How To Use A Vibration Meter

A vibration meter is a device that can feel the tiniest movements and vibrations in the environment.

In the world of paranormal investigation, a paranormal vibration meter takes centre stage. While ghosts are known to cause changes in electromagnetic fields and talk through a spirit box, they can also cause subtle vibrations through sounds or movements. Often, these signs are so small that they could go unrecognised.

However, in order to capture this spooky activity, you first need to know how to accurately use this device. To ensure your investigation runs seamlessly, we’ll show you how to use a vibration meter effectively and explore the components that make it work.

What Is A Vibration Meter?

Before we dive into how to use this device, let’s have a quick recap about what exactly a vibration meter is and how they are used in identifying potential entities in the spiritual realm.

They typically consist of a vibration sensor, such as a geophone. This sensor converts mechanical vibrations into electrical signals. These minute disturbances are believed to show spiritual presence or shifts in energy. The signals are then processed and translated into readable data. This reveals the amplitude, frequency, and other characteristics of the vibrations.

The meter functions similarly to an accelerometer (a device that measures the acceleration of motion). However, the difference is that a vibration meter focuses on capturing an extremely faint vibration measurement or movement.

According to Haunted New Harmony, “We are made of vibrations. In fact, everything in our world vibrates. Some things vibrate at a high speed, while others vibrate much slower.” With that in mind, it’s quite possible that ghosts cause vibrations, too.

These meters are highly sensitive to vibration levels, so it can pick up on these differences. This provides investigators with tangible data that may correspond to supernatural phenomena.

How To Use A Vibration Meter

Here are a few simple steps on how you can navigate your vibration sensor:

  1. Preparation: Check that the batteries are charged or that the device is connected to a power source. Before starting, also make sure that the vibration sensor is calibrated and properly set up according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Choose a location: This could be a specific area of interest where paranormal activity is suspected or any other relevant location.
  3. Position the meter: Place the meter on a stable surface or mount it securely if needed. Make sure it is positioned in a way that allows the sensors to detect vibrations effectively.
  4. Start measurement: Some meters may require you to select specific settings or parameters before starting the measurement.
  5. Observe readings: Look at the readings displayed on the meter’s screen. Pay attention to any fluctuations or changes in the readings, including the amplitude and frequency measurement parameters. These indicate vibrations or movements in the environment.
  6. Document your findings: Record the measurements, along with relevant details such as the date, time, location, and any observations during the vibration measurement process. This will be valuable for future reference.
  7. Repeat as necessary: You can repeat the measurement process in different locations or at different times to get more data and confirm your findings. The goal is to transform the mysterious, paranormal vibration velocity into measurable data.

Types Of Vibration Meter Readings

Observing the information obtained from your geophone meter’s display involves looking at signals, electronic noise, vibration data and the frequency range.

Ghost hunters are encouraged to scrutinise fluctuations in the readings. They should aim to seek out specific patterns that indicate the presence of spirits or paranormal occurrences.

In paranormal investigations, these are the types of readings you could face:

  • Single point reading: Direct the meter towards a specific location to ascertain if there is any localised paranormal activity. This method allows investigators to focus on a particular spot. They can then perform a detailed vibration analysis.
  • Movement patterns: Regular vibration monitoring over a certain period of time helps discern if there is purposeful movement. This approach aims to identify intelligent paranormal interactions within the designated area.
  • Energy hotspots: These are areas with heightened vibrations. They suggest a concentration of paranormal entities. These hotspots serve as focal points for further investigation.
  • Spirit communication: It is believed that certain entities can manipulate the readings to respond to questions. For instance, triggering the device to indicate “yes” or moving away from it for a “no” response. This method adds a communicative dimension to paranormal investigations.

Types Of Vibration Meters

There are different types available, and once you find the right vibration meter for you, the measurement process will become much easier to understand.

EDI+ Meter and Data Logger

One popular vibration monitoring device is the EDI+. The device saves the measurement data for later analysis. However, the EDI+ Meter transcends the role of a mere vibration monitor. Tailored for paranormal investigators, it also tracks electromagnetic fields (EMF), temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

This all-in-one reliable tool helps ghost hunters effectively analyse paranormal activity. It then saves and processes this information into graphs and logs, facilitating easy analysis post-investigation.

Para4ce Quad

Innovative and practical, the Para4ce Quad is a multi-use tool in a compact device. Not only does it pick up on slight vibrations caused by movements or loud sounds, but it can also detect EMF, static electricity and temperature changes.

To help tailor your investigation, each sensor works independently and can be turned on or off accordingly. This means you can choose which approach you use to detect ghosts based on your specific locations and requirements. This all-in-one solution streamlines paranormal investigations by eliminating the need to carry multiple devices.

Here are a few other Para4ce devices that might pique your interest:

Footstep Tracker 2

The Footstep Tracker 2 boasts a highly sensitive geophone accelerometer. It can detect footsteps, movements, loud sounds, and vibrations from a distance. The adjustable sensitivity dial lets users customise vibration levels and its sleek design makes it easy to place on various surfaces.

The visible light bar surrounding the device ensures quick detection of vibrations from any angle. In fact, this device is so advanced that it even makes use of technology used in earthquake detection equipment.

Why Use a Vibration Meter for Ghost Hunting?

If you’re into ghost hunting, having a vibration meter is crucial.

Here are some benefits of using a vibration meter:

  • Vibration frequency and range: People can sense things like light, sound, and touch (which all create vibrations). In ghost hunting, it’s important to prove to others what you’re sensing. That’s where vibration testing and gathering this evidence comes in.
  • Corroborate other evidence: Vibration data can complement other forms of evidence that are gathered during ghost hunting. It provides a better understanding of paranormal activity.
  • Enhance research: Using vibration meters allows for systematic data collection and analysis. In the long run, this contributes to ongoing research efforts in the field of paranormal investigations.


Can a vibration meter be used alone for ghost hunting?

Yes, you can use a vibration meter on its own. However, they are typically used with other paranormal investigation equipment. Combining data and measurements from different sources provides a better understanding of the paranormal activity in a set location.

How do I interpret the readings from a paranormal vibration meter?

Interpreting readings from a paranormal vibration meter requires careful analysis. Look for patterns, spikes, or anomalies in the data. Investigators should also consider the environment and other readings from different tools. This will help them draw meaningful conclusions.


Vibration meters are companions in the world of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. These specialised tools, such as the EDI+, can detect and measure subtle vibrations associated with supernatural phenomena.

However, it’s important that you use your device properly in order to gather the evidence you need. If not, sounds, alerts and readings may become pretty meaningless, or completely inaccurate.

Thanks to their advanced measurement capabilities, vibration meters will continue to be integral instruments in the pursuit of understanding the unexplained.


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