What Is A Ghost Box Speaker?

What is a ghost box? To put it simply, it’s a radio at the end of the day. But it’s a modified and rather unique one. What makes it different are its unique and features and how scans through radio stations.

Essentially, it’s an ITC paranormal research device. Used as a spirit communication tool. Used to connect and talk with spirits or ghosts by detecting EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) within white noise.

How Does a Spirit Box Work?

While it is indeed, still a radio. It has a unique modification that allows it to scan through multiple stations at once, non-stop. As opposed to standard radio that will play a single station at once. For example during a car trip, you pick a particular station or frequency and you listen to it. And the channel doesn’t change.

In contrast, with a ghost scanner radio, the aim is for it to scan all the stations without stopping (in FM and AM). You don’t stop at a specific frequency since ghosts and spirits tend to communicate on different radio frequencies and find that convenient. Therefore, it doesn’t stop once it finds a channel as regular radio would.

Essentially, a ghost box picks up on that paranormal voices in the white noise while scanning the stations. Detecting unexplained noises or voices. It will only pause, not stop, on a given station. Just long enough to capture incoming messages, mainly in the form of spoken phrases or sentences.

What does the ghost box speaker fit in?

A ghost box speaker is an external speaker which plugs into your spirit box or phone. In order to increase the sound level and improve general sound quality. They external speakers work especially well when combined with the P-SB7 and P-SB7T, as the built-in speaker in those models is very quiet.

While that’s the main distinguishing feature that it has over a standard radio. Below are some additional features:

  • Speeding up the scanning process through the channels
  • The ability to record voice phenomena and save audio recordings
  • Slowing down the scanning process through the channels
  • Noise-cancelling circuits/audio or sound filtration functions
  • Adjustable sweep direction
  • High-quality rechargeable batteries
  • Built-in flashlight features
  • Backlit display
  • Can be used as a wireless audio speaker with a Bluetooth connection
  • Temperate meters showing rises or falls in the temperatures of the location you’re at
  • USB data ports for file transfers and audio file sharing
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