Ghosts Of Eastwell Manor: Stories From The Haunted Estate

Eastwell Manor

The Haunting History Of Eastwell Manor

Eastwell Manor, located in the parish of Eastwell in Eastwell Park, has an exciting and eventful history. The original country house on the estate was constructed between 1540 and 1550 by Sir Thomas Moyle. It’s worth noting that during the construction, Richard Plantagenet (believed to be King Richard III’s illegitimate child) worked as one of the bricklayers on the estate.

1793, construction began on the current manor house and lasted six years. The manor was erected in the Elizabethan style for George Finch-Hatton, the 9th Earl of Winchilsea. This new manor replaced the stately home, which was demolished in the 1920s.

The residents of Eastwell Manor

Eastwell Manor has had several notable residents over the years. The 11th Earl of Winchilsea in 1860 and the Duke of Abercorn for around five years. Then, from 1874 to 1893, the manor was inhabited by Prince Alfred. He was the Duke of Edinburgh and the second son of Queen Victoria. During this time, the Queen herself frequently visited the estate.

In 1875, Prince Alfred’s daughter, who later became the Queen of Romania, was born within the walls of the Manor. In her memoirs, she talks fondly about the estate and described it as a ‘great grey house.’ She was also partial to the estate’s park, picturesque lake, vast woods, and magnificent gardens. She mentions an old cedar tree because it held a special place in her childhood memories.

Eastwell Manor today

Tragically, in the 1920s, a devastating fire nearly destroyed the manor. It was promptly rebuilt on the same site within a few years. After some refurbishment, it became the impressive hotel it is today.

The Eastwell Manor Champneys Hotel & Spa is available for guests to experience its renowned hospitality and eerie atmosphere. You can enjoy the Champneys Spa, steam room and Eastwell restaurant here. And an outdoor pool, excellent service, and much more than you bargained for.

If you ask us, it’s just as well that you can unwind at the spa facilities. After all, the bone-chilling feeling of being watched by the manor’s spectral residents is enough to make you a little tense.

Paranormal Activity at Eastwell Manor

It may be an elegant and unassuming presence as the perfect spa break. But the Manor has a reputation for being haunted by several spooky spirits. And with plenty of first-hand encounters by guests and staff alike. No wonder it has become a bucket list location for paranormal enthusiasts and amateur ghost hunters.

If you plan a trip to the impressive manor, you’ll want to pack your ghost-hunting equipment. After all, with so much activity, you won’t want to be caught off guard. The White Lady or spectral horseman may pay you an unexpected visit.

The White Lady

The most prominent ghost of Eastwell Manor is known as the ‘White Lady’. She is reported to have been a permanent hotel guest for at least the last 50 years! According to staff, the porters spotted the apparition pacing around the hotel. And takes on the haunting form of a woman in a long, white nightdress with flowing black hair.

Although there have been numerous sightings of this infamous ghost, the appearance of her face remains a mystery. According to rumours, it stays obscured in the shadows, making it impossible to make out any of her features.

Despite her imposing presence, the White Lady is described as a friendly spirit. She walks through the halls, keeping her gaze on her feet. She wanders around before vanishing without a trace.

Based on other guests’ experiences, the White Lady is believed to be responsible for strange disembodied noises that echo throughout the hotel. Visitors have spoken of ghostly footsteps that come from empty rooms and corridors. These stories only add to the unsettling atmosphere in the old manor.

The horseman

Another spirit that is frequently spotted is that of a spectral horseman. This spooky apparition is seen riding towards the manor before quickly changing his course and riding off toward the nearby lake. But, just before he reaches the water’s edge, he is said to disappear into thin air.

Guests have reported seeing the ghost from the windows of the hotel. But it’s believed that the horseman doesn’t reside on the grounds. Instead, it’s said that he rides toward the manor after travelling through Eastwell Village. The village is said to be just as haunted as the hotel.

The village of Eastwell

Eastwell Village, which surrounds Eastwell Manor, is rumoured to be rife with paranormal activity. Plenty of local legends and ghost stories have excited and intrigued paranormal enthusiasts. And have brought them to the village from all over the globe.

There’s hardly any place in Eastwell that isn’t associated with supernatural phenomena. So, if you’re headed to the manor, we’d also suggest spending a few days in and around the village. You may even have a face-to-face encounter with other ghosts in the area. They’re said to appear (and disappear) in the streets, old buildings, and around dark corners.


Can I go ghost-hunting at Eastwell Manor Hotel?

Although there may be some tours of the grounds around the hotel, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the opportunity to conduct a full-blown paranormal investigation within the manor’s halls. But you can capture evidence within your room during your stay. Additionally, you can ask about local tours and ghost-hunting groups planning to explore the village instead.

What are the most haunted areas of Eastwell Manor?

The hotel doesn’t boast about its haunted history or resident ghosts. But stories from staff and guests have revealed some of the more active areas of the old manor. According to their accounts, the hallways, empty rooms, and corridors are a hotbed of activity for spirits. You’ll hear disembodied voices and quiet footsteps with no visible source here. And unrelenting tapping that may even keep you awake!

Can I request a haunted room at Eastwell Manor?

No specific rooms in the hotel have more activity or claim to be more haunted than others. So you won’t be able to ask about renting out a ‘haunted room.’ Still, you can ask the hotel staff whether you can book a room closer to the hotel’s more active areas. Just be prepared for a sleepless night if the spirits decide to make their presence known!

Where else can I hunt for ghosts?

There are hundreds of haunted places throughout the United Kingdom. As well as Eastwell Manor, there is Bishton Hall, Scolton Manor, Walton Hall.


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