How To Use Dowsing Rods For Ghost Hunting

A dowsing instrument can be a forked stick, or two separate L shaped rods. Dowsing is a method of divining that can be used to find a hidden object. It’s also known as ‘dowsing’ in the United States, or ‘doodling’ or ‘dancing’.

The practice has been used in the U.S. since 2000. Dowsers claim to be able to find out what is hidden by dowsing rods or by doing it with the movement of a metal rod or a rope. The rod is made of two pieces of metal. The rods move when a person presses them together to try and find something hidden in an area.

Dowsing rods in action during a paranormal investigation

How does a dowsing rod work?

Depending on the application there are different beliefs of how they actually work. If using them to find a water supply, or water flow or underground water (known as water dowsing). It would most likely be using some form of magnetism.

When using them to communicate with spirits, again it would be some form of magnetism. Ghosts are believed to be made up of electrical energy. And they are able to manipulate the electrical energy around them, by creating a magnetic field.

What do dowsing rods detect?

You can detect many things according to many experienced dowsers (or dowser). Things include water, natural minerals such as gold, treasure, lost items and spirits.

Kelly from SpiritShack using the LED Dowsing rods in the dark

Do divining rods actually work?

They work for communicating with ghosts for certain. Supernatural entities are made up of electrical energy, and they are able to manipulate the electromagnetic field around the rods in order to make them move. Many claim to be able to successfully locate groundwater over and over as well.

Is it bad to use dowsing rods?

No harm can come from using dowsing rods for finding water, lost items or treasure. The only think to keep in mind that using them to attempt to communicate with spirits can be dangerous.

Especially if you’re doing this in your home, as you are inviting the spirits into your home to communicate with you. And you cannot guarantee they will leave your home afterwards.

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