Llancaiach Fawr Manor: Have You Seen the Ghosts?

Llancaiach Fawr Manor

History of Llancaiach Fawr Manor

Llancaiach Manor Beginnings

Situated in the Rhymney Valley in South Wales, Llancaiach Fawr Manor is known as one of the most haunted places in Great Britain. But before we get into that, let’s look at the fascinating history that brought about this spooky space.

The house was built on a previous medieval structure, but whether it formed part of the eastern end or was built on top of it is a mystery.

Believed to have been built around 1530 for Dafydd ap Richard (Prichard). This means the Llancaiach Fawr house may predate the Acts of Union between England and Wales in 1536; that’s seriously old!

Today, the Llancaiach Fawr house is considered one of the most vital gentry houses to survive the 16th century. Luckily, the manor is open to all visitors, with a living history museum inviting all to explore the incredible structure.

The Prichard Family

The Prichard family remained in the manor for hundreds of years. In 1642, a Civil War erupted between Parliament and the King. Colonel Edward Prichard then became the Commissioner of Array to the King.

By 1645, King Charles was becoming desperate for support, touring South Wales to gain support. On the 5th of August, the King made his way to Llancaiach Manor for a royal visit.

Eventually, Prichard and many other Glamorgan gentry swapped sides to support parliament. It’s a move that haunted Colonel Prichard until his death.

Big Renovations

Designed for defence, Llancaiach Fawr Manor is one of the last original semi-fortified manors in Wales. The original design divided the manor when on lockdown, with the East wing providing a safe, impenetrable area within the manor.

In 1628, the manor was extended to include the grand staircase, providing access between the floors. The various staircases throughout the manor were sealed off, closing some windows. This is why more windows are seen from the outside than inside.

The 20th Century

The manor moved from the Prichard family and was used as a farm. Various maps from as far back as 1842 show orchards were established in the back.

Rhymney Valley District Council bought the house, and the Living History Museum opened in the early 90s.

Today, visitors from around the world visit to be taken back in time to the 1600s with all the traditional furnishings. And the actors invite you to participate in the history to experience some fascinating spooky happenings.

Considering how many previous residents have made the manor home, it is unsurprising, including the house servants, with much to say from beyond the grave.

Whether you’re after educational visits or ghost tours, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Learning about how the Glamorgan gentry changed sides and the turmoil this brought Colonel Edward Prichard is fascinating. It’s eye-opening how the Civil War broke the nation in two, with one of the most significant divides occurring within the manor house.

Be sure to stop at the visitor centre and gift shop for a keepsake of your visit.

The Llancaiach Fawr Manor Haunted House Extravaganza

Countless sightings and… smells have been reported from the Llancaiach Fawr house visitors. The most reported smells are violets, lavender, and roast beef. While the last one might sound a bit weird, it’s not when you find out who the figure in the manor is.

The manor’s walls hold many secrets, like the carved stone within the Manor wall. While some say it was placed there to ward off evil, others believe it is what cursed the manor.


That roast beef smell we spoke about? Well, here’s the possible answer…

Mattie, a housekeeper from the 19th century, roams the halls of the manor with her dress brushing up against the antique furnishings in the room where she met her end.

The Little Boy

Mattie is joined by a little boy who won’t just tug on your heartstrings but also your sleeves and hair! The boy sadly fell from one of the upper-floor windows and has remained at Llancaiach Manor ever since.

If you feel a little hand in yours while walking through the manor, it may be the little boy looking for a guiding hand from beyond.

The Spirit of Colonel Edward Prichard

On your visit to Llancaiach Fawr Manor, you may encounter a man in a War uniform. That isn’t any man but Colonel Edward Prichard himself! Possibly returning to re-live his strife when removing his support of the King or possibly to watch over his once beloved home.

Whatever his reason for returning, his spirit remains at the house, wondering the hallowed halls. This is confirmed by the thousands of visitors to the Llancaiach Fawr house and the many people working there.

What to Take Along on Your Trip to Llancaiach Fawr

A splendidly spooky ghost tour is available at the Manor House, where you can participate in group and lone vigils, séances, and paranormal equipment. You will have full access to the manor, along with some tips and tricks for ghost hunting safely.

You are encouraged to take your own ghost-hunting equipment along for your visit. The more energy cumulation, the better.

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    4. With the spirit of a little boy at the manor, our EMF Teddy Bear Trigger Object will come in handy. It is specifically to engage with ghostly children and alert you when it has been set off.

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Is Llancaiach Fawr Manor really haunted?

This isn’t a spoof or a game; the Llancaiach Manor house is on the list of the top ten most haunted houses in Great Britain. Regardless of whether you take the tour or go for one of the famous Sunday lunches, many visitors and employees have witnessed some unexplainable spooky happenings.

Is Llancaiach Manor available for events?

Yes! If you dream of a spooky wedding breakfast or a stunning ceremony in the self-contained function suite, the visitor centre is here to help. The conservatory restaurant is also a popular spot for weekend lunch events. The scenery is incredible; the haunted house part is just an added bonus!


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