39 De Grey Street: The Haunted Hostel

39 de gray street, hull

Who doesn’t enjoy a good ghost story? Well, apparently those who visited 39 De Grey Street thought they did too, until they encountered the maleficent forces in the haunted house.

Those who have faced paranormal activity at the house have a hard time putting their trauma into words. However, those who have shared their experiences recall being dragged across rooms, strangled, and hearing noises in their ears.

These chilling accounts contribute to the mystery surrounding this haunted house, proving its standing as the most haunted hostel in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Ghostly Encounters

The chilling history of 39 De Grey Street is filled with ghostly encounters that have left a permanent stain on the house’s reputation. Former visitors, residents, and paranormal investigators have shared spine-tingling experiences within its walls.

One incident involved a woman being dragged forcefully out of her bed by unseen hands, which triggered a desperate call to the police. When the police arrived, a loud bang from upstairs made them flee, leaving the woman alone with the malevolent force.

Those who went here on a ghost hunt reported sightings of sad and lonely children, usually near the cupboard under the stairs. One horrified visitor also recalled seeing a young lad within the fireplace, although the visitor did not stay to double-check if what his eyes saw was true.

The main area where these haunted happenings occur seems to be the kitchen. Usually, one would anticipate the highest level of activity in the bedroom of a haunted house, making the kitchen area in this regard quite distinctive.

Paranormal Investigations At 39 De Grey Street

The haunted hostel of 39 De Grey Street has attracted seasoned investigators and ghost enthusiasts aplenty, all eager to discover the mysteries within. One important event occurred in 2016, during a Phantasmic Paranormal-organised investigation that shed light on the dark forces within the house.

According to the Mirror UK, “Doors opened on their own and one man even had a ball thrown at him when he said he could live here.

Many psychic mediums have also visited the house to investigate the activities and identify any malevolent energies. One psychic was deeply unsettled after sensing the intense dark presence of a woman who had been thrown down the stairs.

The house is a fully operating hostel and welcomes many guests. Unsurprisingly, it usually attracts paranormal investigators and psychic mediums.

Putting together the hostel’s puzzle

One night in particular, a group of paranormal investigators decided to explore the haunted house.

The investigators reported an immediate surge of paranormal activity upon entering. Objects started moving, and three individuals even experienced unexplained vomiting. The night was marked by intense table-tipping and Ouija board sessions.

Together they discovered missing parts of the hostel’s story. They were able to identify an evil spirit of a man upstairs and a woman with three children below. The group of investigators conducted experiments, revealing the name of a spirit called Walter, a 10-year-old boy from 1840 who indicated that he passed on by hanging.

They also encountered two children named Richard and Alexander. According to what they found, the children were said to be buried in the yard of the house, adding another chilling layer to the house’s history.

Clairvoyant medium Jolene Lockwood, who participated in this investigation, reported paranormal phenomena such as the children’s names being communicated through a spirit box. Some people felt their hair being touched, others felt ill, and some even had emotional outbursts.

Urban Legends And Folklore

The history around the most haunted hostel in Hull is more than just legend and folklore. Each thread adds to the supernatural mystery that surrounds this famous (or rather, infamous) house. These tales have become an integral part of Hull’s existence, contributing to the house’s haunted reputation.

One story suggests that this house was used to hang people, and even served as a funeral parlour once in its existence. This has become a part of the property’s identity.

The Hostel Today

39 De Grey Street continues to stand as a historic presence in Hull, known locally as “The Hostel.” The property has been used for different purposes over the years, transitioning from a private residence to its current role as a hostel.

Despite its haunted happenings, the hostel remains open and in full swing, attracting a mix of curious visitors, thrill-seekers, and paranormal enthusiasts.

The haunted reputation of the property has increased its popularity and its business. The owner, Andy Yates, acknowledged the paranormal activities within the house. However, he even refuses to stay overnight in the house himself.

Ghost hunting events

Haunted Happenings has started conducting and guiding their own ghost hunts at the property. They have put measures in place to ensure participants are well-prepared for the night ahead, although the ghost hunt is still taken at your own risk.

They are ready to step in and intervene should situations start to escalate, which is highly likely considering the powerful entities within the house. However, professional ghost hunters ensure that collecting paranormal evidence and making any contact with spirits is done as seamlessly as possible.

Given the many reports about the haunted happenings at the hostel, the ghost hunt can get quite overwhelming. However, the staff guides you through your findings and helps you decide which claims to explore, and possibly, which ones to just let be…

Scepticism And Alternative Explanations

In life, there is always a rational sceptic and a “realist” waiting to pounce. Some people doubt the reported ghostly events at the property. To each their own, as not everyone has to believe in the same thing. For instance, local historian, Mike Covell, found no historical evidence supporting claims of murders and hangings.

Psychological factors, heightened emotions during ghost hunts, and other suggestions may contribute to the reported encounters. Considering these alternative explanations adds a different perspective to the discussions about the events that happen daily at the property.

While this may be true, let’s not forget that spirits and entities choose whom to open up to. Perhaps those sceptics were never trusted enough while doing a ghost hunt…


Can I stay overnight at 39 De Grey Street?

You can book your stay at the property by contacting them on their Facebook page. Their contact numbers, as well as ghost hunt events, are also posted on their page.

While the past tenants and even the current owner have faced challenges staying overnight, the property is open for organised ghost hunts. This allows participants to experience the haunted happenings first-hand, and even stay over for a night.

Which ghost hunting equipment can I use to detect ghosts in the house?

While there were a lot of different varieties, some common equipment for a ghost hunt include:

What’s the most haunted location in the UK?

There are many haunted hot spots throughout the UK. Such as The Tower of London, Pendle Hill, The Ancient Ram Inn, and Borley Rectory. Some may argue that 30 East Drive is among the most haunted.

Can I bring my paranormal investigation equipment?

It’s recommended to ask the event organiser if you can bring along your own paranormal equipment before you book. However, Haunted Happenings usually allows you to bring along your own ghost hunting devices.


Did this story have you spooked? The supernatural world is not one to be played with, and it is best to have your wits about you when you go visit this hostel.

The hostel’s reputation as a haunted destination speaks to the fascination people have with the paranormal. Whether it is driven by a genuine belief in the spirit realm or a desire for a unique and thrilling experience, 39 De Grey Street continues to capture the imagination of those who venture into its mysterious halls to have a ghost hunt.

Perhaps you should go visit the most haunted house in Hull too – if you are brave enough…


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