11 Of The Worlds Most Haunted Places

Are you ready to embark on a spooky journey through some of the most haunted places in the world? Explore ancient castles and abandoned asylums. These locations are shrouded in mystery and have had their fair share of eerie tales.

Here, you’ll uncover the secrets of decaying prisons and family homes. And forsaken hospitals that still echo the whispers of the past. If you’re ready to delve into the realm of the other side, we’re ready to guide you through some of the most haunted sites worldwide.

1. Ancient Ram Inn, England.

Ancient Ram Inn, England, in black and white

Nestled in the historic town of Wotton-under-Edge stands the Ancient Ram Inn. It’s a foreboding structure steeped in a chilling and tumultuous history. Constructed in 1145, this inn has witnessed the passage of time. Serving various purposes, from a priest’s residence to an inn and public house.

But, it’s the Inn’s reputation as the most haunted house in the British Isles. And perhaps the world that sends shivers down the spines of those who dare to enter.

Built at the intersection of two powerful ley lines (believed to be conduits for spiritual energy). The Inn is a magnet for paranormal activity. Plus, the remnants of an ancient burial ground date back 5,000 years. Further adding to the otherworldly aura that permeates the property.

Visitors to the Inn have reported bone-chilling encounters. Everything from seeing ghostly children to meetings with a priest and an incubus. Some have even been driven to desperate measures. Leaping from windows to escape the otherworldly terrors that lurk within.

The Inn is now open for public visits on selected days and ghost tours. Over time, it has become a hotspot for paranormal investigators. And for ghost hunters who want a glimpse into the supernatural.

2. Banff Springs Hotel, Canada.

Banff Springs Hotel, Canada in black and white

Found amidst the breathtaking beauty of Canada’s Banff National Park, the Banff Springs Hotel stands as a majestic château-style retreat. Built-in 1888 to entice tourists and promote railway travel. This grand hotel has a hidden secret lurking within its Gothic walls.

Beyond its picturesque exterior lies a realm of paranormal activity. And it’s earned its reputation as one of the most haunted locations in Canada.

Among the hotel’s spectral inhabitants is a bride who met a dreadful fate. According to the ghost stories, this young woman fell down the stone staircase on her wedding day. She broke her neck after her dress caught fire. Her ghostly presence has been witnessed on the stairs and in the ballroom, where she can be found dancing in her wedding dress.

Another infamous tale revolves around Room 873, where a gruesome family murder occurred. Although the door to the room has been bricked up, the spirits of the slain family are said to linger. Often appearing in a nearby hallway.

However, it’s the friendly ghost of Sam Macauley, the former bellman. And that captures the imagination of most ghost hunters. Having served at the hotel during the 1960s and 70s, Sam is said to continue his duties from beyond the grave.

3. Carl Beck House, Canada.

Carl Beck House, Canada in black and white

Perched in Penetanguishene, the Carl Beck House stands. It’s a testament to a tumultuous family history and a hotbed of spooky activity. Constructed in the late 1800s by the wealthy lumber magnate Carl Beck. This house has a notorious reputation as one of Ontario’s most haunted houses.

Legend has it that after the passing of Beck’s wife, his eldest daughter, Mary, assumed the burden of caring for her younger siblings. However, when Carl met his own demise, he inexplicably left Mary a paltry sum of only $1 in his will. He also left the rest of his estate to the siblings she had so selflessly nurtured.

It’s believed that the resentful spirit of Mary, fuelled by the perceived injustice of her father’s inheritance, haunts the upper windows of the house. In fact, she can often be seen manifesting as an angry and vengeful apparition.

If you want to see this haunted house for yourself, there are flats within the home available to rent on Airbnb. However, if you’re brave enough to stay here, you should be prepared for ghost sightings and a spine-tingling experience. Be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart!

4. Castle Of Good Hope, South Africa.

Castle Of Good Hope, South Africa in black and white

Near the shores of Table Bay in Cape Town, South Africa, is the Castle of Good Hope. This sprawling fortress is South Africa’s oldest colonial building, constructed in 1666. In fact, the Dutch East India Company initially established it as a rest stop for ships sailing treacherous waters.

Among some of the eerie tales that permeate its walls is the apparition of a tall gentleman. He’s been witnessed jumping off the castle walls. And traversing between the bastions of Leerdam and Oranje.

