost hunt event, providing you with tips on what to do and what the experience might be like.

Before Booking The Ghost Hunt

There are some reputable paranormal events, like those hosted by Haunted Rooms. But, there are also some chancers who claim to take you to haunted locations but are actually just after making some money without offering real paranormal investigations.

Before booking a ghost hunt event, you need to check online reviews, scour social media pages, and read any comments you can find.

You also need to ask yourself what you’re looking for – do you just want to do it for entertainment, or do you really want to analyse the readings and find tangible evidence?

The location is also important – is the event at a real haunted location with many reported ghostly sightings, or is it just any old, dark and dingy building?

You must do your research ahead of time to make sure you have an interesting night.

Finally, you have to consider the cost. Legit events may be more expensive (without breaking the bank), but you will be led by a fantastic team and are more likely to experience real paranormal activity. Just make sure to check the refund policy as well!

Before The Ghost Hunt Event

Let’s look at some preparation for the days leading up to the ghost hunt event.

The night before the event

Whether you’re planning on a fun night or want to interact with real spirits, here are some actions you need to take the day before the event:

  • Check with the organisers that the event is still happening as planned.
  • Make sure all the ghost hunting equipment you plan on taking with is charged and ready to go.
  • Get enough sleep. You want to be well rested, especially if you booked an overnight stay.

The day of the ghost hunt

First, do a final check that the event is still happening, and that you have the directions to the haunted location. Also, note down the organiser’s contact details should you run late or get lost.

Even if you have signed up for an event with a reputable event organiser, always tell someone where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone.

You should also do some research on the haunted places you’re going to. The experience is much more rewarding if you know which ghosts or spirits haunt the location you’re investigating.

Moving on to what to pack:

  • Comfortable footwear
  • Warm clothes, especially if you’re going to be outside
  • Plenty of water and some snacks
  • All the paranormal equipment that you have. If you don’t have any professional equipment (more on that later), at least pack a camera and notepad

It is important to remember that even though you might experience something ghostly, it is unlikely that the event will mimic what you see on your favourite ghost hunting TV shows. These televised paranormal shows are often overly dramatic and acted.

By setting your expectations, you are sure to still have an awesome night.

During The Ghost Hunting Event

The most important thing at ghost hunting events is to keep an open mind. The other people at the event will most likely be different to you, so respect their circumstances and personal beliefs. This includes not jumping out of dark corners or attempting to scare other attendees.

You should also respect any haunted locations. Most of the time, these spaces and buildings have a long (and tragic) history. Keep your hands to yourself, and don’t touch items that you know you shouldn’t.

It is crucial that you listen to the hosts. These people know what they’re doing. There will most likely be an introductory talk at the start of the night to cover the details of the event and ensure your safety.

You should also be prepared for “vigils”. During a vigil, the organiser will turn off all the lights (including torches) and ask the group to remain quiet and still. The host might call out to spirits to ask them to present themselves. Vigils can also include a séance, Ouija board, glass work (also called glass divination) or table tipping.

Obviously, you are expected to remain still during a vigil. Don’t make noise, and wait for something paranormal to happen.

Finally, you should be mindful of your own safety. Don’t look at your phone screen while walking, keep your torch on hand if you enter dark rooms with uneven flooring, and if one of the other guests bothers you, make sure to let the hosts know that you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Paranormal equipment to take along

Knowing how to ghost hunt is one thing – but to have the complete experience, you also need some crucial (beginner-friendly) equipment. Here is some of the best ghost hunting equipment to take along to the event to help you have a great night filled with ghouls and ghosts:

  • Torch: This one is obvious – most haunted locations are dark, and having a torch can help you get around.
  • Camera: Ideally you want a camera with night-vision or infrared capabilities.
  • EMF meter: These devices sense changes in electromagnetic fields which could indicate the presence of a spirit.
  • EVP recorder: EVP recorders capture audio recordings that you might not hear.
  • Spirit box: Spirit boxes use live radio frequencies to communicate with ghosts.
  • Power bank: Ensure you have backup batteries, especially if the event includes an overnight stay.
  • Ouija board: Ouija boards are useful if you’re involved in a vigil, allowing the spirits to communicate with the ghost hunters.
  • Smartphone: There are plenty of free and paid-for ghost hunting apps that you can download to help you detect otherworldly spirits.

After The Event

You’ve done it – you had a fantastic night of investigating. Now it is time to decompress and think about everything you’ve experienced.

If you had any recording devices with you, you should download the evidence and see what you can find. Perhaps your recorder or camera captured something you missed!

It depends on the event you booked, but some hosts encourage those who attend their events to share all their evidence and have the guests discuss what they captured. Just remember to remain respectful if you’re taking part in the discussions.

You should also leave an honest review of the experience, whether you had a good time or not! This will help other first-time attendees to decide whether they should go to the ghost hunting event or not.


How can I recognise a badly organised or “fake” ghost hunting experience?

There are a couple of clues that will indicate that the ghost hunt is a scam or not properly organised:

  • The organisers make unrealistic claims. For example, they might claim you are guaranteed to see a ghost. Paranormal events are never a sure thing.
  • There is no clear schedule for the event.
  • There are no safety precautions in place.
  • The organisers have no reviews or only bad reviews.
  • Events that are incredibly expensive are a sign that the hosts are more interested in making money than offering a great evening to attendees.

Which companies in the UK offer legit ghost hunts?

You can join any of the following groups to have a real (and scary) paranormal experience:

Wrapping Up

Ghost hunt events are an excellent way to explore the paranormal in a safe and controlled environment. Whether you head to an old, creaking Elizabethan house or a popular spot like The Tower of London, you are sure to have a terrifying, exciting adventure.

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of what to expect when you go on ghost hunting experiences, and can prepare for the event to ensure you have a great night!


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