How To Carry Out Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal investigations
Have you noticed a door slamming in the middle of the night? Or any events that you can’t explain? You may want to consider conducting a paranormal investigation to get to the bottom of it. An investigation is slightly different to paranormal ghost hunting. The former involves science and technology when it comes to collecting evidence in these investigations.

We’re going to take a look at everything you need to know before you start your investigation and how to ensure it’s a successful one.

Identifying Paranormal Phenomena

When a book falls from a shelf, do you blame it on the wind or ghostly entities that might be haunting your home? You might find yourself wondering whether ghosts exist or not. Well, some phenomena that can’t be explained might make you a paranormal believer.

Signs of paranormal activity

If you’re unsure if what you’re experiencing qualifies as paranormal activity, here are a few examples of things you might encounter:

  1. Seeing things that aren’t there: Figures, shadows, or fleeting glimpses that appear without a physical explanation.
  2. Hearing disembodied voices or any weird noises: Footsteps, whispers, knocks, etc.
  3. Sudden temperature changes: Chilly spots or unexplained hot spots with no logical cause.
  4. Things moving on their own: Objects shifting, doors opening, or lights flickering without anyone causing it.
  5. Feelings of being touched or strong gut feelings: Unseen touches, brushes, or overwhelming intuitions and premonitions.

Before You Step Into The Shadows

You don’t want to just rush into a haunted house at 3 am with your EMF meter in one hand and Ouija board in the other. You need to make sure you are well-prepared to get the most out of the investigation and gather the evidence you need.

The objective of the investigation

What are you trying to achieve by embarking on this mission into the paranormal world? You have to have a clear goal to lead an effective investigation.

The general objective paranormal groups have is to collect as much evidence as possible to analyse later. The investigations are more technical whereas ghost hunting tends to be more for thrill seekers. After paranormal happenings have been noticed within a home, it’s important to investigate further and possibly open communication with the ghosts to gain more knowledge on the phenomena.

Essential equipment

SpiritShack has all the equipment paranormal investigators might need. However, if you’re new to this world, we recommend you get your hands on the following items:

Safety precautions

A few things you can do to ensure your safety:

  • Research the location thoroughly before going: Seeing the haunted house for the first time during the investigation is a bad idea, as most investigations take place at night and navigating your way through the house will be extra tricky in the dark.
  • Don’t go alone: It’s always best to take a fellow investigator with you just in case something goes wrong. You could also join a paranormal group if you don’t know anyone else who would go with you.
  • Don’t trespass: These abandoned buildings can be tempting to venture into, but it’s not worth getting arrested.

Steps For Effective Paranormal Investigations

Now that you’ve gathered all your equipment and expanded your knowledge of the safety of paranormal investigations, you’re ready to start investigating.

Step 1: Plan the investigations

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. You can’t embark on this investigation without a proper plan. So, take the time to figure out the nitty-gritty.

Start with the location, if you don’t have a place in mind yet, consider visiting one of the most haunted places in the UK. Next, you need to put together a team or join one of the paranormal groups in your area.

Learn as much about the history of the location as you can, as it’ll be beneficial to planning the route as well as understanding the possible hauntings taking place there.

Step 2: Conduct the investigation

Paranormal investigations are about finding evidence and analysing it to better understand the paranormal happenings going on at the haunted locations. Therefore, conducting the investigation needs to be well-managed.

The most crucial part of any investigation is documenting your findings. You need to write down what you feel, the date, the weather and everything you observe while you explore within the walls of the haunted building. Make use of your EVP recorders and full spectrum camera to gather as much evidence as possible.

It’s advisable to ask the spirits for permission before you record or try to communicate with them. Introducing yourself briefly is also a good idea.

You could always look into professional external organisations to assist you with the paranormal mystery. All ghost investigators have a unique style of conducting an investigation, so you need to figure out what approach works best for you.

Step 3: Analyse the evidence

Now that you’ve collected your evidence, what do you do with it? Carefully go through everything you’ve collected and eliminate any logical cause for what you’ve captured.

Listen to your EVP recordings in a quiet room, or using headphones. Give timestamps to each recording and note any clues you might pick up.

When analysing your evidence, look out for orbs, mist or shadows that you can’t think of a logical explanation for.

Step 4: Cross-reference the evidence

Once you have all your notes and evidence laid out in front of you, you can start cross-checking the time stamps of when a phenomenon was picked up on any of the recording devices.

For example, maybe you felt something watching you and there was a shadow caught on camera at the same time. This could be evidence of ghosts lurking around.

Paranormal Investigation Groups

Not feeling up to facing paranormal investigations on your own? There’s no shame in not wanting to face the unknown by yourself. Fortunately, there are paranormal groups that you can become a part of and even upcoming events to attend.

Upcoming Events

These paranormal investigations are all led by professional external organisations, to ensure everyone taking part has a safe and good experience. But be warned, these paranormal events aren’t for the faint-hearted.

February 2024

  • Ghost Hunt Newstead Abbey – 3 February (£45.00): An excellent venue for paranormal investigation and once home to Lord Byron.
  • Ghost Hunt Norwood Park – 9 February (£42.00): This location has a varied history with reported ghostly shadows, footsteps and figures, and feelings of being watched.
  • Ghost Hunt Matlock Pavilion – 10 February (£40.00): Amazing Pavilion with unknown details about the paranormal investigation.
  • Ghost Hunt Holme Pierrepont Hall, Nottingham – 23 February (£47.00): A grade I listed building with reported ghost sightings, guests being touched by unseen hands, and shadows in corridors.


What is the difference between ghost hunting and paranormal investigations?

  • Paranormal ghost hunting: This is often sensationalised and focused on thrill-seeking and entertainment, with an emphasis on capturing spooky experiences.
  • Paranormal investigations: These events seek factual evidence, following scientific methods and critical thinking, aiming to objectively examine claims of paranormal activity.

Is it dangerous to investigate the paranormal?

It’s not dangerous as long as you are prepared and follow all the necessary safety guidelines, especially as a beginner.

What happens if I contact a spirit?

The most important thing to do is to remain calm. Contacting a spirit might not be as it seems in movies, as it could just mean feeling a presence. Try to ask the spirit simple yes/no questions using ghost-hunting tools like a spirit box or dowsing rods.

Final Thoughts

As you embark on paranormal investigations, remember that as long as you are armed with knowledge and the right equipment, there is nothing to fear. Whether you venture alone or join one of the many paranormal groups, each investigation is a unique exploration of the mysterious. Enjoy the thrill of uncovering the unknown!



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