What is the Spirit Box? – The Basics

Put simply, it’s a radio at the end of the day. But it’s a rather unique one, what makes it so are its tools and features and how its radio signals work. Primarily, it’s a paranormal research device used as a spirit communication tool. Used to connect with spirits or ghosts by detecting EVPs (electronic voice phenomena).

How Does a Spirit Box Work?

While it is indeed a radio, it has a slight modification that enables it to rapidly scan multiple stations at once. Non-stop, as opposed to standard radios that play a single station at once. For instance, during a car trip, you pick a particular station or frequency. And you listen to it for however long you want to. In contrast, with a ghost scanner radio, the aim is for it to scan all the stations repeatedly. Scanning (both AM and FM) without stopping at a specific frequency.

Since ghosts and spirits tend to communicate on different radio frequencies and find that convenient. Therefore, it doesn’t stop upon finding a channel as would a regular radio. Essentially, a ghost box picks up on that paranormal activity while scanning the stations. It detects noises, audio, voices and will only pause (not stop) on a given station to capture incoming messages. Mainly in the form of whole phrases or sentences.

How the spirit box works

While that’s the main distinguishing feature that it has over a standard radio, below are some additional features:

  • The ability to record voice phenomena and save audio recordings
  • Speeding up the scanning process through the channels
  • Slowing down the scanning process through the channels
  • Adjustable sweep direction
  • Noise-cancelling circuits/audio or sound filtration functions
  • High-quality rechargeable batteries
  • Backlit display
  • Built-in torch features
  • Can be used as a wireless audio speaker with a Bluetooth connection
  • USB data ports for file transfers and audio file sharing
  • Temperate meters showing rises or falls in the temperatures of the location you’re at

Apart from that, it’s no different from a standard radio. It’s also worth mentioning that some investigators use standard radios instead of a ghost box as well.

What Does a Spirit Box Do?

It’s believed that spirit can communicate with people using the white noise. Which is why paranormal investigators and hunters of ghosts one among their hunting equipment and devices.

If you’re wondering why people resort to them instead of standard radio stations (which can also be used). The reason is that it’s been proven through research that sounds other than our everyday spoken language can be captured on a ghost box.

How to use it:

To use the box, you first need to be in a haunted location. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get spirit any responses. Then, you want to power it on and let it start the scanning process. It’s advised to scan the stations on FM. While FM is usually preferred, there’s no harm in trying AM too.

Moreover, there are no rules when it comes to the speed of the scanning process. You can leave it to scan according to the current pace that the sweep is set to. The most important thing is for it actually to be scanning. The scan button is located in different places on different units. Depending on the model and the brand, so make sure you discover it.

How to use the Spirit Box

General Tips for a Better Experience

Once you start up the spirit box, you can start asking the spirits or ghosts the questions you’d like through the speaker. If you are getting too many radio stations coming through, you can switch from AM to FM which will reduce them.

How to Speak Well, to get more replies

On that note, it’s important to remember to be cautious of your language and word choices. You need to be polite and respectful during any communication with ghosts. It’s only then that you’ll start receiving messages back.

Duration Between Questions

It’s worth mentioning that you should leave a long pause between your questions and responses. Leave sufficient time for the spirits to answer back and not overwhelm them with multiple questions at once whilst using the box.

Listening for Answers

As you communicate with ghosts or spirit during your investigations, you should be listening for relevant voices and audio responses. In other words, communications should make sense and be comprehensible. If you’re asking what day it is on a Monday. You should expect to hear Monday, not bread cake or something similar, for instance. Naturally, you shouldn’t mistake radio noise, radio waves, or blurry sound and audio for voices. And the same goes for silence.

Speaking of which, you need to remain silent while waiting for responses. Since some sounds can also be challenging to hear without audio-editing. Most of all, patience is a must in this field. It’ll take you time to tune your ear to pick up on the exact words or phrases being said. Especially if there’s a lot of distracting sound or noise. Therefore, it may be a good idea to use an external speaker. At the beginning since the embedded speaker may be challenging to cope with at first.

