Have You Seen the Ghosts of Shrigley Hall?

Shrigley Hall

The History of Shrigley Hall Hotel Spa

Regarding ghost stories, there is no doubt that Shrigley Hall Hotel Spa has all the makings for one. And it could be one of the most haunted places in the UK.

This famous spooky spot is on the edge of Peak District National Park. And the name comes from the original owners, the De Shrigley’s. Passed down through marriage, Shrigley Hall became home for the Downes family in the 14th century.

Only in 1818 was the estate sold to William Turner, who built the current hall in 1825.

Turner had one daughter, Ellen Turner. She knocked the news-stands when she was abducted from her Liverpool school at just 15 years old 1826. She married her captor in Gretna Green before the two headed for Calais.

Luckily Ellen was rescued by her uncle and taken back to Shrigley Estate. Her captor, Gibbon Wakefield, spent three years in prison. The scandal made front-page news throughout the UK.

Unfortunately, at just 19, Ellen died giving birth to her first child, Ellen Jane. She would go on to inherit Shrigley Hall from Grandad Turner. And she lived out her life at the estate until 1906, leaving it to her son William.

1929 Shrigley Hall was sold for £3,000, becoming a missionary college. The stone church was built by Phillip Tilden in 1936 and now stands adjoined to the hotel. Up to 200 male scholars were housed in the hall, with many becoming priests in third-world countries.

It was 60 years later that Shrigley Hall became the stunning hotel, golf, and spa resort we know today.

It’s no surprise with a history like this that the Shrigley Hall Hotel has some telling secrets within its walls. And mysteries that keep the lost souls of the estate very much alive when night falls.

Bumps in the Night at Shrigley Hall Hotel

Visitors at the Shrigley Hall Hotel have ghost stories that lift the arm hairs of even the most passionate ghost hunters.

There is no shortage of things going bump in the night as you lie awake in your dark hotel room. You’ll experience objects moving and dragging sounds coming from inside the room.

If you’ve got the nerve, keep your eyes open for the caretaker. He might just come and check all visitors are in bed, lantern in hand. The only problem? Shrigley Hall Hotel has no caretakers. Maybe he’s a long-lost missionary master or the lost soul of William Turner trying to find his daughter.

But he’s not alone. The resident bathroom sneak may be around the corner. Guests have encountered a man casually strolling through their en suite bathroom. So keep an eye out when getting out of the shower; there may be something or someone waiting.

There are stories of people hearing clinking glasses at the witching hour. And of cold gusts of air passing through the rooms. This has us believing the Shrigley Hall Hotel is well and truly a ghost hunter’s dream destination. Something which famous medium Derek Acorah agrees with.

PS Consider bringing your jumper—cold spots are waiting throughout the hotel!

What to Take Along for Your Spooky Stay

You’ll need the right ghost-hunting equipment to make the most of your stay at the Shirley Hall Hotel. Ghost-hunting tools help you to lure the spirits out to play.

Luckily, we have everything a budding paranormal investigator needs at the Spirit Shack.

First, you need a mic to pick up on any secrets the spirits have in store. The 3.5 mm Microphone for a Camera or Phone is our favourite. It lets you pick up even the slightest whisper or electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) signals.

Remember to record your finding with the 8 GB Digital EVP Recorder. Ghost hunting is fun, but listening back to the recordings is what makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Before you get recording, it helps to know when spirits are around. The Acousticom 2 Radio frequency RF Meter is a fantastic tool. It picks up on all radio frequencies, alerting you to any significant changes.

If you want to kick it old school, the Classic Ouija Board & Planchette is an excellent way to get spirits talking. Who knows? You may uncover who the caretaker of Shrigley truly is.

Or if you think there may be a lost child or two within the walls of the Shrigley Hall Hotel. The EMF Teddy Bear Trigger Object also gives little souls a chance to come forward. After all, the missionary college and estate did house many children throughout the centuries.

If you need help figuring out where to start, SpiritShack offers a range of ghost-hunting kits. The kits have everything you could need as a beginner. We offer kits with some hardcore spirit-hunting equipment for the more seasoned paranormal investigator.

Is Shrigley Hall Hotel Worth a Visit?

Undoubtedly, something spooky is happening at the Shrigley Hall Hotel. But it wouldn’t be fair not to talk about the exquisite grounds of this historic estate.

Shrigley Hall Hotel is situated in the old town of Macclesfield in the Cheshire countryside. It’s located 15 miles from Manchester city centre. This old manor house sits on the edge of Peak District National Park. And it acts as a shining beacon of history with 262 acres of awe-inspiring countryside.

Shrigley Hall Hotel is home to an entire 18-hole championship golf course. You can swing away on the course with the quiet countryside keeping you company. Or you may book a session at the health club will have you warmed up in no time.

After a long day on the golf course, it’s time to head to the on-site spa. It features an indoor pool, steam room, whirlpool spa and hot tub. And fantastic spa treatments to help you relax after any spooky encounters.

The Bazaar Spa garden lets you relax in the countryside with a heated outdoor infinity swimming pool. After that, it’s time to huddle up at the fire pits.

But before heading up to bed, be sure to leave enough room for a meal and drink. You can eat and drink in the Public Rooms, a bar and restaurant. Feast on traditional English favourites with all-day dining available.

When it’s time to head up for bed, you can enjoy the en suite guest rooms. Each room features a flat-screen TV, desk, and comfortable beds. Some rooms feature four-poster beds, adding to the grandeur of the hotel.

Keep your EVP recorder close; you never know what awaits when the lights go out.


What is Shrigley Hall known for?

The hotel is one of the most haunted places in the UK. It has various sightings and incidents on record. Guests enjoy the outdoor pool, golf course, country club, and spa before heading to bed for some paranormal visitors.

Is the spa Shrigley Hall Hotel offers worth it?

Yes, and it’s located in the historic chapel. The Shrigley Hall Hotel spa features a steam room, whirlpool spa, and indoor pool to help you relax during your stay. And so far, there are no reported ghosts there!

Are there other haunted historic buildings?

Yes, there are many haunted historic sites you can check out. As well as Shirley Hall, you can visit Albert Hall, Eden Hall, Borwick Hall, and Blickling Hall.


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