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SpiritPod X1

What is the SpiritPod?

The SpiritPod is a tool for ghost hunters to detect ghosts, spirits and demons. It acts as a ghost detector and paranormal response device. And as a simple yes/no communication device. It enhances the experience of paranormal investigations.

To utilize the SpiritShack SpiritPod for this purpose, follow the device-specific instructions for setup. Once ready, you can vocalize questions to the spirits in your vicinity. You can invite them to interact with your SpiritPod as a form of affirmative response.

Spirit Pods have different tones for different levels of static electricity it detects. And the number of lights illuminated will change depending on the static level it detects. For example, if a small static level is detected, you will hear a low tone with one light lit. If the static level around the antenna increases, two lights will illuminate, and the tone’s pitch will increase.

How does the SpiritPod work?

The SpiritPod is an innovative tool designed for paranormal investigations. It’s grounded in the theory that spirits can interact with, produce, or manipulate static electricity. This section delves into the workings of the SpiritPod. We explain how it detects static electricity and why it is an essential instrument for ghost hunters.

1. Principle of Operation

The core purpose of the SpiritPod is its ability to detect changes in static electricity around its antenna. Static electricity is a form of electrical charge that is stationary or moving very slowly.

It’s a phenomenon that most people are familiar with, such as the shock received from touching a metal object after walking across a carpeted floor. In paranormal research, people hypothesize spirits can affect static electricity as they manifest or move through space. And it makes devices that can detect such changes invaluable.

2. Detection Mechanism

The SpiritPod employs highly sensitive sensors capable of detecting the presence of static electricity. These sensors are tuned to identify even the subtlest changes in the electric field around the device.

The theory suggests that spirits, whether by mere presence or intentional interaction, create disturbances in the static electric field. These disturbances are what a SpiritPod is designed to pick up.

This device can detect the static electricity emitted by a human hand from around 6–8 inches. And this demonstrates its level of sensitivity. This sensitivity is crucial in ghost hunting, where the evidence of a spirit’s presence might be as subtle as a minor change in static electricity.

3. Spirit Interaction

The hypothesis that spirits can create, give off, or manipulate static electricity is rooted in many experimental observations within the paranormal community.

People believe when a spirit is present and attempts to manifest or interact with the physical environment, it causes detectable disruptions in static electric fields. The Spirit Pods alert investigators to these disruptions. And it provides a tangible indication of potential paranormal activity.

How to use the SpiritPod

To use the SpiritPod, you first need to calibrate it. Once calibration is complete, you can utilize the device to detect spirits. You can leave them in doorways and corridors, just as motion-triggered devices. Or you can place them somewhere more central and ask the spirits to touch them.

Once your SpiritPod detects a ghost, you can use it as a simple yes/no communication device. You can say things like, if you are male, please touch the antenna. Having multiple Spirit Pods is ideal if you are in a larger location.

1. Calibration

To ensure optimal performance, your SpiritPod requires calibration upon activation. This process involves a brief sequence where the device lights flash and emit a beep, indicating readiness. Avoid contact with the device until after this initial setup phase for accurate calibration. You can make adjustments for sound alerts and antenna extensions. Should calibration issues arise, repeat the process until successful.

  1. Placement: Before turning the device on, decide where to place it.
  2. Preparation: Decide whether you want the sound alerts on or off, and extend the antenna to its working length.
  3. Power On: Turn the device on, then immediately place it down and remove your hand from it to avoid interference with the calibration process.
  4. Calibration: Wait a few seconds for the device to calibrate automatically. You will know this process is complete when all the lights flash once, followed by a beep sound.
  5. Testing: After the calibration beep, you can test the device’s sensitivity by bringing your hand close to the antenna, making sure not to touch it. It can help you to verify that the device is calibrated correctly and responsive.
  6. Relocation: If you need to move the device, turn it off and repeat the steps from the beginning to ensure it recalibrates correctly at the new location.
  7. Troubleshooting: If calibration fails (e.g., the lights do not flash or there is no beep), despite following all steps correctly, repeat the process a few more times to achieve successful calibration.

