The Unraveling Of The Mysterious Blue Bell Hill Ghost

Blue Bell Hill ghost

Imagine driving late at night and suddenly seeing a woman running in front of your car, locking eyes with you for an instant before the sickening impact. You hear a nasty thud and see her disappearing under your car.

This is one of the disturbing ordeals unsuspecting motorists have experienced near Blue Bell Hill in Kent. For decades, motorists have reported shocking encounters and ghostly sightings in the area. From murder and tragic accidents to unexplained phenomena, the ghostly lore of the area intrigues and unnerves in equal measure.

We delve into the area’s spooky history to unravel the mystery of the Blue Bell Hill Ghost. Or should that be ghosts, plural? Evidence suggests more than one spirit entity roams the roads and countryside here, making it one of the most haunted places in Britain.

Origins Of The Blue Bell Hill Ghost

Blue Bell Hill is a village in Kent off the A229 road between Maidstone and Rochester with a ghoulish reputation.

Suzanne Brown

The best-known Blue Bell Hill ghost legend originates from a horrible car crash on the A229. On the night of 19 November 1965, bride-to-be Suzanne Browne was just 22 years old and returning from her hen party with her friends Judith Lingham and Patricia Ferguson. Suzanne was due to be married the next day but tragically didn’t get to walk down the aisle.

Their Ford Cortina spun out of control near the bridge over the Old Chatham Road and smashed into an oncoming Jaguar. Judith Lingham died at the scene while Suzanne and Patricia slipped away a few days later in Maidstone Hospital. Following this horrific accident, visions of a ghost in a bridal dress began appearing on this stretch of road.

The first recorded sightings occurred in 1969 when a Rochester man returning from work witnessed two pedestrians walking toward him before mysteriously disappearing. He later saw the pedestrians again – this time, they were crossing the road and he claims a car drove straight through them.

This is only half of the ghost story. It doesn’t explain the whispers of spooky goings-on in the village well before the 1960s. This brings us to the tale of Emily Trigg

Emily Trigg

Emily Trigg was a 20-year-old servant who worked for a family in Rochester. On 6 August 1916, she left her employer to visit her mother in the area but didn’t arrive. She was last seen walking with a soldier in the area. Her abused body was found in Bridge Wood near Rochester over six weeks later.

Several motorists have reported hitting a ghostly woman wearing a red scarf or coat near the Robin Hood junction. They say the woman looked straight at them before the collision. It’s thought the woman is the ghost of Emily Trigg.

Spooky Encounters

Let’s delve into some of the most famous ghost stories from more than 50 reported encounters in this unsettling parish.

Bob Vandepeer and the phantom hitchhiker

In 1972, a man named Bob Vandepeer was driving by when he noticed a young woman by the roadside hitchhiking. He pulled over and offered her a ride. The woman climbed into the back seat and Vandepeer noted her pale complexion and distant expression. As he drove on, he felt a mounting sense of unease.

When he turned to check on the quiet woman, he saw with shock that the back seat was empty. The hitchhiker had disappeared without a trace! Vandepeer swears he sensed no movement, nor heard any door opening or departing footsteps.

James Skene and the enigmatic passenger

One of the earliest reported experiences was told by James Skene. He recounted seeing a woman in her early 20s appear in front of his car while driving home from work one night in 1971. Skene claimed to have given the woman a lift to Chatham and upon arriving at the destination, the woman vanished into thin air.

Maurice Goodenough and the ghost girl

Rochester bricklayer Maurice Goodenough had a frightening experience driving through the area in the early hours of 13 July 1974. He describes a young girl jumping in front of his car. Unable to avoid her, he says his car “hit her with a hell of a bang.

He covered the injured and bleeding young girl with a blanket and attempted to hail passersby for help but no one stopped. He was scared to move the girl so instead rushed to the Rochester Police Station to report the incident. When the police returned to the scene, there was no sign of the victim or any indication of an accident. Only the blanket remained on the ground.

A subsequent search of the area with tracker dogs came up empty-handed too. No sign of blood, clothing fragments, or footprints was ever found.

Ian Sharpe’s shocking collision

Just over a week before the 1992 anniversary of the car crash, Ian Sharpe, a coach driver, had a chilling encounter. As he descended the hill, he saw a woman standing by the roadside.

To his horror, she darted straight in front of his vehicle. Ian struck her so forcefully that he feared the worst.

He explained to The Sun, “I honestly thought I had killed her. You can’t imagine how it felt. I was so scared to look underneath, but I knelt and looked straight through – there was nothing there.

The ghostly figure had vanished into thin air… adding to the creepy lore of this dark stretch of road.

More Recent Encounters and Investigations

  1. On Halloween night in 2021, medium Paula Stevens set out to explore the energies of the area, armed with a ghost camera. The medium told Kent Online that she sensed many positive energies but also connected with a young woman who had suffered severe head trauma close to the road. “There has been trauma here, and she hurt her head. My head hurts,” a shaken, nauseous Stevens said.
  2. Filmmaker Sonya Roseman described an evil menacing face appearing in one of the production mobile phones while filmmakers were recreating a murder scene for her 2014 movie, “The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill”.
  3. When a devastating snowstorm hit Kent in February 2022, hundreds of motorists were stranded on there. Photographs of the incident captured what appears to be a spectral figure observing events from the central reservation.
  4. On the 50th anniversary of Suzanne Brown’s crash, paranormal sleuths gathered near the Lower Bell pub to investigate the area. Their ghost-detecting equipment captured several eerie voices on the night.


Where can I find out more about the ghost of Blue Bell Hill?

A book titled “The Ghosts of Blue Bell Hill & other Road Ghosts” by Sean Tudor explores Blue Bell Hill ghosts and other road ghosts. Documentary filmmaker Sonya Roseman released a film called “The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill” in 2014. YouTube also carries supernatural tales from the area.

Is there an increase in paranormal activity during specific times of the year at Blue Bell Hill?

Many people believe there may be increased sightings or experiences during certain times of the year, such as anniversaries or periods of heightened psychic energy. Halloween, 19 November, and 6 August (when Emily Trigg disappeared) are times when increased activity may be witnessed.

Is there a ghost in the woods?

Some people believe the spirit of a hostile old woman exists in the woods there. Others believe the old woman is more likely a witch or involved in witchcraft.

Final Thoughts

How will you react if you’re travelling in the vicinity and see a female hitchhiker or a woman wearing a red scarf or bridal gown by the roadside? You may want to slow down in anticipation of the figure hurling herself in front of your car. If you offer the woman a lift, prepare yourself for a hair-raising ride.

Of course, the woman may just be a normal hitchhiker… though that would also be unusual and perhaps worrying in this day and age.


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