How To Catch A Ghost

How to catch a ghost

Are you being haunted? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity, or have you lived in a haunted house? Perhaps you heard unexplained noises in the night or felt a presence when you were alone. It’s no secret that ghosts can be extremely disruptive to our day-to-day lives. And when you’re at your wits-end, it may be time to catch the ghost to stop it from bothering you.

But, how does one go about catching a ghost? And can you catch a ghost? The answer: Yes! There are a couple of ways in which you can catch a ghost.

This article will explore what you need to catch a ghost and send it back to the spirit realm.

5 Methods To Catch A Ghost

If you’re being haunted, or have to deal with a stubborn ghost who doesn’t want to leave you alone during your first ghost hunting adventure, you may have to resort to some drastic measures to capture the ghoul:

1. The glass jar

If you have never caught a ghost before, you might want to start small. For example, if a ghost haunts your house, you first need to establish which room the ghost frequents the most.

You will then need a large glass jar with a lid, a candle that fits inside the jar, and a lighter or long match to safely light the candle.

Light a candle inside the glass jar at midnight to attract the ghostly energy. Because ghosts draw on energy, they will be attracted to the flame. Once the ghost enters the jar and has been caught, tightly replace the lid on the bottle.

2. Box and bury

Another method is to capture a ghost within a metal box and then bury the box:

  1. Use a metal box that can close tightly.
  2. Add some soil to the container, preferably soil from a church, as this is hallowed ground.
  3. The soil is said to call to the spirits. If you have one of the belongings of the spirit, you can add it to the box to attract it.
  4. Once the spirit is safely inside, you can seal and bury the box. You would only be able to tell that the ghost has been captured by a drop in ghostly disturbances.
  5. To ensure that the ghost does not escape, you should throw some salt over the top of the box before you bury it in the soil.

3. The mirror box

A box lined with mirrors can capture and keep a spirit inside. It is believed that ghosts can travel between mirrors. Once captured inside the box, close the lid so the ghost has no way to escape. However, if you drop the box and the mirrors break, the ghost will be free.

4. Ghost trap

A traditional ghost trap is made from a minimum of two sticks (such as dowel sticks). At least two of the sticks need to form a cross, or plus sign. A string is then woven around and between the sticks, forming a web. It is believed that a ghost will be attracted to the string and work its way through the string from one end to the other. There should be no knots in the string, as ghosts can escape the web from a knot.

Leave the ghost trap in a haunted location so it can trap the ghosts without interference.

5. Haunted objects

Spirits will often attach themselves to an object. It could be something they valued in life or something like the jewellery they were wearing when they died. Sometimes, it is even the house they lived in or the place they died that they haunt. You can bury the item and the ghost along with it.

How To Find A Ghost To Catch

Before you can catch a ghost, you need to find the ghost. If you are ready to catch a ghost, then you should be prepared with some basic ghost hunting equipment to detect ghosts.

You will need:

  • EMF meters or EMF detectors measure changes in the electromagnetic field.
  • EVP microphones to capture electronic voice phenomena. Paranormal investigators will tell you that sometimes ghosts are heard but not seen.
  • An infrared camera to find ghosts in the dark or to capture some ghost photography.

Tips For Catching A Ghost Ghost


It is imperative to do your research on the spirits you want to catch. A ghost was once a person, and if a ghost is hanging around in a haunted location, it may need to resolve a problem.

Jeff Belanger, a leading paranormal expert from Connecticut, explained this when he said on Boston Public Radio, A ghost is history demanding to be remembered. It’s the past coming to the present for reasons that we may or may not fully understand at the time.

Dress appropriately

Catching a ghost can be hard work, so you need to ensure your clothing is simple and wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. You never know if you are going to have to make a run for it.

Leave any fancy jewellery at home, and take a jacket with you in case the temperatures drop. Wear cotton, and avoid wool. When you rub wool, it causes static electricity, which can affect readings on SpiritPods and similar devices.

Ghost hunt in pairs

Never try to catch a ghost alone. If something goes wrong, there should always be someone else there to help you or call for help.

Banishing vs Catching A Ghost

The phrase catching a ghost often has different interpretations. Do you want to get rid of a ghost, or do you want to catch a ghost? If you are ghost hunting, what is the difference?


Banishing a ghost means sending it away from the space it occupies or forcing it to return to the spirit realm. Banishing spirits can be done through rituals, chants, or cleansing. Ultimately, one doesn’t know what the ghost’s fate is, but at least it won’t be bothering you anymore.


When you are ghost hunting and want to trap a spirit, it could be because you want to use it to answer your questions about the spirit world. You could catch a ghost by using spells or creating a special container that can hold the ghost’s energy. Remember that spirits have no physical limitations. They can go through walls and objects or even attach themselves to an item.

How To Remove Ghost Energies (Without Catching A Ghost)

Sometimes, you may want to catch a ghost to get rid of it. However, there are other ways to remove the negative energy from an unfriendly spirit without catching it.

  • Cleansing: Burning herbs, such as sage, or resins like frankincense and myrrh are ways an area of dark and negative spirits. The smoke helps to purify a space so that negative energies are removed. This also helps to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Appeasement: Putting out food, drinks, flowers, or gifts for the ghosts is sometimes seen as a way of calming and appeasing the spirits. In some cultures, this is a way of opening up the doors to communication, and it always shows respect for the paranormal world.
  • Protection: Salt is used for protection and to weaken a malevolent spirit. When you sprinkle salt, it is believed to reduce the ghost’s power. Alternatively, by creating a solid barrier with the salt, you can create a safe space that spirits can’t cross.


How do I get rid of a haunted object?

The best ways to get rid of a haunted object are through burial or burning. However, you have to be careful not to inadvertently release the spirit when you burn it. Follow the correct rituals, or consult professional ghost hunters.

What is a paranormal investigator?

A paranormal investigator is another name for a ghost hunter.

Is it dangerous to ghost hunt?

Going on a ghost-hunting adventure is fun, but if you are exploring unknown locations that may be haunted, you need to put your safety first. It can be dangerous if you are ill-prepared to deal with a malevolent spirit. That’s why it’s safer to hunt in groups.


Which method would you choose to catch a ghost? Remember that it won’t be happy to be trapped, so you need to go prepared. Always be careful, and never ghost hunt alone. Whichever method you choose, always do it safely and with respect for the paranormal.

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