2. Asking questions

If using a SpiritPod to ask questions with two possible answers, ensure your questions are clear and concise. If you request a spirit, male or female, the spirit may not know how to answer. You can say something like, “Are you male or female? Please trigger the device if you are male.” “Is there anyone here who wishes to communicate?” Or, “please touch the antenna if you are male.”

Here are some more question examples

  • “Is there a spirit present who wishes to communicate with us? Please trigger the device for yes.”
  • “Are we speaking with more than one spirit? Activate the device if this is correct.”
  • “Did you live in this house? Trigger the device if you did.”
  • “Are you from this area originally? Please activate the device for yes.”
  • “Are you a family member of someone here? Please trigger the device for yes.”
  • “Do you consider yourself a guardian spirit? Activate the device if so.”
  • “Did you live during the 19th century? Please trigger the device if yes.”
  • “Are you from a time before 1900? Activate the device for affirmation.”
  • “Do you prefer to communicate at night? Please trigger the device if yes.”
  • “Are you connected to a specific object in this room? Activate the device if yes.”
  • “May we ask you more questions? Please trigger the device for yes.”
  • “Would you like us to leave? If so, please activate the device now.”

Alternative Ghost Hunting Equipment

While Spirit Pods are a sophisticated ghost-hunting tool, many other devices and methods exist to detect and communicate with spirits. Each piece of equipment has its unique functionality, adding to a comprehensive approach to ghost hunting.

1. EMF Detectors

EMF Detectors are fundamental in ghost hunting and are designed to detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. These fluctuations can be attributed to the presence of spirits. Devices range from simple meters that measure the strength of EMF levels to more complex systems that can map out energy fields in an area.

2. EVP Recorders

EVP Recorders capture sounds believed to be communications from the spirit world. Ghost hunters often ask questions aloud and leave periods of silence to capture a response on these recording devices. Analyses of recordings can sometimes reveal voices or sounds not heard during the live session.

3. Infrared Thermometers

These devices measure temperature changes in the environment. Cold spots are often related to paranormal activity. Infrared guns can provide instant temperature readings, while thermal cameras can visualize the temperature across an area. They allow you to see cold and hot spots that are invisible to the naked eye.

4. Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras allow investigators to see and record in complete darkness, a condition under which many paranormal activities are said to occur. These cameras can capture visuals that may not be visible to the human eye.

5. Motion Sensors

You can set up motion sensors to alert you to movement in a room or area where there should be none. These devices can be helpful in large, vacant spaces where unexplained movement is reported.

6. Ovilus and Spirit Box

Both devices facilitate real-time communication with spirits. The Ovilus converts environmental readings into words. Meanwhile, the Spirit Box sweeps through radio frequencies, allowing spirits to communicate through the white noise.

7. Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods, often used in the search for water, have also been employed in ghost hunting to locate energy fields or respond to questions. The rods are held by the investigator and are believed to move in response to paranormal activity.

8. Full Spectrum Cameras

Full-spectrum cameras, including ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light, capture light beyond the visible spectrum. This broader range is more conducive to capturing phenomena invisible to the human eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the SpiritPod cost?

The SpiritPod costs between £80 and £90 in the United Kingdom.

Which batteries does the SpiritPod take?

The SpiritPod takes a single 9v square battery.

What’s the difference between the SpiritPod X1 and the SpiritPod X1S?

Historically, the SpiritPod X1 had sound, and the SpiritPod X1S was silent. In 2023, we updated both models and now both models have sound with a button to turn on and off. Today, both models are the same.

Is a SpiritPod the same as the Rem Pod?

There are slight difference between how a SpiritPod and how the Rem Pod works. A SpiritPod detects static electricity around its antenna. And the Rem Pod creates its own static field and detects any disturbances to it.


If you’re a fan of paranormal investigations, ensure you have a SpiritPod in your toolbox.

These handy and easy-to-use devices help ghost hunters identify and interact with beings from the world of the unseen. They detect changes in the electromagnetic field around them, using a beep and illuminating lights to indicate that a ghost, spirit, or demon is present.

You can then converse with these beings, using simple yes or no questions, with their answers indicated by the devices’ beeping or flashing light.

So, before heading out the door on your next paranormal adventure, ensure you have your SpiritPod and other ghost-hunting equipment in your backpack to ensure an immersive and fruitful journey into the unknown.

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