Ghost Bus Tour York: All You Need To Know

Ghost Bus Tour, York

Grab your jacket and your hat, because we are off to see the scariest ghosts and ghouls in York, England – a renowned haunted city. With a macabre history steeped in horrors and mysteries that remain unsolved, the York Ghost Bus Tour has much to share about the darker side of the city.

Don’t shiver too hard in your boots just yet. The York – Ghost Bus Tours are as much about the fun as they are about the thrills. The actors on board will keep you entertained between stops at each of the much-loved tourist attractions that you’ll discover. This is one bus you don’t want to miss!

How The Ghost Bus Tours – York Work

When you stand at York Station on Station Road outside the Principal York Hotel, waiting for the Ghost Bus, you have no idea what awaits you. But when you return, you may have a newfound appreciation for the spirit realm in this haunted city.

The creepy conductor’s narration sets the tone for the tour (just don’t tell him he is a creepy conductor). He weaves a tale that starts at York Station Rd. You will discover the sinister side of the city and the secrets that are kept behind York’s mediaeval walls. You may want to get your ghost hunting apps and SpiritPod ready because you’re about to meet some ghosts.

The ghosts and spectres you may find on this tour are far from frightening, and the technical trickery that brings them to life is spectacular. Yes, it’s not all real. Some of it may be lighting and sound effects, and with every good trick comes a sleight of hand. But, all this creates a lot of fun and laughter (and some spine chills from the ghost stories).

The tour lasts just over an hour, so you won’t have a very long stop at each spooky location. The bus becomes a stage for ghostly tales. Along the way, you may encounter actors who play a part in this comedic horror, adding to the trickery and entertainment.

What is a York – Ghost Bus Tour like?

The Ghost Bus Tour couldn’t be described better than in this review by Conrad Froude:

“Hopped on the bus of horrors and fright this weekend and was blown away by the information and comedy provided by the conductor, Mr. Blood. An absolutely rip-roaring ride of intrigue, ghostly goings-on and history of York. Would highly recommend it.”

Ghost Bus Tours York – Bus Stop Points

The departure point for the ghost tours is from Bus Stop RE, which is directly outside York Station, on Station Road, across from the Principal York Hotel.

You’ll get over an hour’s worth of the most hilarious comedy-horror theatre experience in the UK. These are some of the top attractions you will encounter that are worthy of being on a sightseeing bus tour:

  • St. Mary’s Abbey
  • York Minster
  • Monk Bar
  • Black Swan Pub
  • St. Crux Parish Church
  • The Shambles
  • Golden Fleece Pub
  • Clifford’s Tower
  • Dick Turpin’s grave
  • Terry’s Chocolate Factory
  • Knavesmire Gallows

Ghost Bus Tours York – Highlight Points

St. Mary’s Abbey

The Ghost Bus Tours – York will take you past St. Mary’s Abbey. Built in 1088, St. Mary’s Abbey is steeped in history and filled with ghostly tales. While the stone walls still stand strong, so do the ghosts that haunt the abbey. Situated next to St. Olave’s Graveyard, there are many old souls caught in the material realm.

York Minster

York Minster Cathedral is one of York’s famous landmarks. It has survived many attempts to destroy it, including fiery blazes where lives were lost before their time. This has led to it having one of the most haunted histories of all.

Some of the more famous ghosts are Dean Gale, who was part of the clergy, and Jonathan Martin, who set one of the fires in York Minster. Any tourist visiting York will find the spooky cathedral quite fascinating. Get your full spectrum camera ready to catch a glimpse of these spectres on your tour.

Directly to the north in Minster Garden is the Treasurer House, which is another spooky place. With sightings of ghostly visitors, children, and even cats that haunt the premises, this may be one of York’s most haunted places to visit.

Black Swan Pub

The Black Swan Pub was built in the fifteenth century. It is a 10-minute walk from York Castle and is a half-timbre pub. Ghosts are haunting the bar – one sitting and staring at the fire and another in his bowler’s hat sitting at the bar. There is also the spectre of a jilted bride who haunts the pub. Just don’t stare into her eyes because it is rumoured you could die from ecstasy.

St. Crux Parish Church

At the end of The Shambles, you will find an ancient mediaeval church called St. Crux Parish Church. Here, you should watch out for the restless spirit of Mary Queen of Scots. It seems that she may still be searching for peace as she wanders sadly through the church grounds.

Golden Fleece Pub

The earliest documentation of the Gold Fleece York Pub dates back to 1503. It is rumoured that the ghost of Lady Peckett is still taking care of guests as she wanders the hallway and moves furniture around. She seems to have quite a sense of humour, as she enjoys playing pranks on unsuspecting guests. There may be as many as 14 other ghosts haunting this quaint pub and hotel.

Clifford’s Tower

William the Conqueror built Clifford’s Tower as a mediaeval stronghold to hold off the rebels from the north. Clifford’s Tower has been a big part of history, and on this tour, you get to see a small part of its very dark past. It is said that you can hear strange sounds as the past and the present collide. Are those whispers in the hallway, or is it just the wind being eerie?

Dick Turpin’s grave

England has more than one notorious bandit. In 1739, Dick Turpin was hung on the gallows for his horse-thieving and murderous ways. Today, Dick Turpin’s grave is one of the city’s famous landmarks. His grave is only 50 metres from the entrance to St. George’s Graveyard. If rumours of a ghostly horseman riding his black horse through the night are true, you may just catch sight of this phantom.

Terry’s Chocolate Works

Terry’s Chocolate Works once created sweet treats. However, nowadays, you can hear the bittersweet laughter of factory workers who restlessly haunt the shadows. Perhaps they couldn’t get enough of the sweet delights?

Knavesmire Gallows

The Knavesmire Gallows saw the end of many criminals and some petty thieves, including Dick Turpin. For over 400 years, this is where executions took place, until the last hanging in 1868. The anguished cries of those headed for death can be heard in the air. Although horses race here during the day, the souls of the dead may still meander at night.


Can I bring my drinks onboard?

You can take bottled water onto the bus; however, there is no smoking, eating, or drinking (other than bottled water) permitted on the tour. If you bring any personal items, it will be at your own risk.

Can I get a full refund for my Ghost Bus Tour if I missed it?

If you miss the bus, you may get a transfer to another tour if one is available. Otherwise, the only instance of a full refund would be if the tour was unavailable due to the tour company’s fault.

Is a ghost bus tour worth doing?

Yes, it is worth doing a sightseeing ghost bus tour, especially because you learn some history and get to explore the city at its spookiest. It also has great entertainment value, so it is well worth your time.

Final Thoughts

York is known for its ghosts, so be prepared for everything and anything once you board the York – Ghost Bus Tour because you never know what you could come across. As one of the most haunted cities in the UK and probably even the world, there is no better place to experience a ghost bus tour than in York. So head on over to the south side of the Principal York and get ready for some nail-biting, spine-chilling ghoulish action.


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