Ghost Hunting Tips and Tricks

The science of the paranormal phenomenon is invisible to the human eye. If you’re new to hunting ghosts. Make sure to have a number of essentials and equipment for quality spirit hunting and investigations. Including a flashlight, camera, extra batteries, and mobile phone to trigger objects. Also, be sure to keep a pen and paper handy to write down your observations for later reading. Even if they are merely temperature changes, or voices. Also, if you are an experienced paranormal team, you are going to need more than just the basics to use your techniques. You’ll need a full kit. You may need items such as an audio recorder, ghost meter, night vision lights, magnetic field and ghost detector, video camera, and more hunting tech.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Tips and Advise

Top Tips

Leave the place as it was

When you enter a haunted place, be sure not to alter or move anything. Messing with the scene in any way can upset the realm. You wouldn’t want something following you home, would you? As a ghost hunter, you should always be respectful of both the dead and the living people. You can touch and get your hands on the objects within the haunted scene. But you can’t move a single one of them.

Choose Accessible Spaces

Before heading somewhere based on activity claims. You need to check that the place is open to the public, so as not to run the risk of trespassing. Ideally, you should acquire written consent from the owner of the property or group of properties you’re about to inspect. This is all just to ensure the best experience.
If you are going to inspect a private property, always ask for permission from the owner. We also recommend you check out the property you plan to go in during the day.

Never Ghost Hunt Alone

Whether you’re a new or experienced investigator at ghost hunting. We do not recommend starting on a paranormal investigation alone. Take a friend or be in a group when you explore. Having one or more extra pairs of eyes and ears will help. To validate or disprove any suspicion of a manifestation you may have.

Introduce Yourself to the Spirits before using your Ghost Hunting Equipment

Soon as you enter a haunted space, make sure to introduce yourself by name to the spirits living there.
Also, if you’re going to take pictures or use your recorder. Ask them for permission and give them strength. If you have advanced gadgets like an EMF meter, reader or box, explain to the ghosts what kind of tools or paranormal equipment they are and how they work to ensure a smooth experience.

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