Coombe Abbey: A History Of Hauntings

Coombe Abbey
About Coombe Abbey Hotel

Coombe Abbey Hotel has a long and rich history that spans several centuries. So many people have passed through the hotel halls over the years. And there’s no wonder that it’s a hotbed for paranormal activity. Before we get into the eerie residents of Coombe Abbey, we will look at the history. Understanding what makes this historic venue different from the rest may be helpful.

The hotel was first built as an abbey by Cistercian Monks in 1150. Way back then, it was better known as the Abbey of Cumbe. And it became the largest monastery in Warwickshire. King Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of monasteries around 1539. And the Abbey was seized by the royal family.

The Craven family

Over time, Coombe Abbey was bought, sold and changed ownership many times. The Craven family purchased the property in 1622. Beloved by the entire family, Coombe residence would be the official Craven home for over 300 years!

Of course, the Abbey underwent plenty of renovations and expansions during this time, including the addition of the lake in 1771 on the property today. This iconic lake and the gardens were designed by the renowned landscape artist Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

Sadly, Lord Craven passed in 1921, and the Coombe Hotel became available for sale. And in 1923, John Gray then purchased the Abbey.

From home to hotel

Fast-forward to 1964, when the Coventry City Council assumed ownership. The Council gained the Abbey and its impressive 150-acre estate. The Council decided to restore the estate home and began restorations almost immediately. Two years later, Coombe Country Park was opened to the public. And guests have been allowed to enjoy the grounds and gorgeous gardens ever since.

In 1992, No Ordinary Hotels bought the property. And was revealed in 1995 as the iconic  Abbey Hotel as we know it today.

The Ghosts Of Coombe Abbey Hotel

The hotel has gone through many alternations over the years. And this gorgeous building has seen its fair share of history. There’s no wonder plenty of spirits still roam the gardens and live within the walls of the Coombe Hotel.

Several guests have experienced plenty of unexplained experiences. The bulk of the paranormal activity happens overnight in Coombe. But all the spooky goings-on may be attributed to one of the hotel’s most famous ghosts.

Abbot Geoffrey

Based on the history of Coombe, it’s no surprise that one of the most famous apparitions at this historic site is that of a cloaked monk. Believed to be one of the monks who lived in the monastery, this spirit has been named Abbot Geoffrey.

You can find Geoffrey roaming the halls or the grounds in a hooded robe or causing chaos in the hotel kitchen. So, keep an eye out for him when you’re in the dining room. He may pay you an unexpected visit as you tuck into your dinner.

When the servers blame a food delay on poltergeist activity in the kitchen, you may be more inclined to believe them! Of course, you could capture evidence of the existence of Abbot Geoffrey for yourself with some of our top ghost-hunting equipment.


Another permanent resident of Coombe Abbey is the green-eyed Matilda, who is rumoured to have been a stable girl. Although there are plenty of legends about this young girl, one story has more merit than the others.

It’s said that Matilda worked as a stable hand when she had a whirlwind romance and affair with the master of the house. As a result, she fell pregnant, but the master wouldn’t take responsibility for the baby, who was stillborn.

Filled with rage and anguish, Matilda placed a curse on Coombe Hotel. And said that any children born there would be fated to die – just like her beloved baby.

Over the years, guests and staff have heard slamming doors and disembodied footsteps. Plenty of them feel watched and have an uneasy sensation. They’re convinced that it’s the vengeful spirit of young Matilda.

The Horseman

Paranormal investigators and ghost-hunting enthusiasts have not yet given this spirit a name. But there have been multiple sightings of a ghostly horseman near the lodge house of Coombe. This eerie apparition of a rider on horseback has been the source of plenty of sleepless nights for some guests.

The Victorian Bike-rider

Another famous ghost sighted on the grounds of Coombe Abbey is that of a young Victorian woman. The woman can’t get enough of riding her spectral bicycle. She stays along the paths and roads around Coombe estate. And you may even be lucky enough to come upon her on a tour of the grounds. So, remember to keep your wits about you!


Are guests allowed to explore the haunted areas of Coombe Abbey Hotel?

Guests of Coombe are allowed to explore the more active areas of the hotel in search of concrete paranormal evidence. Of course, you may bump into one of the hotel’s many ghosts without having to go looking for them!

Since some areas may be off-limits to guests and the public. And you’ll want to keep your investigations to the open spaces and rooms of the hotel.

You may be permitted to take your camera with you on your tour of the Coombe Abbey estate. But you may only be able to lug some of your ghost-hunting equipment. You should ask the hotel staff if you’re interested in a full-blown ghost hunt. Ask them to see if you can arrange a private tour where you can collect your evidence.

Does Coombe Abbey Hotel offer any spooky events?

Although Coombe doesn’t offer events that cater to its haunted history, it does offer plenty of other spooky and exciting events. The event happens annually, making it the perfect destination for a special occasion.

One of our favourite events is the Murder Mystery Evenings. They are even more thrilling when you’re playing in a haunted hotel! You can even book the hotel’s Murder Mystery package. The package includes an overnight stay and a ticket to the Murder Mystery Evening event.

Coombe Abbey offers seasonal events, like Halloween, which can make your stay more exciting. Just check their events calendar before booking your stay to avoid disappointment.

Are there more haunted places in England?

There are many haunted locations in throughout England. As well as the Coombe Abbey, there’s the Ancient Ram Inn, Fort Amherst, and Drakelow Tunnels.

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