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The Appeal of Ghost Hunting

Edgar Allan Poe once said: “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” This profound reflection just about sums up the essence of ghost-hunting.

For centuries, the enchantment of the unknown has drawn many to investigate the thin veil between our world and the next. A ghost hunt can give you a tantalizing glimpse into the mysteries of the afterlife.

As phantom-hunting events become more popular in the UK, enthusiasts and sceptics alike are joining the quest to encounter spirits and haunted spots. The thrill of the hunt, combined with the hope of a paranormal encounter, makes this pursuit captivating.

Ghost Hunts vs. Ghost Hunting: What’s the Difference?

If you’re reading this guide, it’s very likely that you’ve heard the paranormal terms like ‘ghost hunts’ and ‘ghost hunting’ at some point and wondered about the difference. Well, let’s clear the fog.

Ghost hunts typically refer to organized events where groups, usually led by experienced paranormal investigators, visit haunted locations for a set period. It may just be for an evening or to stay overnight. It’s a structured experience, often with a team guiding you.

Ghost-hunting, on the other hand, is the broader activity of seeking out and documenting paranormal activity. This activity can be done solo or with friends, anytime and anywhere. Think of ghost hunts like planned tours and ghost hunting as the overall adventure.

Embarking on Your First Experience

Setting out on a ghost hunt for the first time? Excitement and anticipation are probably bubbling within you. Remember, every seasoned spirit hunter once stood where you are now, on the brink of their first paranormal adventure.

As you step into haunted locations, keep an open mind. And do your best to not let scepticism get the better of you, especially if you’re a sceptic. Equip yourself with some basic knowledge, perhaps from ghost-hunting events you’ve heard about.

Do some research on the history of the ghost hunt location. It’ll often hold clues to the spirits you may encounter. And while it’s natural to hope for a fantastic night filled with ghostly interactions, sometimes the quiet, eerie moments are the most memorable.

And lastly, just have fun! This initial ghost hunt could be the beginning of many thrilling pursuits.

Top 5 Haunted Locations in the UK

  1. Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool: Once an orphanage and later made a hospital. Newsham Park is well known for its chilling paranormal occurrences. Whispered voices, shadowy figures and unexplained noises await those brave enough to explore. Popular for spirit hunts.
  2. Oxford Castle: This ancient structure has seen centuries of history. From being a prison to a castle, its walls have tales of imprisoned spirits, echoing cries and mysterious apparitions that intrigue spectre hunters.
  3. Skirrid Inn, Wales: Claimed to be the oldest pub in Wales, the Skirrid Inn has a dark history of hangings. Guests often report sightings of a hanging judge and other restless spirits.
  4. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire: With tales of child spirits, a witch burned at the stake and even demonic entities. This inn is a hotspot for intense paranormal encounters.
  5. Edinburgh Vaults: Beneath the city streets lie the vaults, once home to the destitute and criminals. Today, they’re a maze of haunted tunnels where echoes of the past linger eerily. One really wonders how Jamie Corstorphine works there, especially given what he told the BBC about the place in an interview…

Overnight Ghost Hunts: An Experience Like No Other

Imagine spending a night in a place where history whispers and shadows dance. Overnight apparition hunts offer just that – an immersive experience in haunted locations. As darkness envelops, the atmosphere gets tense, making every sound and movement even more intriguing.

Whether it’s the thrill of potential encounters or the stories that haunted buildings hold, these nocturnal adventures promise a level of excitement that playing with Ouija boards doesn’t come close to. So, if you’re seeking an experience like no other, overnight ghost hunts are just your thing.

Ghost Hunt Events: Join Like-Minded People

Ghost hunt events are the perfect way to explore the world of the paranormal alongside fellow enthusiasts. Here are 10 of the best spirit-hunting events in the UK, where you can join other eager spirit hunters:

  1. Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool: Dive deep into the mysteries of this former orphanage and hospital. Trust us, it won’t disappoint.
  2. Oxford Castle: Explore the ancient corridors and uncover tales of imprisoned spirits.
  3. Skirrid Inn, Wales: Wales’ oldest pub has a truly chilling atmosphere. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.
  4. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire: Encounter tales of child spirits and witches in this historic inn.
  5. Edinburgh Vaults: Navigate the haunted tunnels beneath the city streets.
  6. Haunted Antiques Museum: Investigate paranormal activities among age-old artefacts.
  7. The Nunnery: Unearth the secrets of this spiritual sanctuary.
  8. Bolsover Castle: Delve into the castle’s dark past and ghostly residents.
  9. Tatton Old Hall: Experience a ghost hunt in a medieval establishment.
  10. Shrewsbury Prison: Engage with the spirits of former inmates in this historic prison.

Please note that most, if not all, of these events will require you to make a booking. So, find a reliable event organizer and get your tickets now, as they tend to sell out quickly.

Essential Gear for Every Ghost Hunter

Ready to embark on a ghost hunt? Then here’s what you’ll need:

  • EVP voice recorder: Capture those elusive ghostly whispers and communicate with the other side.
  • Night vision camera: Darkness won’t hinder your quest, as this camera will reveal what the naked eye can’t see.
  • EMF meter: Detect changes in electromagnetic fields, which are often a sign of something paranormal.
  • Thermal camera: Spot temperature variations, indicating spirit presence.
  • Torch and powerbank: Essential for those long nights. You wouldn’t want your devices to die mid-investigation!
  • Water bottle, phone and two-way radios: Stay hydrated, connected and in touch with your team.


What should I expect on an overnight ghost hunt?

As a budding paranormal investigator on a ghost hunt, expect a fantastic night filled with mystery, exploration and potential spirit encounters in haunted settings.

Are there any safety precautions to take during a ghost hunt?

During ghost hunts, ensure you stay with your group, avoid risky areas and be prepared for an active night. Always prioritize safety during any ghost hunt.

How do I choose the right haunted location for my first ghost hunt?

Research the most haunted locations and consider visiting a renowned haunted house. Ensure to pick a spot promising an interesting night of ghostly interactions.


When it comes to the world of the supernatural, the allure of haunted buildings and the thrill of paranormal events call many. Whether you’re a seasoned ghoul hunter or just starting out, every ghost hunt promises a remarkable night of discovery.

From the eerie whispers in the dark to the unexpected table tipping from the sceptic with a ‘sense of humour’. The experiences on a ghost hunt are bound to leave a lasting mark.

So, gear up, stay curious, and dive into the mysteries that await. The spirits may just be waiting for your next visit…


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