The History and Hauntings of Eden Hall

Eden Hall

The History Of Edenhall Country House Hotel

The Edenhall Country House was formerly known as Woodbine Cottage. It’s a historic and charming little hotel in Edenhall Village in Cumbria. The true origins of the house are shrouded in mystery. But parts of the building date as far back as the 17th century.

No matter when they built it, there’s no arguing that the doors to the house have seen plenty of people come and go. And rumour has it that some of these visitors never left. Instead, their spirits are wandering the hotel corridors to this very day.

The old manor house that stood on the grounds, Eden Hall, is said to be the heart and soul of Edenhall Village. The development of the village revolved around the house, which is how it got its name. Unfortunately, they demolished Eden Hall Manor in 1934. But curious visitors can still find remnants of the old building in the form of an entrance lodge at the head of the village.

Specific details about the country house between the 17th century and today are unavailable. But we can only assume that the property underwent several renovations. Today, the Edenhall Country House Hotel is more attractive. And it’s a stark contrast to the dark secrets that lurk behind its charming brick exterior.

The Hauntings At Edenhall Country House Hotel

Don’t let the pretty exterior of this country house fool you. According to locals, the Edenhall Country House is very haunted. And paranormal enthusiasts argue it’s the most haunted location in Cumbria. Both staff and guests have told tales of strange happenings. There are reports of spooky apparitions and horrifying hauntings in the hotel. Luckily, as terrifying as it may be for unsuspecting guests, the activity seems relatively harmless.

If you plan on spending a night (or two) at this infamous haunted hotel, be prepared for spine-tingling encounters with the paranormal. And remember to take your ghost-hunting equipment along! It may be your only opportunity to catch one of the active spirits of the hotel on camera. Or capture their voices as they speak to you from beyond the grave.

Room 4

The most frequently sighted ghost at Edenhall is that of a female spirit in Room 4. This room was previously known as Room 25 but has undergone several renovations since the hotel’s launch.

Have you ever had the bone-chilling feeling that someone will be behind you when you look up into your bathroom mirror? We know we have (that’s the price you pay for watching a scary film right before bed). And those feelings would be reasonable if you dared to stay in Room 4.

Multiple guests have reported seeing the apparition of the woman standing behind them in the bathroom mirror. Only to turn around and find nobody there.

If that weren’t enough, you won’t even find solace by hiding underneath your blankets at night. The ghost of Room 4 is partial to watching guests sleep and stands at the foot of their bed – talk about frightening!

Mysterious mirrors

Mirrors at the Edenhall Country House are a recurring theme in the hotel’s hauntings. In years gone by, the bar area was full of mirrors behind the bar. But after several complaints from guests and staff, the mirrors have since been taken down and no longer feature here.

Guests would enjoy drinks and cocktails at the bar before coming face-to-face with apparitions. Ghosts would appear in the mirror behind the bartenders. These sightings caused significant upset among visitors. Visitors were so frightened that removing the mirrors was in the hotel’s best interest.

But even when they took the mirrors down, the paranormal activities continued. There have even been rumours of the apparition of an older woman who haunts the seats around the bar. While she doesn’t seem to enjoy interacting with any of the guests, you can often find her sitting in the corner. And she watches the bar’s patrons night after night.

Bumps in the night

There have been other happenings over and above the spectres who hang around the hotel. Some of which have sent guests packing without even spending the night. From disembodied voices to ghostly footsteps up and down the corridors, plenty of bumps in the night will leave your blood running cold.

Still, most of the noises and mild activity seem to be nothing more than mischievous pranks and sounds of playful spirits. And unlike some other haunted locations around Cumbria, none of the ghostly residents seem to have any ill intent.

The Luck of Eden Hall

Despite its reputation as one of Cumbria’s most haunted hotels, Edenhall has legends of fairies and good luck. One of the oldest stories of the hotel (back when it was still Eden Hall Manor House) tells the tale of a butler. The butler discovered a group of fairies dancing around a goblet on the estate’s lawn.

This ancient goblet is believed to have been of Syrian origin and has come to be known as the ‘Luck of Eden Hall.’ When the butler saw the beautiful artefact, he snatched it from the fairies, hoping to keep it for himself.

The fairies responded by telling the butler that if the goblet was to break or fall, ‘Farewell the luck of Eden Hall.’ It’s unknown if they placed a curse or blessing over the goblet. But you can see the ‘Luck of Eden Hall’ for yourself. It’s at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where it serves as an exhibit.


Does Edenhall Country House offer ghost tours to guests?

Edenhall doesn’t offer guests ghost tours or paranormal investigations. But, if you’re brave enough to stay the night at the hotel, you’ll likely find evidence or experience the hauntings for yourself. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, though! Some of these playful spirits like to appear in the most unlikely places. So they’re easy to notice if you are vigilant.

Is Room 4 at Edenhall Country House available for guests to book?

Room 4 is currently available to book at Edenhall. If you want to test your nerves or catch some paranormal activity for yourself, this is the room to stay in. Just remember to cover the mirror when you’re in the bathroom. That is unless you are okay with the feeling of being watched as you get ready for bed.

When are the ghosts of Edenhall Country House the most active?

The ghosts at Edenhall are always active. But that’s the beauty of exploring this haunted hotel. No matter when you visit, you’re likely to experience some activity. And if you’re lucky, you may catch some of it on camera.

Are there other haunted historic buildings in the UK?

Yes, there are many haunted historic buildings you can visit in the UK. As well as Eden Hall, you can visit Shirley Hall, Albert Hall, Borwick Hall, and Blickling Hall.

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