What Does An EMF Pump Do?

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What’s the purpose of the EMF pump?

An EMF Pump is a device used throughout paranormal investigations and ghost hunting. It’s also known as the EM pump. It has long been believed that spirits and ghostly entities can do more with more energy. Spirits will be more likely to appear when drawing power from an electromagnetic field. They can feed on the energy within the environment, allowing them to communicate. They may draw energy from electronic devices and power cables. The EMF Pump creates a much stronger EM field due to the rotating magnet inside it.

This small battery-operated device will create more EM fields than most 240v devices. Making it the perfect device for feeding ghosts with energy to carry out more strange activities.

We see this theory through the use of products like the EMF meter. It detects any changes and rapid fluctuations in the radiation of a particular area. Whether that is from man-made or supernatural sources. When otherworldly events occur, it comes with EMF fluctuations. Showing spirits expend energy. Backing up that, they need energy to do things.

How do EMF Pumps Work?

EM pumps produce an electromagnetic field into the environment. Allowing paranormal entities to communicate or manifest in the present moment. EM Pumps don’t increase occult occurrences every time, as they do not summon spirits. But give the nearby spirits, ghosts and entities the power to manifest into the current moment. If a present ghost wants to communicate, it can draw on the energy radiated by the EM Pump.

If you would like to test if your EMF pump is working, you can do so with an EMF meter.
You can do this by powering them up and placing them side by side. The EMF Meter readings increase as the EM Pump powers up. Indicating an electromagnetic field is live around the EMF pump.

Make sure, when using the EMF to detect the EM Pumps, they’re placed close together. The EM pump field will only span around 6–8 inches.

The Connection Between Spirits and Electromagnetism

Researchers often detect electromagnetism in locations where odd phenomena occur.

It has long been suspected that spirits use electromagnetic fields to communicate or manifest. Many ghost-hunting devices are based on this theory. The human brain uses tiny electrical impulses to send signals throughout our bodies. Many Ghostbusters believe this same energy can live on as a disembodied consciousness in the afterlife. And it is this that EMF meters can detect.

Many ghost hunters measure EM fields in their studies. Everything’s made up of energy, including living people and spirits. EM Pumps have a track record for increasing paranormal activity throughout your research. They increase the chances that your other ghost-hunting devices are triggered. These tools can help you gain more evidence while studying the afterlife and the other side.

How is an EM Pump Made?

The main components of an EM Pump are an electric motor and a magnet. Within the EM Pump, a magnet is attached to the spinning axis of a motor. The magnet creates a magnetic field, while the motor produces a magnetic field when running. It then creates a bubble of energy around the device. Ready for eerie entities to make the most of and begin to manifest or communicate.

EM Pumps are helpful for unearthly investigations in derelict places without power. The spirits there may be very inactive due to needing more energy to draw from. In this instance, the current electromagnetism within the environment would be minimal. Due to no nearby lights, Wi-Fi, or other EM radiation-producing devices. This is when the EMF pump comes in handy to liven the spectral world.

Many other devices produce electromagnetic radiation. And it’s vital that when conducting your spectral investigation, you keep these in mind. Especially if you are using an EMF Meter and are tracking the readings. Any spike or dramatic fluctuation could be due to an artificial device rather than of unexplained origin. Have any questions? Contact us here.

Some standard household devices that emit EM radiation are:

  • Power lines and electrical products.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • 5G technology, including mobile phones, mobile phone towers and antennas.
  • Lights and lamps, including anything hand-held and battery-operated.
  • Smart meters.
  • Microwave ovens.
  • Media players, MP3 players, headphones, stereos, radios, earphones.
  • Wind turbines.

When conducting research, ensure you know the EM sources surrounding you. There can be power cables and other electric devices like mobile phones and lights. And use this to debunk man-made readings from your EMF Meter.

Whether near EMF-producing devices or not, having an EM Pump as part of your spectre hunting kit is a good idea. You don’t know when you’ll find yourself in a derelict place and need to give spirits more energy to manifest.

EMF meters

EMF meters detect electromagnetic fields. And you can you the meter to detect the EMF generated from our pumps. If you would like to learn about EMF meters, check out our guide on the best EMF meters here. Or our guide on how to use EMF meters for ghost hunting.

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