– The independent platform for the paranormal is an independent, private platform for all areas of the paranormal. They offer tons of helpful information and serve as an intermediary for all those seeking help from paranormal groups. exists exclusively through self-financing, voluntary donations and advertisements. is a group of paranormal interested people who have come across this topic through various incidents. Each member has years of experience and complements the team with general and special skills or knowldge, which enables them to cater to every situation individually. work internationally with E.P.A.S. and represent the official section for Austria. This covers investigations (paranormal investigations), mediation, contact, inquiries, etc.

Paranormal investigations are generally a very difficult subject (both for those seeking help and for those offering help).

In Austria in particular, the number of people to be taken seriously (“investigators”) who offer appropriate help is very limited. This is where they really help.

From both sides there are a great many things and questions to be considered …

As a person seeking help
“Who can I trust?”
“What can I expect?”
“What does it cost me?”

As a person offering help
“How trustworthy is the request or the person?”
“How serious is the request or the situation?”
“What does it cost me?”

In general, many questions are almost equally important for both sides. In the end, it boils down to establishing mutual understanding and trust. This means opening up personally, getting involved, being patient and, in any case, working together.

And of course the financial aspect has to be considered for both sides. It is understandably impossible for an investigator to visit various places at his own expense. On the other hand, it is understandable that those seeking help do not want to or cannot spend a fortune. Communication is extremely important here (e.g. reimbursement of travel expenses, allowance for expenses, etc.). In this regard, it should also be mentioned that is an independent and privately financed platform and therefore relies on the support of all interested parties.

The investigation team consists of absolutely trustworthy people who have many years of experience in investigations, the appropriate knowledge and also have the necessary equipment.

In general, EVERYONE can contact the team. However, it should be noted that it is solely up to the respective team member whether and in what form to react. In this regard, it is particularly important that the more precisely the problem or concern is described, the more concrete it can be dealt with and the amount of time spent writing back and forth decreases accordingly. For a number of reasons, they intentionally “only” provide one email address for initial contact.

General meetings as well as on-site investigations are possible. However, in both cases it should be noted that they need relevant inquiries with specific information as soon as possible so that they can find an appointment internally. would like to offer a platform for all those interested in paranormal. This includes people who are seriously committed and want to offer help (and of course have the appropriate qualifications).

There is no membership in this sense at, as they are not an association or anything like that. In this regard, there are no financial “membership fees”, they are privately financed by the founding members donations…

A “membership” at means first and foremost to register and to work actively (through general and / or personal contributions as well as through replies to appropriate contributions).

Investigations are generally always led by at least one team member. A person who would like to be there must be registered, must have written some contributions, and must have been invited to a meeting.

They have the appropriate equipment, which we use depending on the requirements.

Feel free to check out their website here…

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