The Hauntings and History Of Scolton Manor

Scolton Manor

The History Of Scolton Manor

The history of Scolton Manor dates all the way back to the Elizabethan era. When the Scolton Estate (as it was known back then) came into the possession of the highly regarded and well-known Higgon family.

The exact date that the family acquired the home is mainly unknown. What is certain is that the manor house and the family became intertwined as the years went by. In turn, their stories have greatly impacted the history of the Pembrokeshire region in Wales.

The Higgon family

Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Higgons faced a major setback. A catastrophic fire destroyed their home. Forcing them to leave the area in search of a new home. Although their leave seemed indefinite and devastated the family, James Higgon set out to return to the home in the 1830s.

In the decade that followed James’ decision, the construction of the current Scolton Manor House began. Local architects William and James Owen were at the helm of the reconstruction. The Victorian manor house, stable block, and lovely walled garden were completed in 1840. The Higgons once again took up residency in 1842.

Throughout the Victorian era, the Higgons rose to prominence in Pembrokeshire society. And, since they owned such an extensive amount of land for the time, they became the chief employers in the area. Their status and influence were further solidified when as many as three family members held the title of High Sheriff of Pembrokeshire.

The impact of the World Wars

The history of Scolton Manor and the Higgons tragically ended with their involvement in some of history’s most significant events – both World Wars.

John Higgon (who would have inherited the Manor House) tragically lost his life during World War I while fighting in France. Then, Lt. Col. John Higgon, the last Higgon to reside at the manor house, was captured and imprisoned as a prisoner of war during World War II.

Despite the challenges, the house remained, and Lt. Col. John Higgon survived, holding the title of the third Sheriff of Pembrokeshire in 1951.

The transition of the Manor House

With World War II’s outbreak, Scolton Manor changed from a traditional Victorian country house to a convalescent hospital for service members. But after the war, and after the Higgons no longer held the title to the home. The manor was purchased by the Pembrokeshire County Council in 1972.

Soon after its purchase by the Council, restoration efforts began to spruce up the home. And turn it into the County Museum we know today, complete with the rest of the park and woodland that made up the estate.

Scolton Manor today

Today, Scolton Manor, known as the ‘Green Heart of Pembrokeshire’, is a historical landmark. It brings visitors from all over the country (and the world) to experience Victorian Pembrokeshire country life and incredible scenery. These 60 acres of park are open to the public, and the manor house still serves as a Museum.

Visitors can explore the original Victorian walled garden or participate in activities at the beekeeping centre, Manor House, sculpture trail, and more.

The Ghosts Of The Manor Museum & Country Park

If you plan to visit this haunted location, you should take your ghost-hunting equipment along (just in case). But you’ll need to respect the other guests and visitors. Taking your equipment along on a dedicated ghost hunt rather than a casual stroll around the grounds is best.

But no matter when you go, it needs to be said that the Manor is shrouded in legends. And eerie tales of departed souls who never really left. And, although it comes as no surprise, most of the hauntings are related to the prominent Higgon family.

Plenty of guests who have visited the manor have a story to tell, from ghost enthusiasts to unsuspecting manor visitors and horrified staff. There have been reported sightings and experiences that will send chills down your spine.

Paranormal Activity

Over the years, numerous strange occurrences have been reported by visitors and staff. The reports have only solidified the manor’s reputation as one of the most haunted locations in Wales.

There are disembodied voices that originate from everywhere and nowhere. To footsteps, phantom singing, and even more bumps in the night, Scolton Manor feels alive with activity.

Edie’s tearoom is a hotbed of activity, with dark shadows hiding in dimly lit corners before exiting to roam the manor’s halls. In fact, guests have reported seeing these figures while on paranormal investigations and tours. Which only adds to the creep factor of exploring the home after dark!

Some visitors have even reported feeling watched or being poked and touched by unseen entities during their tours, so be sure to stay on your guard when you’re here.

Who is behind the mysterious hauntings?

Scolton Manor is filled with paranormal mysteries, all waiting to be uncovered. But who’s behind all of these hauntings? Well, it’s rumoured that certain members of the Higgons’ renowned family still roam the grounds as they did when they were alive, believing they are still the rightful owners.

Whether it’s the ghosts of the family or new spectres, poltergeists and ghouls that have claimed the uninhabited home for their own, it’s hard to say. But no matter who or what is behind it, the hauntings remain.


Can I go ghost hunting at Scolton Manor Museum & Country Park?

Yes! You can absolutely go ghost hunting at the Scolton estate. However, guests can only conduct paranormal investigations with registered tour companies and guides. So you won’t be able to look for ghosts alone.

Luckily, tours are great for every kind of paranormal investigator, and it brings like-minded ghost junkies together. They’re helpful for beginners who have never been ghost-hunting before and want to know how to ghost-hunt like a pro.

Can I stay overnight at Scolton Museum & Country Park?

Scolton Manor doesn’t allow for overnight stays at the manor house. If you were hoping to have a sleepover with some spooky residents of the home, then you may be disappointed.

But you don’t need to feel like you’ve struck out yet! There are plenty of other investigations that allow you to stay overnight. When you’re looking for a chilling night of paranormal discovery and fun, you can start your search for the perfect location with our list of the most haunted places around the UK.

What should I take with me on a ghost hunt?

Discover the haunted grounds of Scolton Manor with these essential ghost-hunting tools:

  • EVP recorders
  • Night vision cameras
  • Ghost detectors like EMF readers or motion sensors
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Flashlights

Where else can I hunt for ghosts?

There are hundreds of haunted places throughout the United Kingdom. As well as Scolton Manor, there is Bishton Hall, Eastwell Manor, Walton Hall.


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