How To Use The SpiritPod

The SpiritPod can be used to communicate with spirits and as a trigger device. If you would like to use your SpiritShack SpiritPod in this way, simply set it up using its individual directions, then ask questions out loud and ask the paranormal entities within the area to trigger it for a “yes” response, for example.

Some yes/no questions you may want to ask are:

  1. “Is there anyone here who wishes to communicate?”
  2. “Are you alone?”
  3. “Are you young/old?”

If you know some information about who or what the spirits may have been, then you can ask more specific questions, and ask them to trigger the device for a yes or no response.

And if you are using the SpiritPod alongside an EVP Recorder, then you are able to ask more open-ended questions and listen back to the recordings for answers.

SpiritPod X1

Spirits and Electromagnetic Energy

It has long been regarded amongst ghost hunters within the paranormal investigation community that paranormal entities have some kind of association with electromagnetic energy, whether that is because they are made up from it, or are simply able to manipulate it. SpiritPods are so effective when ghost hunting as they pick up even the weakest of signals, meaning they are a great addition to your kit even if there are weak signals present, such as child ghosts.

A SpiritPod for Every Occasion

We stock Spirit Pods which are both silent, and alert you with flashing lights, and also spirit pods that sound off an alarm and flash lights. We also have a portable pocket RemPod, which is a sensitive and highly portable version of the RemPod, allowing you to carry a pocket-sized Spirit Pod around with you throughout your paranormal investigation.

Bestselling Ghost Hunting Devices for a Reason

Our Spirit Shack SpiritPods tend to fly off the shelves and are a favourite amongst amateur and professional ghost hunters alike. This is because Spirit Pods are an extremely unique piece of ghost hunting equipment, and work differently in order to garner some pretty incredible results.

Spirit Pods are a great addition to your ghost hunting kit as they work differently from K-2 Meters which pick up EMF Energy, and may be triggered from a power source or device which emits EMF energy such as a mobile phone or walkie talkie. They are triggered when something breaks the EMF field that it generates, meaning if nothing living has entered the field, it must be something that you are unable to see with the naked eye.

Spirit Pods and Ghost hunting equipment

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