What Is a Class A EVP?

EVPs are unexplained voices, usually recorded using an EVP Recorder. Here are four different types of EVPs (Electronic voice phenomenon) you need to know about. The level of quality is separated by class into A, B, C, D, G and R. We will review each class in alphabetical order so you’re able to identify the difference when you capture an EVP.

Class A (Excellent)

The Class A EVPs are classed as the very best, and are quite rare. They are loud and crystal clear. This class of EVPs can range from phrases to full sentences. Furthermore, Class A EVPs can be heard without playing back a recording, once that happened you can be certain there is a ghost or spirit who’s trying to communicate with you.

Class B (Good)

The most common type of EVPs captured by paranormal investigators will be the Class B EVPs. Frequently there is a word that relates to the situation at your fingertips (i.e., the answer to your question). When you need to playback a recoding on the Class B EVP, that is possible without much analysing.

Class C (Average)

With the EVPs Class C, there is a chance you will be able to capture an EVP that sound of a distant whisper or mumble. The EVPs Class C can be easily debunked. At times you might not be entirely sure of what the voice is saying, therefore it takes some time to analyse.

Class D (Poor)

Class D is the lowest Class of the EVPs, with it being the hardest to understand. The words are not formed clear enough and the noise herd is often considered to be background noise. At times even after further examination, it may not be certain you have captured an EVP. Nevertheless, don’t ignore EVPs of this class, there is a possibility that a spirit is communicating with you.

Class G (Garbage)

There are two more classes of EVPs that are not very common, class G and R. Class G EVPs are extremely poor, the G stands for garbage. The chances are that you have just picked up some random background noise. They are not very common EVPs because they are not usually regarded as an EVP at all. The recording is often debunked.

Class R (Reverse)

Class R EVPs are meaningless when played normal, yet when played in reverse, they become intelligible. They aren’t exceptionally normal however can fall into any of the above classifications. Most paranormal investigators don’t experience this sort of EVP.

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