Walton Hall: The Paranormal Activity

Walton Hall

Walton Hall History

Located in Higher Walton, Warrington in Cheshire, Walton Hall is one of the top attractions in the area.

Walton Estate was bought by Edward Greenall in 1812. At the time, there was nothing but an old hall on the estate. The original structure was demolished just northeast of the current Walton Estate.

Built between 1836 and 1838 for Sir Gilbert Greenall, Walton Hall has a long family history. Sir Gilbert was a 1st Baronet and Member of Parliament. A distinguished man, Gilbert built an enormous hall to call home.

The Greenall Family

When Sir Gilbert Greenall died in 1835, his son, Gilbert Greenall, inherited the property. He would be the one to make Walton Hall what it is today as a family house.

Gilbert Greenhall, more commonly known as Lord Daresbury, married Mary Claughton in 1836 and would commence building Walton mansion the same year.

The hall took two years to build, finishing in 1838 and is said to have been built by famous architect Edmund Sharpe. He would go on to revive gothic architecture throughout Britain.

Mary Claughton tragically died in 1861, leaving Gilbert without an heir. That was until 1864, when Gilbert married Susannah Rapp. The Lord and Lady Daresbury would go on to have three children: two girls and a boy.

Between 1869 and 1870, Walton commissioned an upgrade to include a billiards room, a clock tower, and offices. The clock tower is one of the more striking features on the property and still stands today.

Over the years, the gardens became something out of a storybook. It was the pride and joy of Lord and Lady Daresbury who opened the gardens to the public in 1930. Thousands of locals and visitors from afar arrived to get a sneak peek at the gorgeous flora and the famous Walton grounds.

The site was purchased in 1941 by Warrington Borough Council, opening its doors to the troops during World War II. When the war ended in 1945, the gardens reopened to public guests, remaining open until today.

Walton Halls Gardens today

Walton Hall and Gardens offers a fantastic day out for the whole family; it includes:

  • A children’s zoo
  • Adventure Golf
  • Glasshouses and a courtyard and vinery
  • Outdoor games
  • A cycle museum
  • Free car park

This is a day of pure English countryside bliss. For those visiting, the Heritage Café is open daily for all your dining needs.

The Walton property and Gardens is the essence of history, providing fun and excitement long after the original homeowners have left.

That is until…after dark!

Whispers in the Night at Walton Hall

Now, onto what you came here for the paranormal activity at Walton. If you have what it takes, full-access ghost tours take you through all the facilities at Victorian County House without a light in sight.

Throughout the years, the many ghost hunts at Walton have all brought about eerie findings.

An angry male apparition

The famous male presence is something you need to experience to believe. Stories of a dark and malevolent man creeping in the shadows, tightening guests’ throats to let them know they are not welcome.

Even if you’re not a believer, the man’s presence will become evident as soon as you enter, with many people sensing a certain heaviness that makes them uneasy.

Whether it’s Sir Gilbert making a dramatic return or the soul of a tormented soldier remains a mystery. Who knows? You may solve it during your spooky Walton Hall investigation!

So, if you discover him in the dead of night along the first-floor passages, it’s best to leave him be and head to another area.

Don’t worry; He’ll make himself known during the séances and table tipping, sending EMF readers off the charts!

The spirit of Lady Daresbury

But he’s not alone. Lady Daresbury is sure to make an appearance. She is usually spotted around the main staircase, her lost soul unaware of living visitors being present.

The little girl of Walton Hall

The little girl of Walton Hall likes to tag along with female guests on the tour. She is known to pull on your hand or hold it, desperately looking for a mother to guide her.

If you feel sad, many visitors have cried during the tour. This little girl has some serious energy and passes it along, hoping to find guidance.

What to Take for a Night of Ghost Hunting at Walton Hall

Your night at the Walton House will surely be one for the books. You’re encouraged to take along your own ghost-hunting equipment. The tours are great for spooky experiences and offer the perfect opportunity to learn how to use the equipment with professionals.

Now, let’s take a look at the ghost-hunting essentials for your visit to this iconic location:

EMF detector: No ghost-hunting experience is complete without a proper EMF detector. Our Blue EMF Detector with Alarm is the perfect way to determine if something is near. One review says: “We have had good results with this nice little meter.

EVP recorder: Next, it’s time to record all your experiences at Walton Hall. Our 8 GB Digital EVP Voice Recorder will pick up any message from the great beyond that you can keep long after you’ve left.

Microphone: We highly recommend a sensitive mic to pick up all the sounds and messages the spirits have waiting throughout your visit. Our 3.5 mm Microphone for a Camera or Phone is super convenient. You can use it directly through your phone, so there is no need for bulky equipment.

Ouija board: If you struggle to pick anything up, our Classic Ouija Board and planchette will make communicating easier for spirits. Trust us, the spirit man at Walton has a few messages he’s dying to send!

Motion detector: The little girl at Walton will love our BooBuddy, The Interactive Talking Bear. The bear features motion, temperature, and EMF sensors. It responds to environmental changes, talking to the spirit like a ghost hunter. The bear tends to make spirits (particularly children) more comfortable than talking directly to the living.

If you’re new to the ghost-hunting game, have no fear; one of our ghost-hunting kits is the perfect starting point to ensure you have everything you need for your visit.

Side note: A torch is necessary for the tours; the lights are off, and someone is home!


How old is Walton Hall?

Walton Hall is over 200 years old, but the estate is much older, so who knows how many people have passed over the grounds.

Is the Walton Property safe?

While the stories of the invasive shadow spirit are scary, it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your time at Walton. Just listen to instructions and don’t wander off alone in the dark. You’ll have full access, but safety is the number one priority.

Who owns Walton Estate?

The Warrington Borough Council still owns the grounds.

Where else can I hunt for ghosts?

There are hundreds of haunted places throughout the United Kingdom. As well as Walton Hall, there is Eastwell Manor, Bishton Hall, Scolton Manor.


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