How To Summon A Ghost

How to summon a ghost

Have you ever wanted to summon a ghost? Or reach out to someone who’s passed? Maybe find a way to bring the paranormal closer to yourself? It’s a desire as old as humanity, and for thousands of years, people of all religions and faiths have tried to find a way to speak with spirits. The methods used can be hit or miss. If you believe ghosts are real, you may like to summon one. It could be a possibility. However, it may be more to it than you would expect. Here’s what you should know about summoning spirits.

Word of caution before Summoning a Ghost

It’s worth mentioning that summoning a ghost or spirit is hardly ever a good idea, even if it’s a loved one you’re summoning. The spirit you summon might not be who you think it is. There is no sure way that you will know what to do in that case. If you still want to go ahead, we have some ghost summing equipment which may help.

Summoning a spirit means that you’ve opened yourself up to a world that is unknown to anyone. We do not have control of what happens, nor do we always know what to do to keep things safe. By unlocking the door to the spirit world, you make yourself more vulnerable to possession and spirit visitors that just don’t want to leave. Also, we don’t recommend doing is if there are children in the home. Children may be able to see things adults can’t, and you don’t want to frighten them or put them at risk. If you want to still do this, carry on reading. We warned you.

Setup and Planning before you Summon a Ghost

Though there are many ways to summon spirits known to humanity, they all tend to have some traits in common. You should never go into a ritual blindly without preparation, never try to go alone. Ideally, groups of three to four people would be the safest option.

When interacting with spirits, confidence and fearlessness are key. If you show, gear can attract the unwanted type of spirit. It may cause problems later on. If you can’t meet a spirit without being petrified, you shouldn’t attempt it.

It’s worth letting you know you should always have a candle or two nearby. Light repels darker energies and helps attract positive spirits. Even though the light is important to repel bad spirits and see things, it’s wise to dim down a room, as too much brightness can make it harder for spirits to arrive.

To Summon a Ghost, you need to invite one in

Regardless of the method used, you need to verbally invite the spirits. No verbal invite means you likely will leave without a result. It doesn’t have to be a formal invitation, a simple “[Name of spirit], we invite you to enter this space.”

Methods of summoning a Ghost

There are several ways in which you can summon and communicate with spirits within your home, each one has its own method. These include the following:

Ouija Boards and Planchettes

This is a method known for being risky, but highly effective. However, it’s not the safest method out there. There are many stories of people using Ouija boards and the summoning going wrong. When using an Ouija board or a planchette, you must bring participants together, then let each person place a fingertip on the planchette. Place the planchette on the board, then the planchette will guide you to the messages you receive from the spirits you’ve summoned.

Doing a séance to Summon a Ghost

A séance must be held in a darkened room and people must sit down, at a table with a candle on top. Verbal invitations must be used to summon a spirit and involves speaking to the spirit and asking it to make itself known using cold spots, full-bodied apparitions, and physical phenomena.
Séances tend to start with every participant in a circle sitting around a lit candle. The séance leader then asks which spirit people want to summon to arrive and show people a sign they’re present.

Meditation and Automatic Writing

The mentality is the most vital part when it comes to summoning a spirit. If you can focus and meditate about opening your mind and body up to the spirits, you may end up getting some contact. Using this technique, inviting spirits to show up aloud won’t be enough. You have to put yourself in a mindset to see them.

Communicating with spirits through meditation can be very tricky, but it’s possible. Some mediums and psychics will meditate with a pencil in hand to encourage automatic writing. This gives spirits a chance to use your subconscious mind to write out messages. It’s not always going to be easy to figure out the spirit you’re in contact with.

Mirror Gazing to Summon a Ghost

Rumour has it that mirrors are a gateway into another world, it’s not very surprising that people try using them as a tool to summon and communicate with spirits. Mirrors are sometimes used with Ouija boards as a gateway to the spirit world.

You will need to use a verbal invite to let the spirits know to communicate with you, or make them known to you via a mirror. It’s advised not to use this method if you aren’t prepared to see ghosts. You might not like what you see in that mirror!

Banishing The Spirit Afterwards

It doesn’t matter which method you use, it’s important you know not to summon a spirit then walk away. Spirits that you invite need to get asked to leave. If not, they will never depart and may become restless. If the door between the physical world and the spirit world is left open too long, it means that a more dangerous spirit may be able to get through.

To banish spirits, it’s best to just ask them to leave. Most spirits will not stay after politely being thanked for their time and being asked to leave. However, some can be harder to get rid of. If you feel that a presence is still around despite a request to depart, you may need to do a cleansing ritual to get them to leave.

Clearing and Cleansing the Area

Part of ensuring that things have been finished properly is ensuring that no residual energy is around after a summoning. Once you have finished business with the spirit, burn some sage and ask negative energies to vacate your home. Then, open up a door and tell negative energies, time to leave.

If paranormal activity persists after cleansing your home, you might need to reach for help from others. Summoning can and do go wrong at times, and if you have summoned a particularly deviant spirit, asking help from a priest or experienced channeller may be the only way to make the spirits leave.

Important Things you must Remember Before you Summon A Ghost Or Spirit

Much like with any other kind of contacting the paranormal, dealing with ghosts and spirits means that you need to follow some rules.

The ones listed below are the most important to remember:

Never insult any spirit you summon

Ghosts and spirits are still “people”, they may not have a physical body, but they have a soul. Disrespecting spirits will anger them, just like disrespecting a person would. An angry spirit is not something you will want on your hands, so don’t insult them.

Remember it is not a game

We shouldn’t need to tell you this, but some people still treat it like a game. Any attempt to reach out to anything unknown is risky. It is not just some “harmless fun”, acting foolish or silly is dangerous. Do not summon any ghosts unless you take things seriously.

Think carefully before you summon a ghost

Never ask a ghost to cause harm to others, and be wary when asking for information about the future. You never know will happen! Remember that which spirit arrives might be who you’d like it to be. Terrifying as it may be, you must remember that there are entities that mimic your loved ones as a way to gain trust then create havoc. If you are desperate to speak to a loved one who’s passed on, you should never assume that the spirit you’re speaking to is them without proof. Even then, it would not be advised to believe them.

Keep company of others with you

Summoning or attempting to communicate with spirits can be a risky endeavour. Having others present can provide support and ensure things don’t escalate beyond your control. Staying calm during these interactions is paramount. Overthinking or psyching yourself out can potentially lead to feeling overwhelmed by the energy or presence of a spirit.

Always know which spirit you’d like to summon

You would never just invite somebody you met 5 minutes ago into your home… Would you? Of course not! Inviting a random spirit into your home is no different from a random person walking into your house.

Always ask the spirits to leave

Even if you feel like nothing happened during your summoning, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You have to believe

Psychic and paranormal phenomena tend to be more susceptible to believers. No one knows why this is true, but it seems to be a trending pattern, maybe your mind is more open? If you are sceptical something won’t work, then it’s very likely that your summoning won’t be as successful as you would like.

Keep Practising

Just like with any other skill, summoning a ghost or spirit will require practice for you to start finding it easy. So, if at first, you don’t succeed, try again.

Final thoughts

Always use caution when meddling with ghosts. Do your research, and learn about the potential risks. If you decide to proceed, and you don’t get results right away, you can keep on practising. Ghosts are not bound to our physical realm, and time and space does not exist for them like it does for us. Without getting into the science behind ghosts, let’s just say it may take several attempts.


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