The Ghosts and Haunted History of Langham Hotel

Langham Hotel

A Brief History Of The Langham Hotel In London

Since The Langham Hotel first opened its doors in 1865 it has hosted many famous guests, undergone ownership changes and weathered multiple historical events. So it’s no wonder that after all this time a few ghost stories have attached themselves to its famous name. 

Hidden beneath the luxury, a lot of people now believe it’s the most haunted hotel in all of London. However, this has not yet deterred guests from visiting. In fact, it’s done quite the opposite! The opportunity to witness unexplainable events and possibly have the chance to communicate with troubled spirits is something that is hard to resist among paranormal enthusiasts.

The Ghost Stories

Apart from the rich and famous, some spirits still check into The Langham Hotel, or perhaps they never checked out in the first place? Let’s dive into some of the tales behind the ghost stories at The Hotel.

Room 333

Room 333 is the most haunted room in the whole hotel, so you’d have to be pretty brave to reserve it. The ghost who lives in this room often appears as a grey-haired Victorian man. It’s alleged that this is the ghost of a doctor who brutally murdered his new wife before committing suicide in this very room. It’s not certain whether this happened on their wedding anniversary or honeymoon as there are quite a few versions of this story. 

If you’re interested in getting a glimpse of this spooky figure, it’s best you visit the room in October, when this troubled spirit is known to make his annual appearances.

Napoleon III

Since The Langham Hotel was one of the first to offer guests modern luxuries like electric lights and air conditioning, it comes as no surprise that it was the first choice for many celebrities and royalty.

Napoleon III spent most of his time at Langham during his exile from France. He seemed to enjoy it there so much that his spirit still returns to haunt the hotel to this day. However, now he is said to mostly lurk around the basement of the hotel.

German Prince

A muscular figure wearing a military jacket has been seen walking through doors in the early hours of the morning. This is believed to be the ghost of a German prince who jumped out of a window on the fourth floor of The Langham London Hotel. His presence is strongly felt by many guests.

Paranormal Sightings

Many ghost hunters have set out to find evidence on the paranormal things happening in The Langham Hotel. Some leave the hotel disappointed and others with a spine-chilling story to tell. But not everyone who has these experiences is necessarily trying to find ghosts, there are also multiple reports from unsuspecting guests who had unsettling things happen during their stay. 

Stuart Broad’s experience

England’s famous bowler made the headlines back in 2014 when he reported what had taken place during his stay at The Hotel. “It was so hot in the room, I just couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden the taps in the bathroom came on for no reason. I turned the lights on and the taps turned themselves off. Then when I turned the lights off again the taps came on.”

This was enough to make him change rooms, and we don’t blame him.

BBC Journalist’s experience

A journalist who stayed at the hotel in 1974 claimed that he woke up one night to a ball of light that appeared to be taking the shape of a man without legs. The journalist actually tried speaking to the ghost, but it didn’t respond. Needless to say, the journalist fled the room immediately when this ghostly figure started moving towards him. 

It’s a pity he didn’t have a good ghost-hunting camera with him, or we might’ve had some real evidence of this encounter. 

Sam and Colby’s (YouTubers) experience

Four young American boys travelled to the UK about 4 years ago to stay in room 333 at Langham Hotel. They created a video about their experience for their YouTube channel named Sam and Colby. During their night in room 333 they felt the bed move, experienced an increase in temperature and with the help of their EMF metre they detected energy around the bathroom mirror.

Other sightings include:

  • Sudden drops in temperature
  • A butler wandering around
  • A man with a gap in his face haunts the hallways
  • Shaking beds (especially in room 333)

Ghost Hunting In Room 333

Are you planning on spending a night in room 333 of The Langham London? To increase your chances of paranormal sightings, you should go during the month of October. On top of that, there are a few ghost-hunting gadgets and spirit-communicating devices you can include in your overnight bag.

  • Portable Pocket Rem Pod – easy to use to detect or communicate with spirits.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera a great way to snap up pictures of the ghosts you encounter.
  • Portable SLS Cameraget the evidence you need to ensure your friends believe you when you tell them about this spine-chilling experience.
  • DeadBox Appa convenient way to communicate with ghosts, right from your phone. You can use the hotel’s free Wi-Fi during the hunt!


Is The Langham Hotel safe to stay in?

Of course, despite the hotel’s haunting reputation, the establishment has a 24-hour modern security system, so you don’t need to be concerned for your safety at all. However, if you’re easily startled, maybe consider another hotel as it could make your stay at Langham Hotel unpleasant. 

Can you stay in one of the haunted rooms in The Langham Hotel?

Yes, you’re able to stay in room 333, which is allegedly the most haunted room in the hotel. Although, most guests prefer not to. Guests have reported a lot of paranormal activities throughout the hotel, including in the family rooms, so it’s not just room 333 that’s haunted! Once guest consistently felt like they were being watched in an executive room, too.

Have any famous people reported seeing ghosts at The Langham Hotel?

The Langham Hotels International are a reputable hotel chain, and many celebrities prefer to stay in this grand hotel. As such, its no surprise that some of them share their chilling experiences over afternoon tea.

There are reports that Winston Churchill, Princess Diana and even Mark Twain felt a strange presence and even saw a ghostly figure during their stays here. But these are just rumours and there is no proof of it. 

Are there any more haunted hotels?

Yes, there are many haunted hotels throughout the UK. There’s also the Lumley Castle Hotel, and the Adelphi Hotel.

Final Thoughts

Despite the haunting reputation of The Langham Hotel, it still remains sought-after luxury accommodation that welcomes guests from all over the world. If the supernatural energy of the hotel is something that intrigues you, why not book a stay and see for yourself if it lives up to its reputation?


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