Croxteth Hall: Haunted Happenings and a Spooky History

Croxteth Hall

The Molyneux Family

The Molyneux family were considered the oldest family in Liverpool. They made their ancestral home in Croxteth Hall, down Croxteth Hall lane, until 1972. They were the Earls of Sefton, and sadly, after the last Earl died, they could not find an heir to continue their legacy.

This was a pretty powerful family until they met their natural end. From soldiers in World War I to beyond, they made their mark. In fact, the family’s origins can be traced back to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. However, they originally came across Croxteth Hall in 1575, once Sir Edward Molyneux managed to get the estate through marriage.

Over time, they expanded the Hall from the Victorian walled garden, the traditional working Victorian farm, to the country park. The family were also major players in the community and influenced Liverpool socially and politically.

The Tragedy of 1952

A fire started in the west wing of Croxteth Hall in 1952, causing some major damage. Luckily, it wasn’t irreversible! That west wing was eventually restored; today, it is known as the Queen Anne Suite. This was a way to honour the significance of Queen Anne, who reigned during the building of the historic Croxteth estate.

The Hauntings of Croxteth Hall

Beyond the country park and the walled garden, some say this Hall is one of the most haunted places in Liverpool, with tons of spooky stories.

The Boy and the Fireplace

One of the most famous stories is about the dining room, which has had its fair share of drama over dining across the centuries. There have been a lot of reports about people seeing a young boy flicker past the fireplace!

We can only guess what he got up to in his day – some think he lived at Croxteth Hall many years ago, others say he’s simply a wandering lost soul. No matter what you believe, it’s better to catch the evidence yourself. Try snapping a pic of him on your ghost hunt with our Kodak PixPro FZ45 Full Spectrum Camera!

The Billiard Room

Let’s dine and dash and head to the billiard room instead. Except, this one is only some fun and games!

Some people have reported seeing an eerie, dark figure dart around the billiard room. Whoever he is, he moves pretty quickly! They say he disappears as soon as he appears, lingering in the shadows for only a moment.

We’re not sure if he has some unfinished business with a game gone wrong or if he’s having a little fun. The best shot to catch a glimpse of this fast phantom is to gear up with our trusty Black EMF Detector with Alarm. It’ll help you find the electromagnetic changes in the air with an alarm fast enough to catch him before he’s gone!

The 6th Earl of Sefton

At least one Earl of Sefton seemed stuck around after the family line died out.

Guests and staff alike have said that they’ve seen who appears to be the ghost of the 6th Earl of Sefton himself. He roams the tearoom and his former bedroom, perhaps looking for closure from his previous life. Or a cup of tea!

Search out cold spots in his old bedroom or hang around in the tearoom long enough, and you’re sure to catch sight of this ghostly Earl. And when you do, it would be awesome to record the moment in all its bone-chilling glory. Try our Digital EVP Voice Recorder to record some of his historic whisperings, and bring your friends at home a tale they’ll have to believe.

The 2009 CCTV Footage

There’s more to the hauntings at Croxteth Hall than hear-say. In fact, in 2009, Croxteth grand mansion made headlines after a strange, ghostly sighting was caught on CCTV. In the video, an eerie figure appears to come out of the bushes from the country park, moving towards the house before ultimately disappearing into thin air.

Jason Karl, who used to be a Most Haunted ghost hunter, even checked out the footage, “Video footage of phantoms is very rare, and if this stands up to scrutiny, it could be a very important piece of spectral evidence for the worldwide community of paranormal enthusiasts.”

Some paranormal experts think it might have been the ghost of the 7th Earl of Sefton, who passed away in 1972. Others say it might be the spirit of William Philip Molyneux, the 2nd Earl of Sefton. In fact, the locals even say that William’s ghost is a yearly visitor during the Grand National! Either way, you can’t deny what your eyes are showing you. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself!

Croxteth Hall Country Park: Architecture And More

Besides searching for ghosts and learning about the haunted happenings on the grounds, you can also partake in less-spooky activities.

Croxteth Hall and Country Park run around 500 acres, with amazing sights and activities. The country park covers all the beautiful natural grounds, from the walled garden to the farm.

The Walled Garden

Within Croxteth Hall and Country Park, the historic walled garden down Croxteth Hall Lane is a beautiful sight, standing around even today. In fact, it was still around during the time of Molyneux. Over the years, it played an important part in the historic hall as a form of fresh produce and pretty flowers for the family.

Today, because of the dedication of the Croxteth Park Volunteer Group, you can see the walled garden for yourself. It’s been totally restored! You can get lost around the flower beds, the rose garden, and the greenhouse.

The Working Farm

The Croxteth stately building and Country Park working farm is a fun (and pretty educational) experience for all. You can understand the farming practices they use and how the grounds are taken care of with the help of the Croxteth Park volunteer group.

The working farm preserves the history and heritage of the area while doing some good for the community. You can check out the farming activities daily, meet some animals, and even feed them if you’re up! Plus, there’s free parking!

It’s best to check out the history in person – the Molyneux family relied on that farm for centuries to feed their family and the walled garden. That work continues today in a much broader sense.

Other interesting sections of the Hall:

  • The kennels
  • Myerscough College Liverpool campus
  • Library Suite
  • The Terrace bar


Are there guided ghost-hunting tours at Croxteth Hall?

The Hall offers guided ghost tours led by some experienced ghost-hunting and paranormal experts. These tours are definitely worth the spend, as you’ll stay overnight and get access to some usually restricted areas of the hall. You’ll also get the full history of the hall’s past and learn about some recent sightings.

When is the best time to go ghost hunting at Croxteth Hall?

You can go ghost hunting at this Croxteth heritage site throughout the year. However, it’s best to go in winter to get into the nightly thrill. The nights are longer, colder, and spookier!

Where can go to paranormal investigate?

As well as Croxteth Hall, you can paranormal investigate at Mayer Hall, Stanley Place, and the Old Gala House.


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