How To Use Tarot Cards

Of the 78 card deck, 22 are Major Arcana cards. Major Arcana Cards are also known as Trump Cards. They are often complex and significant, and the appearance of one will influence the entire reading. Major Arcana cards are seen by many as an indication that you should reflect on life’s broader lessons and themes, rather than the specific happenings.

Of the 78 card deck, 56 are Minor Arcana cards. These relate more specifically to daily challenges and current situations that may be happening in your life. Minor Arcana could be associated with a temporary situation or energy which could be influenced or altered by yourself.

How To Use Tarot Cards

It is thought that Tarot Card decks should be exclusively used by one individual. This is because whoever is using them is channelling their own energy into the cards, and allowing someone else to touch or use your deck could allow their energy to be absorbed by the deck and alter the accuracy of future readings. Although, some believe that as long as you are utilizing methods to clear and cleanse your deck before each use, then anyone can touch them.

Before using your deck, make sure to shuffle them and keep in mind the goal of your reading. Try and tap into your intuition and wisdom. There are many different methods for Tarot Card readings, but it is important to make sure that you are doing what feels right for you.

Tarot Card Reading Methods

There are many different methods for reading Tarot Cards, and depends on how much time you want to spend on a reading and how detailed you want to be. You can choose from different spreads, such as a 3-card or 7-card spread, as well as different formations such as the Pentagram Tarot Spread and the Romany Spread.

However you choose to give Tarot Card readings, be at ease in the knowledge that as long as you are in tune with your energy and intuition, that Tarot Decks can bring a wealth of insight to anyone. Learning to read Tarot Cards takes a combination of knowledge and intuition, so experiment until you find the process which works the best for you.

The most popular deck

The most common type is the well-known 78 card deck first used by the occult in 1789, it contains 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. These cards are now usually used by psychic mediums, witches, and fortune-tellers. Generally, it is thought that you should not buy yourself Tarot cards, they should be gifted to you by another person.

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