How Does The Paratek Work?

The Paratek App has many similar qualities to the Ovilus. We see this being used on many ghost hunting shows that use Artificial Intelligence Speech generators (AI).

The third-generation AI System makes the app unique as it features a built-in Gyroscope, or digital compass (Magnetometer) this can scan through 4 layers to analyse data and decipher it and the 2000+ words in the App.

This app does not just randomize words, it works by picking up on keywords picked by the AI Software using a 30-word cycle, this depends on if the surrounding environment of the phone changes is a contributing factor.

If no words have been detected then the whole process will reset and start all over again until 3 words will match in the X, Y, Z. A1, A2, and A3 (this is shown in the display)
If you want to see if your phone has a compass feature, the best thing to do is open Google Maps and then calibrate your phone. The top bars will move and interact when you move your phone. This will also impact the use of the app directly.

It can be best to ask questions. These are questions asked in a haunted house recently.

  • I asked, “What is your name? Why are you here”?
  • “What do you think of me? What can we do to help?”
  • “Have you ever had another name? Have you been here before?”
  • I asked if we would know him…
  • Lastly, ask if he thought the app was effective.

This is the list of responses I got back from the questions asked.

“Rest, sad, haste, credible, limping, manual, scared, hurting, ours, Scott, leader, knew, befriend, happen, Norman, float, matter grey, died, hand, pat, veronica, intersection, vice, language, England, 2, filter, ninety, abort, Jake, please, usually, peace, hold, hole, kill, yes, taken”

Yes, a Spirit had made itself appear present in the home recently, and it appeared to be a young man at dusk, and it had also spooked a family member. Although, we feel that this ghost was just curious and was passing by.

The road they live on can get very busy and every so often you may hear a fast car speeding by can be heard speeding by through the night. When I asked if he would like to speak again, it responded with the words “thank you”, and the word “please” came through. Very polite.

For the last 5 minutes, I asked the spirit to tell me something specific. I tried to inject some humour by asking what he thought of the homeowners dogs?

These are the words in response to my last questions.

“Paint, carry on, kitty after, miserable, Patrick, trouble, add, Ella, material, numbers, pain, help, YouTube, creator, yard, hail, kept, year, empathy, ninety was, Sammy tweak, over, jenny, need”.

So yes, the homeowners do have several canines. They were playing in the yard and one of them was upset and in agony with an ear infection. I thought about YouTube about a certain channel about a woman called Jenny who showed a lot of empathy whilst the cat is having a hard time in the house.

I feel this app may be useful to you, give it a go and see for yourself!


Can you kill a ghost?

The concept of “killing” a ghost is a popular theme in many ghost stories and paranormal lore. But by most traditional definitions and understandings of ghosts, they are considered to be the spirits of deceased persons and are already dead. Therefore, they cannot be killed in the conventional sense.

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