How To Use Power Bank

Charging multiple devices with the solar power bank USB battery pack

Ensure that you are set up and ready to get ghost hunting from the get-go. We only focus on high-capacity batteries, as ghosts and spirits are known to drain batteries. It is not uncommon to find yourself with drained batteries and empty power banks on a paranormal investigation, as ghosts and spirits are known to have some kind of power over electronics, especially if they are strong spirits.

The last thing you want to do it is to start your investigation and none of your equipment is working. With better quality, higher capacity batteries, it’s unlikely that the spirits will be able to fully drain them during your investigation.

Power banks will allow you to power multiple devices

Before starting a paranormal investigation, it can be challenging to know whether there will be any power sources available to you that you can use to power your devices such as your night vision cameras, lights and any other devices you may be using. Utilizing a high-capacity power bank gives you peace of mind, and allows you to connect multiple devices to the bank at once.

Furthermore, paranormal investigations can occasionally take place at locations that may there may be no electricity, such as abandoned and derelict places and old buildings. Having one or multiple power banks fully charged and ready to use ensures you can get going with your investigation right away, and will not have to stop due to any of your devices running out of power.

Which USB Battery Power Bank do we recommend?

Our SpiritShack USB Power Bank is a high-powered power bank perfect for charging multiple devices at once. It can be charged through a wall charger or even through solar energy, meaning if you are using it outside in the sun, it will be charging while you are using it.

This USB Power Bank contains 2 separate USB charging ports, which allow you to charge two separate devices at the same time. And if you don’t need to use both, you can even share the device with another paranormal investigator. The battery pack comes with an extremely high capacity of 500,000mAh of battery.

Power banks and batteries are highly portable, and we recommend carrying a range of double A, triple A and 9V batteries around with your kit to ensure you are covered if any of your devices run out. Power can drain quickly from devices, especially if you are using them consistently, such as a phone for live-streaming or recording a paranormal investigation.

Keeping a battery pack or charger for ghost hunting purposes will give you the freedom to work on a range of sites without power, opening you up to a whole new world of capturing paranormal activity.

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