How to Choose the Best Spirit Box

Currently, many of them have earned their reputation as the leading ones in the market. Including the SBOX, PSB7T, and PSB11. However, the choice of the best one can depend on multiple factors. Here’s the information you need to know:

Quality Speakers to hear more responses

Attempts of communication that end up with subpar speakers’ interference can be inconvenient, to say the least. Seek one that offers loud and clear sounds instead of having to opt for an external speaker. The SBOX and PSB11 excel in this area.

External JBL speaker for the spirit box

Recorder Feature/EVP

Not many spirit boxes boast this feature. But it’s an important one and can serve as a source of proof during some paranormal investigations for researchers. For this reason, ones that enable device recordings. Like the SBOX, can work as an EVP recorder too.

Sound Filtration Function

Some of the box come with a built-in sound filtration function that blocks out or removes voices and music from radio stations. Guaranteeing that the higher percentage of the responses you hear will only be from white noise coming from the unseen and not other people.

A common dilemma among researchers is the inability to detect whether sounds are coming from natural or supernatural sources. Tools like this one eliminate a large portion of that hesitation and space for error. The PSB7 device is one of the few offering this option. Which can again come in handy and be put in use during paranormal investigations.

Scanners and Scanning Speed

As initially mentioned, among the main things setting them apart from standard radios people use is that box doesn’t stop at a particular frequency. They keep going to allow ghosts and spirit to communicate freely and convey their sounds.

Therefore, some come with the option item of adjusting the rapidness of the device’s scanning process. Empowering you to either slow it down or boost it. You can experiment with the different device speeds and choose the one that suits you best. And that also picks up the majority of the EVP responses.

Models with variable scanning speeds

The PSB7 box and PSB11 box models are two examples of devices coming with adjustable sweep paces. Granting you the power to adjust the sweeping rate as frequently as you like. The PSB11 also goes the extra mile of coming with two scanners to enable you to sweep in both directions simultaneously. And that’s undoubtedly something worth appreciating when trying to communicate with spirit.

PSB7T Spirit Box with ATDD Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection

Be Sceptical, Before Assuming its Paranormal

Keep in mind that it’s always up to you to determine whether the sounds from the box you hear reflect intelligent patterns and can be concluded to be of spirit or paranormal nature. Many responses will be picked up from legitimate radio stations. So, keep your sceptical head on. If you receive multiple direct questions to direct answers, that is what you are looking for. For more information, you can check out our blog here. In many cases, there can be a natural explanation for what you’re hearing since they ultimately read the environment surrounding you.

So, always rule out that possibility before making any conclusions relating to spirit and paranormal phenomena! In all cases, they are one of the paranormal world’s top investigative tools for exploring ghost phenomena. So take your pick and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and any support you may need.

Why do I need one?

As a paranormal investigator is helps to be able to communicate if you can actually hear spirit voices. The SBOX is the most famous tool and is the most essential item a ghost hunter needs. Just sweep forward on the FM band in your favourite haunted site. If you’re lucky you may receive a full sentence response in between the radio interference. The white noise and the voices can some through at the same time, so just listen carefully.


Which box is better? They are both very good purchases and both come from a reputable manufacturer. On top the of expected features, the SBOX comes with a built-in EVP recorder. Which allows you to record EVP’s. And the PSB7 comes with a noise cancellation circuit which cuts out used stations. Ensuring most of what you actually hear is spirit or supernatural.

They both have the FM band, and can be heard very clearly. We sell both units for around the same price, and offer free delivery in the United Kingdom. We always stock the latest version. If you need any additional information on them or our services feel free to get in touch.

Delivery Information

Can I purchase a spirit box if I live outside the United Kingdom? We are based in the United Kingdom but offer worldwide delivery and post to any country. A big majority of our sales comes from the United States. There may be additional delivery charged if you live outside the UK, you can add the items to the checkout without buying to check the price and how much money it will cost.

We are a reputable seller with nothing but amazing reviews. There are many other important tools like the K2 meter (EMF detector), and the EVP Recorder (which records electronic voice). Feel free to have a browse through our website.

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