Are Tallmans Bunk Beds Really Haunted?

Tallmans bunk beds

The story of the Tallman house is so scary that it has a whole 1988 Unsolved Mysteries’ episode about it. The episode follows the owners of the house, Debbie and Allen Tallman, as they bought a supposedly haunted set of bunk beds into their home.

The Tallman’s experienced a range of terrifying and blood-curdling paranormal experiences while in possession of these bunk beds, from paranormal visions to disembodied voices. These included paranormal visions and disembodied voices, eventually leading them to regret their purchase due to the spirits possessing the bunk bed, terrorizing their home.

It is normal for tales of paranormal occurrences to be met with scepticism according to others, although this case is truly unique due to the sheer number of witnesses. Even temporary visitors to the house saw inexplicable incidents take place, leading to the Tallman’s ultimately destroying the bunk beds and fleeing their home in an attempt to wash their hands of the haunting.

The Bunk Beds that Started it All

Before Debbie and Allen Tallman purchased the bunk beds, their home was not unlike any other family home. It was only when they purchased a pair of bunk beds from a second-hand store that the odd occurrences began. At first, these occurrences were merely mild disturbances, ranging from doors opening and closing, and chairs occasionally moving at random.

Before long, the Tallman children reportedly started seeing an old woman with long black hair and an eerie glow walking throughout their room, never straying far from the bunk beds.

It is not uncommon for paranormal entities to fixate and haunt one particular individual. In this case, the unlucky receiver of the haunting was apparently the Tallman’s son, Danny. Danny was the one who experienced the most paranormal encounters and was the most scared of the entity with the long, dark hair.

Danny’s father Allen grew tired of the torture his son was experiencing, and apparently screamed at it to stop bothering his children and instead target him. It seems that the entity heard Allen’s pleas. The next night, Allen heard an unfamiliar voice from the garage beckon for him to “Come here.” Once in the garage, Allen saw a fire with clear red eyes, alongside fog rising from the floor. The fog turned into flames and calmly stated to Allan, “You’re dead.”

The Babysitter Incident

One night, Allen and Debbie left their kids under the supervision of a local babysitter when they went out. The babysitter was apparently a hardened sceptic, not putting too much energy into believing the warnings of the parents. She was apparently unconcerned with the supposed hauntings.

That night, the babysitter witnessed a scenario incredibly similar to the one Allen described from the night prior. Fog, flames and red eyes. This vision was the final straw for the family who decided to pack up their things and leave their home, leaving the haunted bunk beds behind.


Throughout the period where the bunk beds were in their home, the children reportedly started having haunting visions which were all very similar. The youngest daughter claimed to have recurring visions of fire and a witch. Due to the imaginative nature of the Tallman kids, this didn’t seem too out of the ordinary. It was only when the brother began seeing the same things a month later that it became clear that this was likely the influence of the bunk beds, and all the paranormal experiences they were bringing to the Tallman’s.

Multiple different members of the Tallman’s close and extended family also reported seeing a vision of red eyes staring at them while in the Tallman’s home. One night, Allen Tallman came down with a sinus infection that required hospitalization. Debbie accompanied Allen to the hospital, leaving the kids with her mother. Her mother eventually fell asleep on the couch and woke up to red eyes staring at her. She swiftly left the house upon Allen’s return from hospital. These red eyes were seen by other family members soon after.

There are other contributing factors to the speculation of the haunting of the Tallman’s house, including some radio disturbances one night that Danny Tallman experienced. The very first night the bunk bed was in the house, Danny Tallman claimed that while sleeping in the room adjacent to the bunk beds, the radio had turned on by itself and began switching radio stations at random.

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