The Lady in Grey is also one of the more famous ghosts at this popular tourist attraction. She often ran through the castle while sobbing and clutching her face. While sightings of the Lady were less frequent after her remains were found during excavations of the site. There’s still no telling if – or when – she will return.

The castle’s ghostly figures even extend to that of a malevolent black dog. It pounces on unexpected visitors before vanishing into thin air. And remember the sounds of the spectral chimes of the bell in the sealed-off bell tower!

5. Château de Brissac, France.

Château de Brissac, France in black and white

In the Loire Valley of France, the Château de Brissac stands tall. It’s a testament to centuries of history and the lingering presence of the supernatural. Originally constructed as a castle by the Counts of Anjou in the 11th century. It was later rebuilt and christened by Charles II, Duke of Brissac, in 1502.

However, the haunting tale of the ‘Green Lady’ sends chills down the spines of those who dare to explore this grand estate. Legend tells of Charlotte de Breze, an illegitimate child of King Charles VII. He met a tragic end within the castle’s walls during the 15th century.

Slain by her husband after he discovered her affair, Charlotte’s tormented spirit can be found wandering the tower room of the chapel, clad in her signature green dress. Anyone brave enough to search for her apparition may be met with a nightmare-inducing image. Her face bears hollow sockets where her eyes and nose once resided.

If you listen carefully, Charlotte’s moans can be heard echoing through the castle in the early morning hours. Adding an eerie ambience to this already haunted place.

6. Eastern State Penitentiary, United States.

Eastern State Penitentiary, United States in black and white

Imposing and haunting, Eastern State Penitentiary stands. It’s a chilling reminder of a bygone era of punishment. Constructed in 1829 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This castle-like structure revolutionized incarceration with its introduction of solitary confinement. Better known as the Pennsylvania System.

Here, prisoners were subjected to complete isolation with no human contact. They ate, slept, and lived alone in their cells. And even when they were taken outside, their heads were covered with black hoods to further isolate them.

The prison’s grim conditions and severe punishments drove many prisoners to madness. And it led to the abandonment of the Pennsylvania System in 1913. Until its closure in 1970, the Eastern State Penitentiary was a conventional prison. Housing notorious criminals such as Al Capone and Willie Sutton.

Since its complete abandonment in 1971, the site has become a magnet for paranormal enthusiasts. Spooky occurrences have been reported for decades. Shadowy figures are abruptly vanishing, and malevolent laughter echoes through cell block 12.

Among these reported sightings are faces that peer around corners in cell block 4. And a dark presence that lurks in the guard tower. And then there are the sounds of disembodied footsteps and distant conversations. And the slamming of cell doors reverberating through the corridors.

7. RMS Queen Mary, United States.

RMS Queen Mary, United States in black and white

The Queen Mary Hotel was once a majestic ocean liner that graced the seas from the 1930s to the 1960s. Now, he has a permanent residence in Long Beach, California. It’s known as one of the most haunted places in the world. In fact, its reputation stems from a long list of chilling encounters reported by guests and staff throughout the years.

The ethereal presence of the deceased seems to permeate various areas of the old ship. The First Class Swimming Pool is a hotbed for paranormal activity. It’s where the apparitions of two women who tragically drowned have been spotted multiple times.

The Queen’s Salon reveals a ghostly woman dressed in white. And a distinguished gentleman in a 1930s suit roams the First Class suites. Plus, the spirits of two children wander near the storage room. And a young woman’s spectral figure gracefully traverses the Tourist Class Swimming Pool.

To add to the mystery, Cabin B340 is renowned for its paranormal occurrences. It has been sealed off and is no longer available to rent. With over 50 recorded deaths during its seafaring days alone. The Queen Mary’s history as a vessel of luxury and tragedy intertwines. Of course, this leaves an indelible mark on brave souls who dare to explore it.

8. Tower of London, England.

Tower of London, England in black and white

The Tower of London was constructed by William the Conqueror in 1066. Stands as an imposing fortress with a dark and bloody past. Its walls hold the echoes of Henry VIII’s ruthless reign, serving as a prison and execution site. This is where he condemned two of his wives, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, to their tragic fates.

The Tower’s haunted history only deepens with the mysterious disappearance of two young princes. They were imprisoned after the death of their father, King Edward IV.

