Where’s The Ghosts Of Dinosaurs?

Ghosts of dinosaurs

Since dinosaurs did roam the Earth, and if humans and many other animals have appeared as ghosts, how come no one has ever reported seeing a dinosaur ghost?

Easily dwarfing today’s largest land mammals, such as the African elephant, these cold-blooded animals are said to have gone extinct around 65 million years ago. The only evidence of their existence we have of them today is their preserved fossils.

A topic as interesting as those giant lizards themselves, let’s dive into this article to answer the question: Why aren’t there dinosaur ghosts?

Ghosts of Dinosaurs: The Different Schools Of Thought

Let’s consider the theories on why dinosaur ghosts do not exist:

1. They served us no purpose

A prominent view among many internet users about the lack of dino ghosts is that the reptiles had another purpose besides serving humans (we didn’t exist in the Mesozoic era), and, therefore, they would have no purpose appearing to us as apparitions.

2. Dinos were not intellectually developed enough

Though we never engaged with these reptiles and couldn’t gauge their intelligence levels, others opine that the lizards were not intellectually developed enough to have souls. According to believers, souls are essential for beings to become ghosts.

3. Their energies dissipated millions of years ago

Another school of thought believes that because dinos existed so long ago, their residual energies that would enable them to manifest as ghosts dissipated long ago. Without these residual energies, the reptiles would find it difficult or impossible to manifest as apparitions.

4. They “moved on”

Others speculate that if reincarnation is a fact, dinosaurs have long ago transitioned into new life forms, rendering their residual energies unavailable to become apparitions.

5. Dinos had no emotional connection to humans

Another interesting observation is the animals did not form any bonds or have strong emotions attached to humans. Therefore, they have no need to visit us.

The understanding here seems that dino ghosts might not manifest because the reptiles do not matter to us, unlike other people or our domesticated animals, with whom we’ve built emotional bonds.

6. Nessie sightings

One internet sleuth, referring to a BBC news report about a plesiosaur fossil found along the shores of Loch Ness in 2003, ponders that sightings of the Loch Ness monster could be the dino ghost of this creature.

Now, if we were to assume that people who report Nessie sightings are in fact seeing a ghost of a plesiosaur, this would explain why Nessie is often seen but, never actually physically discovered.. where are the land dinosaur ghosts then?

7. Past their active ghost lifespan

Some people think the active ghost lifespan of dinosaur ghosts has something to do with how they remain active.

For example, Roman ghosts are still often seen across the UK, centuries after they were alive. Here, it seems, the argument is that after the active lifetime, apparitions fade into oblivion. Therefore, the dino ghosts, if there ever were any, dissipated after their active lifetime.

This could also explain why we don’t hear any reports of people encountering the ghosts of Stone Age men or mammoths.

8. Underwater hauntings

Another theory notes that ghost hauntings often only happen in areas or locations where we humans dwell today. This theory, therefore, hints that because the planet’s land masses have moved due to shifts in its tectonic plates, if dinosaur ghosts do appear, these sightings might take place underwater, where previously there was land.

9. They have no “unfinished business” to take care of

Many people believe that spirits appear because they have “unfinished” business on Earth and manifest in our world to communicate this. As with humans, dog and cat ghosts are known to appear and convey certain messages to the living.

However, this theory argues that because humans and dinosaurs had no relationship, these giant lizards would opt to – if they could manifest as apparitions – not appear to humans.

10. Manifest in a different form

Interestingly, some people argue that because birds are direct descendants of these ancient creatures, every time you see a ghost bird, it could actually be a dinosaur ghost!

What Is A Ghost?

According to the experts, a ghost is the spirit or soul of a dead person that can appear or manifest to other humans. Ghosts are often depicted as translucent, floating apparitions that appear to people or haunt specific locations.

Animal ghosts

Except for humans appearing as ghosts, we have heard many reports and stories of people’s deceased pets and other companion animals visiting as animal ghosts. If those stories are true, it’d be a fair assumption that animals can manifest as ghosts, leading to animal hauntings.

Ghosts in popular culture

Humans have been fascinated by apparitions since the beginning of time.

Many human and animal ghosts feature in our favourite movies and books, providing suspense, fear, and intrigue. For some, encountering and engaging with ghosts is a fun experience. For others, the thought of running into one invokes fear and anxiety.

While some believe they have seen a ghost, most believe ghosts are merely residual energies or memories imprinted on a specific location. Others dismiss the idea of spirits altogether.

The Rise and Fall of the Giant Lizards

When did they roam the Earth?

According to palaeontologists, the lizards populated the planet during the Mesozoic Period – an estimated 250 to 65 million years ago.

When did they go extinct?

These giant creatures became extinct millions of years ago. There are many theories about what caused their extinction. The most widely accepted theory is that an asteroid impact caused a global catastrophe that led to their extinction, wiping all the dinosaurs off the face of the planet.


What’s the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

Though the two terms get used interchangeably, when we speak of ghosts, we refer to the spirit of a person who’s passed away. This spirit is believed to be bound to a particular place or location and can be “seen”.

Spirits, on the other hand, are believed to be an apparition not limited to being human and can be found in “animal form” as well. Spirits also can’t be seen with the naked eye and are believed to be free-roaming entities and are not bound to a specific location.

What are the most famous animal ghosts in the UK?

The two most well-known four-legged ghosts in the UK are:

  • Black Shuck: This dog, often described as large and black with glowing eyes, haunts East Anglia.
  • The Beast of Bodmin: This cat-like ghost is said to haunt Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Witness description say the apparition is panther-like or even larger. While some believe it’s a living animal, others claim it’s the ghost of a feline long dead.

Are there any real-life stories of dinosaur ghost sightings?

There are no universally accepted reports of dinosaur ghosts. However, some believe that sightings of the Loch Ness monster could actually be a dinosaur ghost.

Final Thoughts: Why Aren’t There Dinosaur Ghosts?

And with that, we can conclude that even though it would be fascinating and scary to see a dinosaur ghost, the consensus is that dinosaur ghosts do not exist.

Whether you approach the topic from a scientific perspective or consider what other people think about the matter, it’s clear that even though dino ghosts are a fun concept, they do not exist.

Many argue that for a creature to become a ghost, there would need to be evidence of consciousness or a soul, which are not scientifically proven to exist beyond the lifespan of an organism. Additionally, the concept of ghost hauntings is based on human cultural beliefs and may not apply to extinct species such as dinosaurs.

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