Best 5 Leicester Ghost Hunts

Leicester ghost hunts

According to the Leicester Museum, “Leicester is reputed to be one of the UK’s most haunted cities, with over 100 reported ghost sightings.” This makes it the perfect place to break out your professional ghost-hunting equipment and capture some of the city’s most famous ghosts.

From overnight ghost hunts in old halls to guided tours and investigations with some of the best professional investigation teams in the UK, there are plenty of opportunities to explore these historic (and haunted) locations. They include:

  1. Beaumanor Hall
  2. Belgrave Hall
  3. Leicester Guildhall Museum
  4. Abbey Pumping Station
  5. The Newarke Houses

1. Beaumanor Hall

One of the most infamously haunted landmarks in Leicester has to be Beaumanor Hall. This stately home is located at the edge of Charnwood Forest and has gained a lot of notoriety for the haunting experiences that staff and visitors alike have had here.

So, who are the haunting residents who claim Beaumanor Hall as their final resting place? For starters, there are rumours of the apparition of a coachman who hanged himself in the attic. According to local legend, the coachman’s spirit wanders the halls, forever trapped in limbo after his tragic passing.

Then, there’s the poltergeist activity in the main dining room of the Hall. From plates and glasses flying off tables to feelings of being watched or touched, this horrifying presence seems to enjoy making itself known to unsuspecting guests…

During your ghost hunt at Beaumanor Hall, you’ll have the opportunity to explore areas of the haunted building that aren’t usually open to the public. You can search around the spooky servants’ quarters in the attic, investigate grand state rooms, and test your bravery in the mysterious basement for a truly thrilling night.

There are a number of ghost-hunting teams that organise investigations here. So, be sure to book your tickets and grab your ghost-hunting gear for an unforgettable paranormal investigation.

2. Belgrave Hall

As one of the most haunted areas in the UK, Leicester has gained a paranormal reputation among ghost hunters and enthusiasts. This may be because of the famous 1998 CCTV footage taken in the Hall, where the ghostly figure of a woman was captured roaming around outside…

Many visitors have also claimed to have seen this mysterious apparition for themselves. Now affectionately (or perhaps unaffectionately) known as the ‘Victorian Lady’, it’s said that she usually appears on the lower staircase, gazing out into the garden.

Among some other sightings of John Ellis (an original owner of the home) and other dark, shrouded figures are tales of unexplained occurrences that scare visitors out of their wits. From disembodied footsteps of children running down the halls to smells of cooked food filling the air from an empty and unused kitchen, there are plenty of mysteries to unravel here.

If you think you’re brave enough to set foot inside Belgrave Hall, be sure to join Haunted Rooms for their next ghost-hunting event!

3. Leicester Guildhall Museum

Leicester Guildhall has an amazing history that spans over more than 600 years. In fact, it was even home to the lost remains of English monarch King Richard III. But with so much history comes plenty of macabre tales and legends of the ghostly residents who have remained trapped within its walls…

One of the spectral figures is believed to be a medieval monk who haunts the library. According to rumours, he is thought to have been a part of the Corpus Christi Guild in the late 14th century. And while his presence doesn’t seem to be threatening, sightings of him are enough to send shivers down your spine.

The monk is reported to manifest out of thin air, stride across the room, and stop in front of the opened King James Bible before disappearing without a trace.

But that isn’t the only spirit haunting the library. There have also been sightings of the enigmatic White Lady, who spends her days rearranging the furniture and opening locked doors around the Guildhall.

Think you’ve got what it takes to brave the haunted halls and take on a ghost hunt at the Leicester Guildhall Museum? Then don’t miss your chance to book your ticket with the Haunted Rooms team for a real paranormal investigation.

4. Abbey Pumping Station

Another surprisingly haunted location in Leicester is the Abbey Pumping Station – an old sewage pumping station that is now open to the public as a museum. But don’t let your eyes deceive you – as unassuming as the Station is on the outside, it harbours plenty of secrets.

One of these secrets is the ghost of Robert Richardson, a 43-year-old labourer whose spirit refuses to move. It’s said that Richardson suffered a tragic accident in 1890 when he slipped on scaffolding and sustained serious injuries. Although he succumbed to these injuries two days later under the care of a nearby hospital, his spirit is rumoured to haunt the site of the accident.

But Richardson’s spirit isn’t alone. The main gallery of the museum has been a hotspot for sightings of the ghosts of small children.

Their connection to the Pumping Station and the circumstances around their deaths are unclear. If you ask us, that only adds to the mystery of this haunted building, and it’s enough to make our blood run cold…

Only the bravest souls have enough courage to ghost hunt here overnight. Could that be you?

5. Newarke Houses

The Newarke Houses Museum showcases more than just a slice of Elizabethan history. In fact, visitors have reported witnessing paranormal activity here that could make your hair stand on end.

One of the reported apparitions is that of a young man who seems to emerge from the wooden panelling in the Gimson Room, only to disappear through an adjacent wall. Meanwhile, inside the Jacobean fireplace, a small boy dressed in a Victorian sailor suit seems frozen in time. That is until he takes delight in scaring the pants off of unsuspecting investigators.

However, the most imposing figure here is the cloaked man whose face always seems to be obscured from view. This mysterious, faceless entity has been spotted at the tops of staircases, walking towards the nearest window.

The Newarke Houses Museum dates back to the Elizabethan era and has a rich history that’s associated with the English Civil War. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that whispers of hauntings and faceless cloaked figures have circulated for years. But is it all true? The only way to find out is to book your spot for the next ghost hunt at this location.


Can anyone go on a ghost hunt in Leicester?

Almost anyone can go ghost hunting in Leicester. However, it’s important to remember that most events have an age restriction of 18 years for overnight hunts.

Still, if you’re under the age of 18, you can always visit these haunted locations during opening hours to take a shot at having a ghostly encounter of your own.

How can I participate in a ghost hunt in Leicester?

If you find yourself in Leicester, and you’re itching to catch some ghouls, then be sure to keep your eyes peeled for local ghost-hunting events. There are usually several companies that organise them throughout the year, but they do tend to sell out quickly. So, if you want to secure your spot, you’ll want to make sure to book your tickets in advance!

Can I bring my own paranormal equipment to a ghost hunt?

In most cases, investigators are encouraged to bring their own paranormal equipment along. However, it’s important to check the details of the event you’re attending and whether equipment will be provided.

Final Thoughts

The city of Leicester is teeming with ghosts and ghouls. And, with so many sightings of these spooky spirits, it has become a hub for paranormal investigators to try and capture their own evidence of the spirits’ existence.

No matter where you go on a ghost hunt, one thing is for sure – if these harrowing haunts have as much paranormal activity as they say they do, you’re in for a real treat.


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