How To Celebrate Halloween

How to celebrate Halloween

Different people embrace Halloween differently. One person’s potion is another’s poison. Thankfully, there are many ways of celebrating Halloween.

You may prefer Halloween at home, or plan to hit three costume parties and have a festive cocktail or eight on the 31st of October! We should also remember that All Hallows’ Eve is a time when the departed may be more open and available to communicate than usual.

Whatever your mood during this time of year, we’ve got you covered. We will look at various ways to celebrate Halloween, emphasising the value of connection with kindred spirits – both in this world and the other!

Host a Halloween Dinner

Gathering special people together for a Halloween dinner is an excellent way to celebrate. Planning and cooking dinner for the occasion is tons of fun, too.

Here is a suggestion of what you could prepare:

  • Starters: Pumpkin soup and witches’ finger breadsticks with a ‘bloody’ marinara dipping sauce.
  • Mains:
    • Haunted shepherd’s pie – a traditional shepherd’s pie with dark purple mashed potatoes, including olives to look like eyeballs.
    • Roast leg of lamb with garlic on a stake, dramatically carved.
  • Desserts:
    • Spiderweb cheesecake – a classic cheesecake with blackberry or raspberry sauce in a spiderweb pattern.
    • Eyeball panna cotta – panna cotta in small individual cups topped with a lychee (the eyeball) and a dollop of raspberry or strawberry sauce (for a bloodshot effect).
  • Drinks: Consider Witches’ Brew or Green Goblin punch. Frankenstein’s Fizz is a cheerful non-alcoholic option.

Enter a Halloween Charity Walk

Imagine a sea of zombies shuffling shoulder-to-shoulder with cackling witches, united on a mission for good. Halloween costumed charity walks/runs offer a twist on the usual charity run. If such an initiative speaks to your Halloween spirit, sign up and join the costumed mob roaming the streets.

Step out in whatever outfit you’re feeling. It’s a chance to be silly, have a blast, and leave a positive impact. The event may take place a few days before Halloween, so it’s a lovely way to kick off the spooky season. Here are two popular walks: the Macmillan Cancer Walk and the Halloween Walk (Ultra Challenge).

Get Away to a Cabin in the Woods

If you did the haunted house in your neighbourhood last Halloween, this year could be the ideal time to escape to somewhere more remote… and spooky. Get a few friends together and book a cottage in a creepy wood or on a misty moor.

This cosy getaway is the perfect opportunity to connect with family or kindred spirits and indulge in Halloween activities and treats. Trick or treating is likely off the menu, but there is plenty to do:

  • Explore the surrounding woods or moors while munching on Halloween candy.
  • Dress your cabin in Halloween decorations. Fake spider webs, paper bats, skulls, skeletons, witches’ hats, pumpkins, and broomsticks will create a moody atmosphere.
  • Get creative with some pumpkin carving. Remember the jack-o-lantern is not compulsory. Check out inspiration for other pumpkin carving designs.
  • And what about drinks, did you say? Mix wicked cocktails like Vampire’s Kiss, Black Widow Martini, Poison Apple Cocktail, and the Maleficent.
  • Dress up in your favourite Halloween costume.
  • On Hallows night, gather around and share eerie ghost stories by candlelight.
  • At midnight, walk half a mile into the deepest part of the forest, sober – after watching the Blair Witch Project! Trust us, haunted houses will seem so last year!

Enjoy a Podcast Mini-Marathon

There are loads of podcasts dedicated to ghost stories, supernatural encounters, and paranormal investigations. If you fancy a more low-key Halloween at home with a small group, a paranormal podcast mini-marathon may be bliss.

Settle in with some snacks and let the spooky tales keep you entertained. You can share your favourite stories and episodes with friends and family, and they can share theirs with you.

As an alternative to podcasts, or between episodes, watching a scary movie is also a frighteningly fun Halloween tradition.

Throw a Halloween Party

A Halloween party is a brilliant way to celebrate Halloween. Of course, the costumes are obligatory. Have your friends dress up as their favourite ghost, vampire, witch, wizard, superhero, or villain – Harley Quinn, Batman, the Joker and Wednesday Addams are all quite popular. You can award prizes for the best costumes.

Compile a playlist of spooky music – “This is Halloween”, “Thriller”, “Werewolves of London, “Funhouse”, “Somebody’s Watching Me”, “Disturbia”, and “Time Warp” will get the party going.

Lay out some snack platters, candy, and other Halloween treats (your friends can help here), and fill the punch bowls with a Witches’ Brew.

Reflect and Connect

Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival Samhain. As explains: “Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.”

For many today, this festive season is a time for meditation and to connect with those who have passed. You may want to spend time thinking about lost loved ones, reflecting, and seeking connection. Here are some ways to do this.

Built a memorial space

Altars and fire have always been a tradition on Halloween. For centuries, shrines and altars have offered spaces to honour loved ones who’ve passed. You can build your own memorial space to remember, reflect, and channel your love.

Choose a spot (existing or temporary), add a meaningful cloth, and display cherished items like photos, trinkets, or their favourite books. Decorate it with flowers, shells, stones, or crystals. Light a candle during meditation to represent fire and bring a deeper connection. The most important element is the love you pour into it.

Meditate and share

Take a quiet moment to reconnect with your loved ones in spirit. Whether you prefer meditation, prayer, or quiet reflection, it is up to you. Focus on your breath and seek a calm place. Holding a treasured photo or trinket may help guide your thoughts and feelings.

To feel even closer, consider writing a letter to your loved one. This is a chance to express what may have been left unsaid or reminisce about cherished memories. Don’t be shy of voicing regrets or pouring out your heart.

Conduct a séance

Since the veil between the living and the dead is considered at its thinnest during Halloween, a séance may bridge the two worlds and encourage spirit communication. Gather a small group of fellow seekers wanting to engage with the departed.

Set the mood with dim lighting and candles. You could use a Ouija board, pendulums, and a spirit box to initiate communication. It’s important to approach a séance with respect and caution.


Is the Day of the Dead the same as Halloween?

The Mexican Day of the Dead celebrates the dead on November 1st and 2nd. It’s usually spent with family and friends who pay respect and remember those who have passed. The holiday has similar original origins to Halloween; however, it is generally a more happy celebration.

What are good scary movies to watch on Halloween?

There are so many awesome Halloween movies you can watch. There are the fun classics like Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters, and Hotel Transylvania. Add to that the Halloween and Scream franchises and other frighteners like Paranormal Activity, The Witch, and Insidious.

Can I sleep over at a haunted location in the UK on Halloween?

There are many castles and manor houses around the UK with haunted reputations. Check out the following where you can often do a ghost hunt and sleepover at the location afterwards: Oxford Castle and Prison, Oxford; Borwick Hall, Lancashire; Craig y Nos Castle, Swansea; Mains Castle, Dundee; and the haunted house at 30 East Drive, Pontefract (enquire with Haunted Rooms or similar operators).

Final Thoughts

There are tons of Halloween activities you can throw yourself into besides trick-or-treating. How you decide to celebrate the 31st of October will depend on various factors, including what’s most important to you. Whichever way you decide to spend the season, we hope your celebrations are happy and fulfilling.

Exploring Halloween facts reveals its deep-rooted origins in the Celtic Pagan tradition. And reflecting the rituals and beliefs centred around this mystical time of year.


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