How To Summon A Spirit

How to summon a ghost

About Evocation

Evocation is the action taken to summon ghosts, spirits or any other supernatural beings. It can take the form of conjuration (the act of summoning spirits) or divination (seeking knowledge from the supernatural about the future).

Evocation is practised across different cultures and religions. Sometimes, it is combined with hallucinogenic substances; other times, it is done by speaking certain words.

Rituals for Summoning Spirits

Let’s look at some methods that can be used to summon spirits or ghosts.

1. Use an Ouija board and planchette

The Ouija board is the traditional go-to for contacting or summoning spirits. This board contains the letters of the alphabet, as well as the numbers 0 to 9. It also has the words “No”, “Yes”, and “Goodbye” printed on the board.

You then use a small piece, often in the shape of a hollowed-out heart, called a planchette, which is moved across the board over the letters, numbers and words. Those partaking in the summoning ritual will lightly place their fingers on the planchette as the spirit moves it around to spell out words or answer questions.

Participants must not move the planchette themselves. The purpose of the Ouija board is that it is used for automatic writing by the spirit you wish to summon.

2. Create a pentagram

Pentagrams are often associated with summoning the devil; however, the star shape of the pentagram is commonly used to summon supernatural entities. The circles and corners of the shape are used to bind the spirits to the Earthly realm.

However, using a pentagram as part of your summoning ritual does run the risk of attracting the attention of malevolent demons, so we recommend you try this with extreme caution.

Use chalk to draw a pentagram on the floor and light candles around the corners of the star shape. You can then call on the spirits. Exactly what you say doesn’t matter – but you can use a variation of “Spirit of [name of ghost or deceased person], we summon thee, talk to us, join us, be among us.”

3. See through a crystal ball

A crystal ball is used as the medium to connect to the world of the spirits. The evoker – i.e. The person communicating with the spirit – will look into and speak through the crystal ball and hear the voice of the spirit coming through the ball.

The spirits can also appear as flickering images within the ball. However, the spirit will not be able to escape the ball without the permission of the evoker.

4. Use a mirror for ghostly reflections

I am sure when you were young you were also told ghostly stories about seeing Bloody Mary in the mirror.

There is some truth to this scary tale – it is said that mirrors are portals, and you can see spirits in mirrors. This is especially true in low-light conditions when spooky apparitions seem to appear on the reflective glass.

The history of using mirrors to see spirits goes back to Roman times when it was believed mirrors could trap the spirit of a person in the physical world.

You can begin by lighting a couple of spell candles until enough wax has melted. While waiting for a few candles to melt, sprinkle some salt around where you are sitting as well as in front of the mirror.

Splash the melted wax on the mirror, and carve the name of the spirit you wish to summon into the wax.

You can then call on the spirit to show itself in the mirror.

5. Communicate through candles

You can easily summon the dead by simply lighting a white candle and keeping the person you wish to speak to in your mind.

Candles can be used to answer yes/no questions. Write “yes” and “no” on two pieces of paper and place them on either side of the candle. Sprinkle salt in the melted wax – this helps bind the spirit to the candle. Then (while focusing on the spirit you wish to summon), ask questions and keep an eye on the flame.

If you have made contact with a ghostly presence, you will notice the flame lean toward either “yes” or “no”. When you are done, say goodbye and snuff out the candle.

6. Holding a séance

A séance is a popular method to communicate with the dead. You may not see the spirit you wish to summon, but you will be able to talk to it.

Begin in a dark room and have everybody taking part sit down in a circle. Light a candle in the centre and begin speaking out loud to the spirit. You can ask it to make itself known – you may hear scratching or feel the temperature drop.

The leader of the séance can go around the circle, asking participants whom they wish to make contact with and specifically asking that spirit to make their presence known.

How To End A Summoning Ritual

Once you are satisfied that you have made contact with a spirit and have answered all your questions, it is time to end the ritual.

Here are some steps to safely end a summoning ritual:

  1. Thank the spirit for appearing: Tell the ghost that you appreciate them talking to you or showing themselves. You can also leave an offering (many traditions believe spirits are fond of sweet treats).
  2. Politely ask the spirit to leave (or not): You can kindly ask the spirit to depart. If you don’t mind them hanging around, make sure to also tell them they are welcome to stay if they promise not to be disruptive and that you will make contact again soon.
  3. Cleanse your space: To formally conclude a summoning, you can perform a smudging ritual. To do this, burn sage as you set good intentions. Sage has many benefits and has been reported to rid a space of negative energies.
  4. Sprinkle salt: Salt is the weakness of many spirits. If you are scared the spirit may hang around after you’ve asked them to leave, sprinkle some rock salt around the areas where you want to keep the spirit away.


Are rituals to summon a spirit safe to perform?

These rituals can be psychologically and emotionally draining, especially if you are trying to reach out to deceased loved ones. Using certain methods, like a pentagram, also runs the risk of attracting an evil spirit. It is best to always approach these rituals cautiously, set good intentions and maintain a positive energy.

What do I do when something goes wrong during a ritual?

Suppose there is a sign that an evil spirit is becoming present, or you feel uncertain about the ritual. In that case, it is best to end it immediately. Make sure you always have a plan for safely ending a ritual – and trust your gut!

Wrapping Up

You can use plenty of rituals and methods to make contact with those you love in life. Communicating with those who are no longer with us can give us a sense of calm and allow us to answer any unresolved questions.

Just ensure you always practice these rituals safely and end them properly.

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