What Is A Full Spectrum Camera?

What is a full spectrum camera?

Full spectrum cameras are becoming a ghost hunter’s best friend on paranormal investigations, and it’s not difficult to understand why. The camera, that allows you to see into the full spectrum of light including infrared and ultraviolet frequencies, looks, feels and shoots just like an ordinary camera. But, gives you insight into the otherwise invisible unknown where ghosts and spirits could possibly be lurking.

Alongside the rise of paranormal investigation has been the rise in technology behind full spectrum cameras, and they’ve become somewhat of a staple in any paranormal investigator’s kit. Full spectrum cameras allow you to see beyond the naked eye, capturing light anomalies, or perhaps the holy grail of ghost hunting – an apparition.

How to use the camera to get the most out of it?

A full spectrum camera is basically the same thing as a regular camera, with the filter removed from over the lens. The filter usually makes it unable for ultraviolet and infrared light to get through, without it the full spectrum of light can enter the camera. This means you can capture some of the UV in sunlight and certain frequencies of infrared.

This small change in the camera then makes it possible to see variations in the lighting within the environment you would have been unable to see before, an important tool if you think about the history behind spirits and their unique ability to manipulate lighting.

Although, full spectrum cameras are often used in a dark environment, or an environment with no visible light. This is due to many factors, from ghost hunters preferring to conduct investigations in low light conditions as this is when they believe they see the most paranormal activity, to having to conduct investigations in areas where there might not be any power. There might be an infrared light source, but this would just turn the camera into an infrared night vision camera, rather than allowing it to live up to its full-spectrum potential.

But, if a ghost appears in front of your camera, there are two ways it could be captured, even in the dark. First, the entity might glow, or emit a light source – this might be any kind of light, from ultraviolet, to infrared or perhaps UV. It could be in the form of an orb or another shape, allowing you to capture it on your full spectrum camera.

It’s important to think about the different forms entities appear in. They’re often described as “dark figures” rather than glowing orbs. This would mean the apparition is blocking, bending or reflecting light. So, without the presence of visible or UV light, will you be able to capture anything on your full spectrum camera?

So, to summarise, to give your full spectrum camera the most opportunity to capture anomalies in the light. First, use it in total darkness to potentially capture apparitions affecting the visible, UV, IR light while the surroundings are dark. Next, use visible lights, infrared lights and ultraviolet light to light the field of vision of your camera. This will allow you to see any dark figures manipulating the available light source. Full spectrum lights are available from our store, allowing you to switch between visible, UV, IR light or any combination of them, allowing you to experiment with your full spectrum camera.

Spirit Shacks Full Spectrum Camera Selection

Kodak PixPro FZ43 Full Spectrum Camera

The IR and UV light filters have been removed from this camera, allowing you to use it on your paranormal investigations to take photos or videos in full spectrum. It comes with brand-new AA batteries and a 32 GB memory card, so you can get right to shooting!

Phasm Camera (Night Vision & Full Spectrum)

The Phasm Cam is the best ghost hunting camera on the market. It doesn’t have IR or UV filters, making it a great selection for anyone hoping to capture entities and spirits. It shoots in 4K ultra-high definition and exposure booking technology, perfect for filming in low lighting conditions. And is the size of a go pro for portability!

Full Spectrum Mobile Phone for Livestream

We’ve converted this Samsung model to allow you to record video, or live-stream your paranormal investigations. Stream straight to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more.

To check out our selection of full spectrum cameras, lights and much more, head to our full spectrum cameras.


Full-spectrum cameras have changed the field of paranormal investigation. And they offer ghost hunters a powerful tool to explore the unseen. By capturing a broader range of light frequencies, these cameras enhance the chances of detecting spectral beings. And let us see anomalies that would otherwise remain hidden. The PixPro, Phasm Camera, and the Full Spectrum Mobile Phone each bring unique abilities. From high-definition recording to live-streaming, they cater to various needs of paranormal enthusiasts.

As we delve into the spirit realms, the full spectrum camera stands as a bridge between our world and the unknown. The tool provides a glimpse into the paranormal. Whether you’re a ghost hunter or a curious explorer, these cameras offer a chance to witness their world. And to uncover the mysteries that lie beyond the scope of human vision.

The key to successful ghost-hunting lies not only in the equipment but also in the skilful and thoughtful use of these tools. With technology, a keen sense of observation and an open mind, ghost hunters can push the limits of the unknown. And explore and document the unexplained phenomena that have captivated humans for centuries. Visit our collection at SpiritShack to explore the full spectrum of possibilities. And gear up for your next ghost-hunting adventure.

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