Mayer Hall: Exploring The Hauntings And Ghost Sightings

Mayer Hall

The History Of Mayer Hall

Originally built on the site of a village bakery, Mayer Hall has an interesting history that stretches back to 1878. While the building was privately owned for several years, it was soon established as a staple in the community.

The Hall was gifted to the people of Bebington by the owner of the building and local philanthropist, Joseph Mayer when he passed away in 1886.

Joseph Mayer

Joseph Mayer was born in Staffordshire, England, and he moved to Liverpool in his youth. But, before long, he became a skilled silversmith. And an avid collector of historic objects and several works of art. His collections were showcased in prominent museums like the Liverpool Museum and the Walker Art Gallery.

In the 1850s, Joseph Mayer moved to Wirral and quickly became a valued community member. In 1860, just ten years after his arrival, he purchased and expanded a former farmhouse. Later, he renamed Pennant House and lived there until his death.

Joseph Mayer wore several hats in his lifetime. He was a philanthropist, jeweller, antiquarian, and collector (among many other things). He also played a crucial role in establishing the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Over the years, Mayer would set up the Local Board of Health for the community. Which brought gas and water supplies to the village. Then, in 1866, he opened a free library and soon after purchased the land adjacent to the library to provide a public park for the village. But he wasn’t done yet!

One year later, Mayer moved the library to larger premises in the clock tower. And, in 1871, converted an old barn into a public hall – otherwise known as Mayer Hall.

The Mayer Trust

Until 1878, Mayer personally covered the expenses for the upkeep of the library, Hall, and family park. He even established the Mayer Trust to ensure their longevity in the Wirral community.

By 1930, however, the Trust began to run dry and the responsibility for these buildings. As well as the museum was assumed by the local council.

To this day, the Mayer Trust continues the work of Joseph Mayer and provides free lectures in the Hall. The Trust does this in the hopes of bringing the community together. And being able to share in Joseph’s vision for the future of his village.

The Joseph Mayer Community Partnership

Over the years, Mayer Hall has served as an art gallery, museum, and community hall. It also functioned as a Council Chamber until 1971. When closed, functions were transferred to the new Bebington Town Hall. The Mayer Free Library was closed in 1971, and all the books were moved to the new Civic Centre.

More recently, the community of Bebington began the Joseph Mayer Community Partnership. This partnership has tried to preserve and restore these historic buildings, including the Hall, Mayer Free Library, and Joseph’s former residence, the Pennant House.

Joseph’s legacy continues, and you can find his grave at St Andrew’s Churchyard in Lower Bebington. His epitaph reads:

“He strove to enrich in History, Letters and Art, The Town of his Birth, The City where he lived, The Village where he died.”

The Hall is still used as a community hub and hosts plenty of events and activities, such as:

  • Slimming World fitness classes
  • Venue and event hire
  • Senior dances
  • Community get-togethers

We’d say that this Hall does it all! You can visit Mayer Hall’s Facebook page for more information on upcoming events in this historic building (or if you’re planning an event yourself).

The Hauntings Of Mayer Hall

Have you ever got the heebie-jeebies just from being near a haunted location? We have! In fact, we’ve experienced much more than that when exploring some of the most haunted locations in the world. But there’s something about Mayer Hall that makes our blood run cold.

Paranormal Activity

Anyone fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to go on a ghost hunt in the Hall would be able to tell you about the unsettling feeling the building evokes. While the Hall is full of life and laughter during the day, a sinister cloud settles over the old building when the sun goes down…

Here, you’ll hear disembodied voices, footsteps, and even the horrific sounds of breathing that seem to come from dimly lit corners. There have also been claims of multiple cold spots and an unseen presence that will give you the feeling of being watched – no matter where you go.

The Lady in White

The hauntings of the Hall and its surroundings all centre on the mysterious Lady in White – but her presence isn’t limited to the Hall alone. In fact, this ghostly apparition’s sightings have been recorded in the Hall and as far away as Skew Bridge and the Rose and Crown Pub.

Usually, the ghost is spotted along Bromborough Road or right outside the Hall, where unsuspecting drivers have been rumoured to see her before losing control and crashing their cars. Some reports even say that drivers have had their steering wheels manipulated as if by unseen hands.

To this day, no concrete evidence of the woman has been captured. But, with the right ghost-hunting equipment and a team of investigators, you may be the first to get definitive proof of her haunting presence.

What sets this apparition apart from other ghosts is that she seems more mobile than the rest. Rather than being bound to the Halls or its immediate surroundings, she seems to appear (and disappear) around the Bebington area, scaring the wits out of anyone unlucky enough to catch a glimpse!


Can I go ghost-hunting at Mayer Hall?

Are you brave enough to face the Lady in White (and whoever or whatever) within the haunted Mayer Hall? Then, you’ll want to check out the ghost-hunting tours and experiences Haunted Rooms offers.

On the tour, you’ll spend an evening exploring the halls and, if lucky, recording and capturing evidence of the spirits lurking in and around the historic building. So, grab your gear and book your spot because you want to experience a chilling night here.

Can I spend the night at Mayer Hall?

Unfortunately, it isn’t available to the public for overnight stays. However, you can book an event venue, join a guided tour, and spend the night searching for any spirits left behind here.

Where else can I go ghost-hunting?

As well as Mayer Hall, you can go ghost-hunting at Stanley Place, Croxteth Hall and the Old Gala House.


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