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This article will teach you how to contact the dead. Many methods can be used, but before we get into that, let’s start with what it means to contact the dead. To simply put it, reaching the dead is speaking with them through the use of a medium, tarot cards, or even using ghost hunting equipment to carry out your investigations in the hopes of having a communication.

It could also include talking to someone who has died in your dreams and looking for omens from animals and plants. In this post, we will go over some of the different types of tips you can use to try and talk to the dead. Spirit Shack has offered a range of ghost hunting equipment over the years, and some of it might come in handy when trying to talk to the dead; you can check out our products right here.

Dreaming Is An Open Door

Have you ever wondered where you go when your sleep? We don’t mean your body but your mind. Do you ever feel like you have left the room and gone to meet old relatives or found yourself in a familiar place with someone who has passed? You may have woken up after a highly vivid dream and remembered every second; well, that might not have been a dream as such; it could have been communication.

One of the best ways to allow a spirit to communicate with you is through a dream; they offer a safe doorway for a spirit to come through to you and communicate with you without crossing any active portals. The spirits that visit you in your dreams are usually relatives or loved ones bringing support and guidance, almost like guardian angels, also offering memories of their past life; it can be quite sentimental and leave you in a daze when you wake up.

Visions & Premenitions

More commonly referred to as hallucinations, visions and premonitions are among the most used ways for spirits to contact the living. Medical staff call them hallucinations, but it depends on what you believe in. If you have ever seen a loved one appear at the end of your bed or seen them when you have been out running errands, these are hallucinations.

If you have ever experienced a vision, you might have been communicating with the dead without even realising; trust us, next time you see a premonition or vision, please allow it to take its course; you might find it bring your peace. Try speaking to the spirit, asking if they are okay and see if you get a reply. See where the spirit takes you.

Scents Are More Than Just Smells

If you are looking to try and communicate with spirits and have been struggling through previously mentioned methods, why not try your hand at scents. Have you ever been walking through the town, and a scent has hit your nostrils, and instantly you are thrown back in time to when you were a child? Or someone’s aftershave/ perfume has reminded you of a previous lover? Regardless of what the smell makes you think of, they make you feel and think about the past, evoking memories and the opportunity to commune with spirits.

One way we suggest trying to evoke a spirit is, for example, if you still have your grandparents perfume, try leaving it out around your home; not only will this offer you endless memories and comfort. But it will also draw the spirit to your home; it signals you are trying to reach them. You never know; they might reach out!

There Is No Such Thing As Coincidences

Have you ever thought to yourself that many things have been happening that remind you of a loved one? Everything reminding you of past loved family and friends is not a coincidence; think about it for a minute; why are all these things happening at once? We believe it is spirits trying to contact you from the other side.

It is more than likely that someone is trying to tell you something, whether it be trying to warn you or make contact if you have in one day, for example; heard the persons favourite song, see someone who reminds you of the person, drink their favourite drink or smell their perfume. It is all signs they are trying to reach you from the other side. All we can say is listen; they will reach you if you stay open-minded and aware of them.

Do You See Feathers Everywhere?

For many years, white feathers have been associated with the dead, a sign from the other side dropped for the living to see. They often fall near you when you need some support or when the spirit knows you are struggling. Having received a lot of white feathers over the years, our team at Spirit Shack believes this is one of the most common ways spirits contact us; it is an easy way for them to show you that you are not alone.

You will find the feather gets stuck exactly in your eye line, or you will find it on your windscreen, or something similar, in a place you are guaranteed to find it, keep your eyes open for those white feathers; they will instantly give you a sense of contentment. They signal a higher being is watching over you and that you have someone with you that cares. Watch out for them!

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Have you been contacting the dead? Find out here. The best way to contact a loved one who has passed away is by speaking with them in your mind as if they were still alive, and it also helps to be sure that you have their permission first. There are many ways of doing this- for instance, you can go into mediation or close your eyes and imagine yourself having a conversation with the person.

However, what should never happen is going around trying to contact someone without their consent because not only will it disrupt other people’s lives, but there may be consequences from angry spirits! So before taking any action, make sure you consider the consequences; here at Spirit Shack, we can make your spirit communication more accessible with a range of ghost hunting equipment. These can be used for reaching out to spirits, ghosts and finding paranormal activity; get in touch with our team today for more information.

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