The Paranormal Activity at Albert Hall

Albert Hall

The History of Albert Hall

There’s something spooky happening at Albert Hall in Llandrindod Wells. But it’s no surprise when you learn about all that’s happened over the years.

Built-in 1896, Albert Hall was developed for the many Welsh speakers visiting the Llandrindod area. It’s known for its healing spas and relaxing getaways. The Presbyterian Church needed a place to hold services and meetings for Welsh visitors.

Fundraising began for the £2,000 needed for a new venue; in 1896, the Church completed the Hall. The great hall is massive, with enough seating for 750 people and a stage for performances.

In 1905 the attached Church was redesigned, while the hall’s basement became a church schoolroom. We don’t know about you but in our experience. Churches and schools always seem to bring out the spooky side of things.

Fast-forward to the First World War, were 4,000 soldiers stationed in Llandrindod. They used the Hall for various events throughout the war.

At the end of the war, numbers at the Church dwindled, as it did across the UK. Since the Albert Hall was not in use, the Church became a theatre and cinema. Most of these features still stand today, making the hall that much more authentically spooky.

During WWII, Llandrindod became a base once more. The Hall was in full swing, with hundreds of soldiers attending entertainment each night.

In 1958, the Hall got bought by an auction house, and you know what that means—spirits holding onto lost artefacts. Don’t believe us? The six most haunted dolls would disagree.

Strangely, the hall got bought by townspeople in 1962 for only £2,000; that’s what it cost to build back in 1896! Why the sudden move to sell? The following section might give us an answer.

The Hall has had multiple upgrades and various shows and events hosted there. Today, it’s widely visited for the ghost-hunting spectacular. The owners invite paranormal investigators to meet spirits throughout Albert Hall’s history.

Spooky Encounters at Albert Hall

History lovers, Albert Hall, is where you want to be to meet some forgotten souls from the wars. Countless visitors have encountered soldiers while walking through the hall at night.

We’re not talking about a little shadow in the corner. People have SEEN a fully dressed soldier making his way across the hall. Is he looking for something? Maybe he is lost between a forgotten time and the modern world, roaming through the last place he remembers.

The lost soldier isn’t alone; many ghosts haunt the halls of this theatre. Most appear as shadows; some make themselves known by moving items in the night. Don’t be surprised if a loud bang or two follow you around as you walk through the Hall.

If you’ve got the nerve, the Hall ghost tour is an absolute must. It’s great for budding ghost hunters waiting for their first spooky encounter. You’re almost guaranteed a sighting at the Albert Hall.

The tour is all about giving paranormal investigators a genuine experience. You won’t find spoofs or gags on this ghost hunt; it’s all real.

Throughout the night, you’re welcome to partake in several supernatural experiments. The experiments aim to get Albert’s Hall’s spirits to say hello.

The tour welcomes visitors to bring their own ghost-hunting devices and accessories. This tour isn’t about pulling a fast one on you. It’s more about bringing together like-minded people who want to experience a spirit.

It is up to you what you feel comfortable partaking in. There are vigils and séances conducted to get the energy going. After that, it’s time to explore the entire theatre after dark. You can visit restricted areas, too, like the old orchestra pit, backstage dressing rooms, and under the stage.

But the star of the show is the balcony. The staff will escort you to one of the most haunted areas of the theatre. Visitors have seen many strange things, but one common theme is the dark figures. They wait to greet you as you look over the theatre from above.

The investigation team is with you every step of the way. There’s a medium to get the energies charged and ready for a night of communication.

After midnight, you’re on your own, free to explore Albert Hall. And use the techniques shown during your introductory meeting. If you’re feeling brave, a solo vigil awaits in the backstage dressing room. It’s packed with lonely spirits attempting to come forward in the dark.

This ghost-hunting tour is a fantastic place to start for fresh paranormal investigators. It’s perfect if you want to learn something about communicating with spirits.

What to Take for Your Ghost Hunting Expedition

Now onto the fun part: all the ghost-hunting goodies to make your visit to Albert Hall one you won’t soon forget! The Spirit Shack has all the ghost-hunting equipment you could ever need.

The essential basic for ghost hunting is the EMF meter. A good starting point is the K2 Meter with Sound which alerts you to any change in energy. It provides a sound along with lights, perfect when the lights might not be visible, and you can still hear any alerts.

Once you know where the energy is, it’s time to start recording to see what you pick up. The 8 GB Digital EVP Recorder has got you covered with hours of recordings waiting.

To make your recordings clear, opt for a microphone. It can pick up a lot more, with even a whisper coming through on the recording. The 3.5 mm Wind Resistant Microphone is among the best on the market. It will record clear voices and not pick up any background interference.

A spirit box is worth a look if you’re after something to communicate with spirits in real-time. The SBOX Spirit Box FM/AM Scanner allows you to record while moving through various frequencies. These frequencies are what give souls the energy to come forward and communicate.

An oldie but goodie for all fresh ghost investigators is an Ouija board. The Classic Ouija Board and Planchette are ideal to bring to this spooky event. It allows spirits to communicate with you through spelling out words. It’s brilliant for those that have direct questions they want answers to.

For an ample space like Albert Hall, the 360° Motion Tracking Puck comes in handy. It allows you to track any motion within a room. Picture this device up on that theatre balcony; you’re in for a lot of spooky tracking.

If you’re unsure where to start, the Spirit Shack offers a range of ghost-hunting kits. There is something for everyone. Whether you’re just getting started or are a spirit hunter extraordinaire, we’ve got you covered.


Is Albert Hall a good idea for new ghost hunters?

Yes! The Hall is the perfect spot to get your spirit-hunting journey started. The ghost tour is ideal for learning how your new equipment works. And for communicating with spirits who reside there.

Why is Albert Hall so haunted?

Any place with such a long history is bound to have spirits that come back (or never left). Many soldiers may have returned to the hall since the war. Because it’s the last place, they remember when they were alive.

Are there other haunted historic buildings to visit?

Yes, there are many haunted historic buildings you can check out. As well as Albert Hall, you can visit Shirley Hall, Eden Hall, Borwick Hall, and Blickling Hall.


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