What Makes The Adelphi Hotel So Haunted?

Adelphi Hotel

The History Of The Britannia Adelphi Hotel

The history of the Adelphi Hotel is fascinating and spans over two centuries! Imagine the number of people who have come and gone over the years. There’s no wonder some guests have remained behind in the afterlife. But before we get into the supernatural phenomena at the hotel, let’s take a closer look at its long and exciting history.

The first hotel built on the current site was established in 1826 by James Radleigh on the grounds of Ranelagh Gardens. It was the first recreation space in Liverpool. Around 50 years later, they replaced the original hotel with a new one.

The second hotel

In 1876, they opened the second Adelphi hotel, offering guests a more luxurious experience. It had over 300 rooms, and James Radleigh managed it himself.

Over time, the hotel began to make a name for itself, as did its famous turtle soup. They prepared it from live turtles kept in heated tanks in the basement. They hardly had enough turtles to keep up with the demand for their soup. So we wouldn’t be surprised if the spirits of these poor animals haunted the hotel!

The second hotel gained recognition as Liverpool’s leading hotel. It attracted wealthy travellers and notable figures like Charles Dickens, who considered it one of his favourite hotels.

Around 1892, the Midland Railway purchased the hotel, and it was then renamed the Midland Adelphi. Under the new ownership, it continued to flourish and became even more popular than before. However, after 18 years, they demolished the building eventually, and they constructed the third (and final) hotel.

The third and final hotel

Frank Atkinson designed the third Adelphi Hotel, and it opened in 1914. During the early 20th century, guests from all over the world visited Adelphi. The halls of this hotel saw plenty of famous guests come and go over the years. Politicians like Winston Churchill and celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Bob Dylan stayed there.

Despite the uncertainty of the hotel’s fate during World War II, the Adelphi stood firm and even survived the Liverpool May Blitz in 1941. Then, in 1982, Britannia Hotels took over the hotel. And they started on renovations and restorations to modernize it.

Today, the Adelphi still serves its guests the same lavish and royal treatment as before. Plus, it has seen a spike in demand after the rumours of hauntings. And paranormal activity began circulating among the paranormal community.

The Spooky Spectres Of The Adelphi Hotel

The Brittania Adelphi Hotel has gained quite a reputation as a haunted hotel. It has attracted the interest of paranormal groups and ghost enthusiasts. With so much activity at the Adelphi, it’s hard to dispute the claims of supernatural phenomena and unsettling activity. So grab your ghost-hunting equipment and book your stay at the Adelphi. It’s time to learn a little more about the eternal guests at the hotel!

Ghostly George

A recurring ghostly sighting is that of a man who is named George. Startled guests have seen him as he stands over their beds at night.

We don’t know about you, but waking up to the vision of the face of a phantom is enough to make our blood run cold! Still, some brave souls and ghost hunters have spent the night waiting for George to appear, only to be disappointed. So, if you’re visiting, hoping to meet this curious ghost, you may need to coax him out.

Although the hotel’s guests have named the apparition, the question remains as to why he haunts Adelphi. And why he has taken such a vested interest in watching them sleep.

The third floor

They describe the third floor of the Adelphi Hotel as the most haunted. Several guests have reported various unsettling experiences. Including sudden illness and the feeling of being watched. And seeing shadowy figures standing by their beds (perhaps George makes multiple late-night visits).

Adding to the eerie feeling on this floor, rumours of a demonic presence lurk around corners and cause chaos for unsuspecting guests.

The Sefton Suite

It’s believed one of the bedrooms in the Adelphi Hotel replicates the infamous First Class Smoking Lounge of the Titanic. But that has since been disproven. The room is a testament to the unfortunate passengers who died on the ocean liner. Some of whom even stayed at the hotel before the departure. The Lounge is also a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Unfortunately, Britannia Hotels has since quelled the rumour that the Sefton Suite is a replica of the Titanic’s Smoking Lounge. The connection between the sunken ship and the haunted room is fiction.

Still, visitors who have spent the night in the Sefton Suite have claimed to see multiple spectral navy officers in uniform. And the figure of a grey woman in a Victorian dress.

Sightings of these ghosts seem to be sporadic, though, and you may never know when they will choose to appear. It may be that these spirits are shy and withdrawn. Or they may enjoy sending chills down the spines of guests caught off guard.

Other activity

Besides the full-bodied apparitions that haunt the Adelphi, other strange occurrences have spooked guests to abandon their stay earlier than expected.

Disembodied voices, ghostly footsteps, and strange tapping noises have been the cause of sleepless nights and frightful stays. Even the staff have reported strange goings-on during their shifts. And it caused sceptics to question whether the Adelphi is, in fact, the most haunted hotel in England.


Can I go ghost-hunting at the Adelphi Hotel?

Sadly, there aren’t any events for ghost enthusiasts to stage their paranormal investigations in the Adelphi Hotel. But you can test your bravery by renting one of the rooms on the third floor. And see if you can come face-to-face with the hotel’s resident ghosts. You may even find more than you expected and feel the presence of the demonic forces rumoured to lurk in the shadows.

Can I request to stay in one of the haunted rooms at the Adelphi Hotel?

While you can request to stay in one of the haunted rooms at the Adelphi Hotel, it doesn’t guarantee that there will be availability. Still, the staff are helpful and are aware of the hotel’s haunted reputation. They can advise you on where to find active spots.

Are there any more haunted hotels?

Yes, there are many haunted hotels throughout the UK. It’s worth checking out the Langham Hotel, and the Lumley Castle Hotel.

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