Borwick Hall: The Haunted History and Ghosts

Borwick Hall

History of Borwick Hall

Nestled in the picturesque town of Carnforth, Lancashire, in North West England, lies the mysterious Borwick Hall. This stunning sixteenth-century manor house boasts a rich history, with some parts dating back to the 14th century.

As you step onto its grounds, an unmistakable sensation envelops you – the feeling of being watched. Besides other guests, it’s that feeling of knowing you’re not alone here that adds to the mystique of this place.

Borwick Hall’s origins trace back to the late 14th century. A stone peel tower was erected to shield the villagers and their livestock from marauding Scots.

But as time went on, the Hall underwent some significant transformations. It all starts with the Bindloss family, Kendal clothiers of substantial wealth. They extended Borwick Hall in the 16th century, adding a grand gatehouse and stable block.

The Many Owners of Borwick Hall

Let’s talk about Sir Robert Bindloss – a man of many accomplishments and a few secrets. In 1650, he earned himself a Baronet title courtesy of Charles I. The Bindloss clan had quite the knack for turning cloth into gold, amassing a fortune.

He was just sixteen when he landed a seat in Parliament. And to top it off, Charles I knighted him the very next year. Folks in London couldn’t help but marvel, saying, ‘As rich as Sir Robert in the north.’

As the years went on, Borwick Hall went through some rough patches. It fell into disrepair and changed hands many times. The Hall found itself in the care of Mr. Fuller-Maitland, a music critic with a passion for history. He repaired the Hall and even installed a grand pipe organ in what’s now known as the library.

During World War II, the Hall served as a military base. But once the war ended, it was time to find a new owner. The Hall went through some auctions and transactions. It was passed from one hand to another until the Lancashire Youth Clubs Association became the new owner.

Eventually, Lancashire County Council assumed ownership of the grand estate.

The Ghosts of Borwick Hall

With a history stretching back to the Domesday Book, Borwick Hall is an ancient and formidable building that could leave anyone creeped out.

With such a rich history dating back centuries, it’s no wonder that the place has its fair share of ghostly residents. Paranormal reports have increased since the Hall was transformed into an Education Centre by Lancashire Council.

Ghostly Encounters at Borwick Hall

Over the years, visitors and staff members have reported an assortment of spine-chilling paranormal activity within its wall.

Imagine a sudden temperature drop, as if an unseen presence is nearby. Or the eerie sensation of being watched. Doors slamming shut on their own accord, crashing bangs, and late-night crying have become commonplace at Borwick Hall.

Mysterious Men and the Lady in White

Among the most spine-tingling sightings, visitors have witnessed the full apparition of a man walking through the hallways. Only to vanish into thin air…

Similarly, numerous people have claimed to see a woman dressed all in white appearing in various bedrooms. Local lore suggests that this female apparition might be the tormented spirit of a woman who tragically took her life in one of the upstairs rooms.

A chilling tale involves a mysterious man dressed in old-fashioned clothing who converses with unsuspecting guests and staff. But before anyone can make sense of the encounter, he suddenly vanishes before their very eyes!

The Starved Girl

The most haunting legend of them all revolves around the tragic tale of the “Starved” or “Starving Girl”.

The tale goes that this unfortunate soul fought against her parents’ arranged marriage for her. As a cruel punishment, she was locked away in the peel tower and forgotten. Sadly, she suffered a slow and agonizing death by starvation.

Today, her restless spirit is said to roam the corridors, seeking vengeance for the injustice done to her.

Records reveal multiple sightings of her ghostly manifestation, leaving an eerie mark on this historic manor house.

A Curious Tradition

As if chilling tales of apparitions and spirits weren’t enough, there’s an intriguing tradition linked with a snowy New Year’s Eve.

All that talk about Sir Robert Bindloss will finally come together and make perfect sense.

The legend goes that, long ago, an old lady sought refuge from the blizzard at Borwick Hall. And Sir Robert, being the hospital host, took her in. The lady gave him a ripe apple with a peculiar warning in gratitude.

Keeping the apple above the fireplace for a year would bring good fortune. But removing it would unleash disaster. Strangely enough, people still knock on the door and offer an apple. Keeping this curious tradition alive.

What You’ll Need for a Ghost Hunt at Borwick Hall

For thrill-seekers who crave things that go bump in the night, a ghost hunt at Borwick Hall is the ultimate adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Over the years, Borwick Hall has quickly become the go-to hotspot and venue for ghost hunts. – And it’s easy to find a ghost-hunting event to scratch that curious itch. But you’ll need to gear up before you set off on a ghost-hunting adventure!

The Ultimate Ghost Hunting Essentials Kit

Here are some essential ghost-hunting tools and detection gear you’re going to need while exploring this eerie building:

  1. Night vision cameras: An absolute must-have for capturing any ghostly activity and documenting your investigation. Make sure you get a good IR (infrared) night vision camera. Like the Phasm Camera, for those spooky low-light situations.
  2. Torches: Pack some reliable torches since you’ll be exploring in the dark. Infrared torches are great as they won’t mess with your night vision.
  3. Digital EVP recorders: EVP recorders are vital for capturing any electronic voice phenomena (EVP) during your investigation.
  4. EMF detector: Use an EMF detector to watch for electromagnetic fields, a known sign of paranormal activity. If you notice a sudden spike in a particular area, it could be a hint of something ghostly.
  5. Motion detectors: Motion detectors are a handy tool to set up while investigating other areas. If it goes off while you’re in another room, it could lead to some intriguing evidence.
  6. Spirit box: Spirit boxes randomly scan AM and FM frequencies, allowing communication with the other side. Its fame soared when the Ghost Adventures crew used it for the first time at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.
  7. Walkie-talkies: If you ghost hunting with friends, you will need long-range walkie-talkies to stay in touch.


Can you book a night at the haunted Borwick Hall?

Of course, you can – if you dare. Despite its eerie reputation, the Hall is a beautiful and unique venue. It offers superb modern facilities on-site. There’s even easy access to the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

There are 158 bed spaces across several buildings, including the Main Hall, Beckside, and the Stables. Those seeking the most thrilling paranormal experience should choose a room in the Main Hall.

Are there any haunted historic buildings in the UK?

Yes, there are many haunted historic buildings you can visit within the UK. There’s Borwick hall, Eden Hall, Shirley Hall, Albert Hall, and Blickling Hall.

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