The Most Haunted Places In London

Haunted places in London

Welcome to a spine-tingling journey through the haunted places in London. Discover the most haunted spots, a little history, opening times and prices for these locations. From ancient palaces to eerie cemeteries, join us as we explore London’s supernatural past like never before.

Hampton Court Palace

Explore the haunted palace of King Henry VIII, known as a hotspot for paranormal activities and is one of the most haunted places – if not the most haunted house – in London!

Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard, Henry’s third and fifth wife respectively, have been seen wandering around the palace, dressed in their Victorian clothing. Hearing them scream, cry and plead for mercy will surely send shivers up anyone’s spine!


  • Trading hours: Open daily, 10:00 – 17:30
  • Price: £26 for adults; £13.10 for kids. See their website for more details.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London has over 900 years of history, steeped in betrayal, executions, and imprisonment. Many spooky stories have been reported over the years. Anne Boleyn’s ghost, King Henry VIII’s beheaded wife, has been sighted near the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula. Here, she was seen carrying her head held beneath her arm.

Thomas A. Becket and royal brothers Edward V and Richard are said to haunt the White Tower.


  • Trading hours: Open daily, 10:00 – 17:00
  • Price: £33 for adults; £16.50 for kids. See their website for more details.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

This is one of the spookiest locations in all of haunted London. Situated in the city’s West End, it’s the oldest working theatre – over 400 years! It has witnessed countless dramas, both on and off-stage.

“The Man In Grey,” whose skeletal remains were found within the theatre’s walls during renovations, is often seen in the upper circle, wearing a wig and cloak. Joseph Grimaldi, the famous clown who died in 1837, has also invoked many paranormal encounters. He’s often known to offer a comical kick up the rear end!


  • Tours run every day of the week, except Tuesdays – see their website for times.
  • Price: £22.50

Highgate Cemetery

With its gothic architecture, overgrown gardens, and 53,000 headstones that signify death; Highgate Cemetery certainly sets a creepy tone and there’s no doubt this place is haunted!

Beware of the poltergeist at nightfall who makes its ghoulish existence known with sudden temperature drops and has been blamed for all the dead fox carcasses scattered around the graveyard… Some call it the “Highgate Vampire,” while others believe it’s the evil spirit of a Romanian nobleman who practised black magic.


  • Trading hours: March to October; open daily from 10:00 – 17:00. November to February; open daily from 10:00 – 16:00. – times change seasonally.
  • Price: £10 for adults; £6 for kids (ages 8 – 17) –  self-guided tours
  • For guided tours, see their website for more details.
  • “We had an amazing guided tour experience of the West Cemetery!” – Antonella (2022).

Hyde Park Pet Cemetery

Now you’d think a pet cemetery would be a happy resting place for your four-legged pal. Right? Nope, not in this haunted place!

It’s the final home for over 1,000 pets. Visitors have reported ghostly companions coming up to them, looking for affection, and then vanishing into thin air! Distant howls are often still heard and leave many hairs standing on end.


  • Prices: £12 – adults over the age of 18 only.
  • See the Royal Parks website for guided tour time details.

The Ragged School Museum

The school opened in 1877 to educate impoverished children in London’s Mile’s End and was the largest Victorian school of its time. However, it closed its doors in 1908 when local government schools took on the responsibility of serving the community.

In 1990 the Ragged School Museum Trust was formed to pay homage to the school’s legacy and has been a tourist attraction ever since. Visitors have reported strange phenomena such as the sound of children laughing, ear-piercing screams, and a poltergeist that roams its halls…

Ghost hunters, using ghost-hunting equipment, have investigated the property; witnessing floating orbs and eerie paranormal activity from within its walls.


  • Trading hours: Wednesday – Sunday; 10:00 – 17:00
  • Price: £5 for adults; £2.50 for kids.
  • See their website for details.

Liverpool Street Station

London’s underground tunnel network is undoubtedly a magnet for eerie occurrences.

Liverpool Street Station, in particular, has gained a notorious reputation for paranormal sightings as it sits on the historical site of the old Bethlehem Royal Hospital, dating back to the mid-1200s. This institution once provided care for the mentally ill, and it’s said that a “mad woman” from that era still haunts the station’s tunnels.


  • Liverpool Street Station is in central London on the north-east side.

Bleeding Heart Yard

This gruesome story is covered in blood – literally! It’s where Lady Elizabeth Hatton was believed to have her body and organs ripped apart, either by a jealous lover or the Devil himself! Her heart – which was still beating – was left upon the cobblestones – and her ghost has haunted the area ever since!


  • Found just off Greville Street, in London’s Holborn area (the northern part of the city).

Bank Tube Station

You don’t want to be wandering around Bank Tube Station late at night. Why? Because you may catch an eerie glimpse of The Black Nun!”

Sarah Whitehead was driven mad when her brother Philip, who worked at the Bank of England, was hung for fraud in the early 19th century. She visited the bank  – which is down the road from the station – every single day for 10 years before she died. Her spirit is believed to haunt the bank and roam the empty Bank Station tunnels and walkways late at night.


  • Bank Tube Station, central London

Clink Prison

Clink Prison opened in 1144 and gained a reputation for pain, misery and suffering. The guards of the prison, whom many believe to have come from Hell itself, were cruel, sadistic beings who inflicted pain and torture on inmates. Its walls house the screams and agony of such a bloody past, with many spirits unable to pass to the other side.

The sounds of screaming, crying, and doors slamming are just some of the spooky tales that have come out of Clink Prison.


  • Trading hours: Open daily from 10:00 – 18:00
  • Price: £8 for adults; £6 for kids.
  • See their website for details about an overnight ghost-hunting stay


Is the Greenwich foot tunnel haunted?

The Greenwich foot tunnel is believed to be haunted. Sightings of people from the Victorian era, especially a ghostly woman, have been reported wandering through the narrow, damp, 370-metre-long tunnel.

What is the story of The Ten Bells Pub in London?

The Ten Bells Pub has become synonymous with Jack The Ripper, the notorious (unknown) serial killer in London’s Whitechapel district in the late 1880s. Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly – two of his victims – were patrons of this pub before they were brutally murdered, and it’s believed that Annie’s ghost still lingers within its walls.

Are there more haunted locations I can explore in the UK?

The UK is rich in haunted destinations. Some notable sites include:

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed checking out our list of haunted places in London! Whether you love tracking ghosts or just enjoy reading ghost stories, you can’t deny there is spooky stuff happening in one of the world’s busiest cities!

London, home to Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, and Canary Wharf, is not only plagued by high fashion moguls and billionaires but the odd ghost now and then too. There are endless places for you to ghost-hunt in London.


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