Ghost Hunts Near Me: Tips To Find The Most Haunted Locations

Fancy yourself a ghost hunter? Have you always wanted to see a phantom in the flesh? If you’re looking for the ultimate ghost-hunting experience near you, don’t worry – you’ll find one around every corner of the UK.

With a reputation as the most haunted landmass in the world, the UK is a haven for those craving spine-chilling adventures and hair-raising encounters.

From ancient castles to abandoned mansions and haunted houses, you can find a haunted house or spooky spot for your paranormal investigation just about anywhere. So, where do you start?

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Research local areas for hauntings

Begin by conducting thorough research of your local area(s) known for haunted happenings. Delving into the history of your surroundings will provide valuable insights about potential ghost hunting opportunities.

Look at historical records, old newspapers, and archives available to the public that might contain accounts of supernatural occurrences.

You can even check out paranormal databases dedicated to cataloguing haunted places.

Engage with ghost-hunting communities

Connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for the paranormal can be a great way to find the best local ghost hunting hotspots.

Seek out established ghost-hunting groups or societies in your area. They often have extensive knowledge about local haunted spots and can provide valuable guidance.

You can also get recommendations from online forums and social media groups dedicated to ghost-hunting events.

Explore ghost hunt events

For the very best chance of an encounter, join an organised ghost-hunting tour.

Given how popular paranormal investigations are in the UK, opportunities for ghost-hunting events are plentiful. These organised ghost hunts provide opportunities to explore the most haunted houses under the guidance of experienced investigators.

The easiest way to find ghost tours and events in your local area is a quick Google search. Many of these are overnight ghost hunts, so be prepared with the ghost-hunting essentials like a headlamp and camera.

While there is an admissions fee for these ghost tours, the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of ghost hunts is well worth it!

The Most Haunted Hotspots in the UK for Ghost Hunts

If you’re on a ghost hunt for some seriously spooky haunted locations, you’re in for a treat! No village, town, or city in the UK is untouched by ghostly phenomena.

Join us as we unveil some of the UK’s most haunted hotspots, where ghost hunts reach new levels of spine-tingling intensity.

Most haunted places in England

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Pendle Hill, home to the infamous twelve Pendle Hill Witches hanged in 1612, is considered one of the UK’s most haunted locations. With the alleged witches’ resting place on the eerie hill overlooking Newchurch, ghost hunt enthusiasts flock here on Halloween to witness supernatural encounters.

The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

If you’re exploring England’s West Midlands, ghost hunts are ten a penny at this renowned haunted site in Gloucestershire. The Ancient Ram Inn, a 12th-century structure, checks all the spooky boxes. Built on an ancient pagan burial ground, it houses 20 ghosts, including a lost girl, a wailing priestess, and a mischievous incubus. It’s become the epicentre of ghost hunting!

Aston Hall, Birmingham

Aston Hall, a Birmingham mansion, is another of England’s most haunted buildings. Built during the English Civil War, it harbours a multitude of otherworld residents. There’s Dick, the houseboy who hung himself in the attic, and Mrs Walker, the green-dressed housekeeper still busy with her spectral chores.

And then there’s poor Mary Holte, imprisoned by her own father for 16 years after trying to elope, driving her to madness and grief.

Most haunted places in Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

The formidable Edinburgh Castle is well-known as Scotland’s most haunted site. Centuries of eerie legends line its ancient walls. One of its oldest paranormal accounts dates back to 1650, as Oliver Cromwell’s troops approached. The Castle’s Governor witnessed a headless drummer boy on the battlements, playing a haunting Scottish war melody.

Stirling Castle, Stirling

Stirling Castle may be one of Scotland’s grandest, but it’s also one of the most haunted. Among the numerous apparitions reportedly haunting Stirling Castle, none is more famous than “The Highland Ghost.” This spectre, clad in traditional Scottish attire, often confuses visitors who mistake him for a guide, only to witness his sudden disappearance.

Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh

And yet another haunted location in Edinburgh! Dubbed “Scotland’s Spookiest Street,” Mary King’s Close is a winding, dark underground alley once part of the city’s slums. Visitors have witnessed ghostly figures of plague victims, heard the cries of children, and even encountered an eerie doll.

Most haunted places in Wales

Skirrid Mountain Inn, Abergavenny

Located in the picturesque village of Llanvihangel Crucorney, the Skirrid Mountain Inn holds a chilling past. In 1685, the inn witnessed the hanging of 180 rebels involved in the Monmouth Rebellion. Today, visitors can experience spooky occurrences, unexplained noises and mysteriously flying glasses.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Nelson

This 16th-century Tudor manor house in the village of Nelson has a spine-chilling reputation. Visitors have witnessed apparitions, heard mysterious noises, and even caught whiffs of lavender and roast beef. The presence of a 19th-century housekeeper Mattie, signalled by the rustle of petticoats, is the most common paranormal encounter at the manor.

Bodelwyddan Castle, Denbighshire

Bodelwyddan Castle is the site of a host of spooky events. Haunted happenings include ghostly figures travelling through walls, strange noises and even reports of visitors’ hair being pulled! One of the most frequent phantom visitors is an unidentified lady in a long dress in the Sculpture Gallery.

Most haunted places in Ireland

The Hellfire Club, Dublin

The Hellfire Club in Dublin is perhaps one of the most famous ghost hunting sites in all the UK. When darkness falls, the deserted hunting lodge becomes a hotbed of paranormal activity. Many eerie and dark happenings have occurred within its four walls. Even the Devil himself has spent a night or two at the club, according to legend.

A word of warning for ghost hunters: this haunted location often attracts occultists, so it’s best to avoid conducting an overnight ghost hunt.

Leap Castle, Offaly

With a history full of massacres, murders, and torture, Leap Castle is one of Ireland’s most haunted places. Dating back to 500 AD, the castle has played host to its fair share of spirits and paranormal activities. The restless spirits of the McMahons, a murdered priest, and the haunting figure of the “Red Lady” with a knife linger on the grounds.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol continues to exude a chilling atmosphere long after its closure in 1924. As Europe’s largest unoccupied prison, this gaol was once home to some of the country’s most notorious criminals. Both visitors and workers have reported lights flickering, phantom footsteps, and powerful gusts of wind in the dungeon.


Where can I hunt ghosts in the United States?

We recommend checking out Ghost Augustine, they offer ghost tours and paranormal investigations throughout the USA.

What precautions should I take exploring haunted houses on my own?

  • Share your plans with someone else.
  • Charge your phone.
  • Research permission and access rights if it is private property.
  • Take warm clothes.
  • Trust your instincts.

Should I know the history of a place before ghost hunting?

Knowing the history and legends of a haunted place can make the ghost hunt much more interesting. You will know what to look for and have a better understanding of the hauntings.


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