As one of the most haunted buildings in the UK, the Tower of London has become a hotspot for ghostly encounters. Anne Boleyn’s headless spectre roams the corridors, forever tied to the place of her execution.

Lady Jane Grey, another ill-fated figure, has had plenty of sightings within the White Tower. And the White Lady, often seen gazing from a window, remains chilling within the Tower’s walls.

The Tower harbours one of the most famous stories involving the apparitions of two children. Clad in nightgowns and displaying looks of terror, these young spirits are believed to be the lost princes. They had vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Two small skeletons were discovered beneath a staircase in the White Tower. Adding another macabre twist to this Tower of Terror.

As a final resting place for many historical figures, the Tower serves as a reminder of centuries of tragedy. Still, it is irresistible for ghost hunters and history lovers alike.

9. Poveglia Island, Italy.

Poveglia Island, Italy in black and white

Poveglia Island is located in the Venice Lagoon between Venice and Lido. Carries a haunting history that will make your hair stand on end.

Initially, it was a refuge for mainlanders fleeing invaders. It later became a grim quarantine zone for victims of the bubonic plague. However, the island witnessed the burning of infected bodies on massive pyres. It later became a haunting reminder of the horrors that unfolded during the epidemic.

In the 1800s, the abandoned island gained notoriety as a mental asylum. Where disturbing experiments and mistreatment were rumoured to have taken place.

Today, Poveglia Island stands abandoned and forbidden due to its dark past. Local legend says that the island is cursed. And even fishermen avoid its waters, too afraid to accidentally disturb human remains.

There are plenty of reports of paranormal phenomena that come from the island. You may hear voices, screams, and fleeting shadows taking up residence in more than one abandoned building that still stands.

In addition to the ghostly residents, EVP recordings have caught eerie messages from the other side. Possessions are said to be influenced by unknown forces.

10. The Forbidden City, China.

The Forbidden City, China in black and white

Located in the heart of Beijing is a historical and cultural gem shrouded in supernatural tales. It was once the imperial palace for over six centuries. This majestic complex holds a dark history of murder, intrigue, and royal power.

The spirits of the past have left their mark. And since the palace opened its doors to the public in the 1940s. Reports of paranormal encounters have been circulating.

Among the most prevalent sightings is that of a woman dressed in white who haunts the grounds and corridors. If you catch sight of her, you can watch as the ghost walks around aimlessly while her mournful sobs fill the air.

Ghost enthusiasts and those curious about these local legends are usually drawn to the Forbidden City. Intrigued by the eerie presence that lingers amidst its grandeur. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Forbidden City is an essential experience for any traveller who visits Beijing.

11. The Hell Fire Club, Ireland.

The Hell Fire Club, Ireland in black and white

Sitting atop the summit of Montpelier Hill in the Dublin Mountains are the haunting ruins of the Hell Fire Club. Originally built as a hunting lodge in 1725, the structure’s origins lie in ancient passage tombs. And they only fuel the legends of its supernatural associations.

The tales that surround this eerie location include reports of animal sacrifices. And of black masses and encounters with cloven-hoofed entities. One spine-tingling account even tells of a satanic creature disguised as a man. He was only revealed when its cloven feet were discovered by a card-playing guest of the club.

Among some lingering spirits is a phantom black cat who is said to be the size of a dog. And is known to confront even the bravest of ghost hunters. Another tragic apparition is that of a young lady who is believed to have suffered a gruesome fate. She is said to have been encased in a barrel and set alight. And then rolled down a nearby hill for the club’s sinister amusement.

Today, the Hell Fire Club remains a popular stop on the Dublin Hills walking trail. Drawing in curious visitors and thrill-seekers alike.


Can you stay overnight at any of the world’s most haunted places?

Some haunted places, like the Queen Mary and Carl Beck House. They offer overnight digs for curious visitors. However, only some places on this list allow for overnight stays. This is due to safety concerns and preservation efforts.

If you want to test your bravery, it’s best to do your research beforehand. And enquire directly about staying in these haunted sites.

How can I capture paranormal activity at these haunted sites?

Capturing odd phenomena requires a lot of preparation and, of course, the right equipment. Some of the most essential pieces you may need are digital cameras and video recorders. If your equipment has night vision, you’re even more likely to capture a restless spirit on video!

You can also use EVP recorders and EMF readers to communicate directly with the spirits of the deceased. If they’re friendly enough to talk to, that is!


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