Paranormal Eye UK: Hunt in Britain’s most haunted locations

Paranormal Eye UK has held hundreds of ghost hunting and paranormal events over the past 8 years. They have brough thousands of guests into some of Britain’s most haunted locations. They are not your average ghost hunting event tour guides and event organisers… They take pride in providing you a safe, educational and professional ghost hunt. They offer access to range of locations such as historic castles, derelict places and old manor houses.

Try something new and existing and join them to uncover the mysteries and solve the secrets of these haunted locations. Equipped with a flash light and an open mind they invite you to jump out of your comfort zone and join them, if you dare?

Are you looking for answers? Paranormal Eye UK can help!

  • Is there such thing as the afterlife?
  • Are spirits and ghosts real?
  • Have you seen something strange you can’t explain?

Many of these questions and what draw people to the Paranormal Eye Team. They invite you to an intense, scary and real ghost hunt! The team travelled up and down the country unlocking the doors to some of the most notorious and haunted locations. If you want the truth, come and experience it for yourself!

Just a few of the locations Paranormal Eye UK can give you access too….

Old Gresley Hall in Derbyshire

Old Gresley Hall is remembered for its many years of spooky hauntings. Countless people have seen and reported a young girl. Dressed in period clothing from her era. Locals believe that she is the ghost of a young maid who lost her life when this building caught on fire.

There is a spirit of a man who many people have reported. His description is a tall angry man who makes sure his presence known. Many people have an uncontrollable need to leave some areas, and refuse to go back.

Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire

Beaumanor Hall resides in the little village of Woodhouse. Which is just outside Loughborough. It stands up to its reputation. It’s extremely haunted and there has been many sightings of ghostly transparent apparitions. From a coachman, who ended up hanging himself in the attic.

To a lady who has been spotted wandering up and down the upper floor on the main staircase. Many people believe that she was the late wife of William Perry Herrick. Poltergeist activity has been witnessed by staff members many times in the main dining room.

Guy`s Cliffe House in Warwickshire

This is real historical and creepy location. The house is a situated in a remote location. Which is totally and removed from the outside world. They only allow a few visitors a year through its gates. It truly is a hidden gem, and one we recommend.

This location has many areas to investigate. Including cellars, caves, house ruins, masonic chapel and underground chambers. The name Guy’s Cliffe stems from the name of the estate that the land belonged to. It was then named after the cliff which the house itself was built on.

Belgrave Hall in Leicestershire

The Victorian Lady has been heard walking around the upstairs of Belgrave Hall many times. On the odd occasion glimpses of her have been seen by visitors and staff. A dark and mysterious figure of a man and children are amongst many of the supernatural sightings here.

If you are lucky, you may smell the aroma of fresh cooking. When nothing is cooked in this location any longer. The smells are often fresh bread, ginger bread and stewed fruit.

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