Are You Brave Enough To Ghost Hunt Overnight?

overnight ghost hunts

What Are Overnight Ghost Hunts?

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who’re you gonna call? Since the Ghostbusters don’t seem to be active. It may be time for you to pick up the torch and start your ghost-hunting expedition.

All jokes aside, if you want to participate in a ghost-hunting event. In any of the UK’s most haunted houses. You’re going to want to try out an overnight ghost-hunting tour. The dead of night is the best time to try your hand at paranormal investigations. And document the hauntings at several terrifying locations.

Typically, these tours are done in small groups. And are led by experienced paranormal investigators. They’re designed to help you capture (or, at least try to capture) paranormal events. And ghostly goings-on in haunted houses and other eerie locations.

Why Are Ghost Hunts Done At Night?

Ghost hunts are often conducted at night – and for a good reason. The most obvious answer is that ghosts are more active at night. When the veil between our world and the spirit world starts to thin. But that isn’t all!

You’ll want to capture as much evidence as possible as a paranormal researcher. While you’re engaging in paranormal events. The best way to do this is by having a quiet environment. Where you can focus your attention on communicating with the spirits of haunted houses and locations.

It’s accepted in the ghost-hunting community that darkness and silence create the perfect environment. For a successful expedition, they boost your chances of encountering supernatural occurrences. So, if you’re brave enough, join your band of spirit hunters. And step into the world of paranormal research – even if it’s just for one night.

What Do You Need For Overnight Ghost Hunts?

Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal investigator or new to hunting. Documenting paranormal phenomena is all part of the fun of overnight ghost hunts. But remember – you can only capture evidence with the proper paranormal equipment!

There are several devices you can use based on your experience level. But there are some essential tools you’ll need for every investigation. Here are some of our top picks for essential ghost-hunting equipment:


You don’t want to stumble around in the dark when you’re on an overnight ghost hunt. Some hunting events require you to bring a torch to participate in ghost hunts. It’s best to prepare before starting your creepy journey.

Of course, there are other light sources that you can use. In conjunction with your torch. Helpful tools like infrared torches for night vision. And hands-free headlamps can keep your hands free for other devices.

EVP recorders

Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP recorders are among the best tools. They are vital in any paranormal investigator’s arsenal. These handy gadgets can be used to capture and document disembodied voices. Or ghostly sounds that aren’t audible to the human ear.

EVP recorders pick up sounds that we can’t. They’re designed to detect even the faintest sounds in your environment. And unlike traditional voice recorders, they have heightened sensitivity. This allows them to capture audio that can sometimes go unnoticed.

Investigators will use these devices to communicate with spirits. As you wander around the haunted location on your ghost hunt, you can ask spectral residents questions. If the spirits answer, their responses can be recorded and reviewed after your investigation.

EMF detectors

An EMF meter is an invaluable piece of equipment for a ghost hunt. This device measures changes in electronic fields (EMFs). And plenty of paranormal investigators believe these fluctuations are linked to the presence of ghosts.

The beauty of this tool is that it can provide tangible evidence of paranormal activity. When the meter maxes out during other strange happenings, like moving objects or cold spots, it adds to the credibility of the evidence.

If you’re taking an EMF detector on a hunt, we recommend using it with other tools. When the meter starts to go crazy, for example, you’ve likely found a great spot to stop. When you do, you can use your EVP recorder to try and communicate with spirits who may be in the area.


A ghost hunt is only complete with a camera! Although your smartphone or a digital camera may work to capture orbs and other minor phenomena. Consider investing in a high-tech ghost camera. Some of these cameras, like night vision or SLS cameras, can pick up things you cannot see with your eyes.

Overnight Ghost Hunting Events

If you’re planning an overnight ghost hunt, you’re in luck. Several companies organize ghost hunts in some of the most haunted places around the UK. So all you need to do is grab your tickets and torch!

Some of our favourite ghost-hunting companies include:

Haunted Happenings

Haunted Happenings hosts many ghost hunts in some of the UK’s most infamous haunted locations. Including abandoned asylums like Newsham Park and overnight events in haunted homes. They get visitors involved in the investigations with activities like table tipping and authentic séances. Perfect for amateur hunters who’re new to the scene.

Haunting Nights

Investigations, ghost walks, and psychic readings are all part of the fun with Haunting Nights. This company is incredible at setting the right atmosphere. And giving you the low-down on the haunting histories of their locations. You can join a hunt here at some of the most spine-chilling locations. Like Skirrid Inn (in Abergavenny, Wales) and the Old Town Jail (Stirling, Scotland).

Haunted Rooms

Have you wanted to visit the Ancient Ram Inn or Stanley Palace? Yes? Well, now is your chance. With optional sleepovers and special offers that will make your hunt even more memorable. You can test your bravery with Haunted Rooms. Just beware because you’re in for a scare!


Can anyone go on an overnight ghost hunt?

Every event and tour company has their own rules for their ghost hunts. However, it’s not uncommon for junior hunters under the age of 16 to have to stay home. Sometimes, you may even need to be 18 or older to join an event. Wheelchair users or people with mobility issues may be exempt from specific haunted locations. They don’t have wheelchair access, which may be difficult to navigate.

Can I bring my equipment to an overnight ghost hunt?

Some ghost-hunt event companies allow the use of personal paranormal equipment. Plenty of companies also provide equipment for you to use, so you won’t need to take your own. Still, we encourage you to check with your tour company. Before lugging heavy cameras or spirit boxes on your hunt!


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