Seeking Spirits? Stay At These 10 Haunted Hotels In York

The Dean Court Hotel, in black and white

1. The Dean Court Hotel.

In the heart of York city centre, Dean Court Hotel is a gorgeous hotel that hides a chilling secret inside the city walls. Among the most well-known ghosts here is the ‘Mad Maid,’ who carries out her cleaning duties. But it’s Room 36 that has the most intense supernatural energy in the hotel.

Guests of Room 36 have reported poltergeist-like activities. Like slamming doors and the unnerving sensation of an unseen hand pushing down on their chests. If you’re brave enough to stay here, you won’t want to go without some ghost-hunting equipment. You may be able to catch some of the most damning evidence of the supernatural!

Golden Fleece York, in black and white

2. Golden Fleece York.

You can’t go wrong with one of York’s oldest inns. This is one of the most infamous, and haunted locations in York. This former pub (a hotel today) has attracted ghost hunters from across the globe. The Golden Fleece has a haunting history. That dates back to the early 1500s when it served as a coaching inn for travellers.

The four upstairs bedrooms are the perfect setting for a paranormal investigation today. You may find Lady Alice Peckett, the wife of a former mayor of York. She loves to play and rearrange the furniture. Or, you may run into One-Eyed Jack, who seems to favour the downstairs pub in his old red coat.

The Black Swan Hotel, in black and white

3. The Black Swan Hotel.

Nestled near North York Moors National Park is the Black Swan Hotel. It has a spooky history that lends itself to plenty of paranormal activity. From the moment you step into the hotel, you can feel the energy shift. Among the spirits that haunt the hotel is a young woman who is said to have passed during childbirth in Room 4.

She is dressed in a white gown, staring out of the hotel’s windows and passing through the walls. If you’re grabbing a drink at the bar, keep an eye out for a distinguished gentleman. In a bowler hat or a jilted bride who yearns for her lover near the fireplace.

The Black Swan Inn, black and white

4. The Black Swan Inn.

There’s no shortage of ghosts in York hotels, from the Black Swan Hotel to the Black Swan Inn. This ancient hotel can be found in Peasholme Green in York’s city centre. Where the Inn embraces its haunted status and offers guests an unforgettable experience. The Black Swan Inn hosts ghost suppers in the haunted pub.

You can listen to the sounds of a disembodied watch. As it ticks away, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. When heading to bed, watch out for a pair of disembodied legs. Who walks up and down the stairs – searching for the rest of their owner’s body.

York Pavilion Hotel

5. York Pavilion Hotel.

Found in Fulford, this is one of the most haunted York hotels we’ve encountered. This hotel is a hotbed for paranormal activity. With plenty of staff run off over the years by the sounds of slamming doors. This event even when there aren’t any guests around. If you have nerves of steel and spend the night here, you can find the apparition of a young woman.

She stands at the top of the grand staircase. Or the spectre of a man who enjoys hanging around the dining areas! Over and above the ghosts who haunt the hotel, several cold spots exist in the corridors and rooms. And you may even hear the disembodied laughter that is enough to make your blood run cold.

Bagdale Hall Hotel

6. Bagdale Hall Hotel.

Bagdale Hall is a haunted historic hotel that dates back to 1516. But this beautiful building holds dark and macabre secrets. Legend has it that Brown Bushell, a former owner and respected Navy officer, met a tragic end. He met his demise in this building when he got executed for treason in 1651.

But, his spirit has refused to leave the grounds. And several guests have claimed to spot Brown’s apparition roaming the staircases. The hotel is home to poltergeist activity and phantom lights. That seems to originate from an unseen source and the eerie cries of a lost child.

Hazlewood Castle

7. Hazlewood Castle.

Situated in Tadcaster, this ghostly old fortress has plenty of haunted rooms for you to stay in. The Tansy Room houses a spectral monk who can be seen from the corners of your eyes. Some guests have even seen the cloaked figure venturing into the courtyard before vanishing right before their eyes!

The Lavender Room is home to the apparition of an old maid. Who enjoys having conversations with an unseen guest in the bathroom (you can hold it until morning, right?). But the blood-curdling and haunting cries of the baby in the Rose Room will really keep you up at night.

The Crown Hotel in York

8. The Crown Hotel.

The Crown Hotel is a 17th-century accommodation that houses several active spirits. There’s a sorrowful waitress who was tragically murdered. Killed by a jealous ex-lover that roams the halls. And a spectral woman who runs the reception desk. And a mischievous little girl who frequently likes to visit unsuspecting guests.

You may want to practice your reflexes before you stay here. Since flying plates and thrown objects are a more common occurrence. And, if you’re lucky, you may even hear the sound of ghostly hooves on the gravel outside. It’s said that these sounds are thanks to the infamous highwayman. Dick Turpin’s horse, who wanders for all eternity here.

Gisborough Hall Hotel

9. Gisborough Hall Hotel.

Gisborough Hall Hotel is a historic gem that was once one of the best luxury hotels in all of York. This Grand York hotel has a supernatural secret, so don’t let its beauty fool you! Luckily, the spooky guests who reside here have been noted as friendly ghosts. That delight guests rather than scaring them out of their wits.

You can see the spectral butler in the lobby. And an elderly lady enjoys taking leisurely strolls down the hotel’s corridors. Yet, don’t be surprised if you hear unexplained noises and bumps at night. Although the ghosts may be friendly, who knows what other entities may be lurking within the walls of the Gisborough?

Mosborough Hall Hotel

10. Mosborough Hall Hotel.

Once an old manor house, the Mosborough Hall Hotel is home to one of the most famous ghosts in York – the White Lady. This governess is said to have been scorned by her lover. And met her untimely demise after a bitter argument with her unnamed paramour.

To this day, she still roams the corridors of the Mosborough, unable to pass on until she gets her revenge. Another harrowing figure that takes permanent residence here is Dr Pilcher. Who was driven mad at the sight of his bed, which was soaked through and stained with blood from an unknown source?


Why is York city centre so haunted?

York is the most haunted city in Europe. It has a dark past, with murders, torture and cruel acts reported from the past. Today there are said to be over 500 ghostly apparitions in the city.

Are there ghost tours in York?

Yes! Even if you don’t stay at a spooky hotel (for example, if you opt for a pleasant stay at the Holiday Inn York or the Novotel York Centre Hotel), you can still experience the spooky and paranormal by going for one of the walking tours around the city.

Are there any more haunted hotels?

Yes, there are many haunted hotels throughout the UK. There’s the Langham Hotel, Lumley Castle Hotel, and the Adelphi Hotel.


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