Are Pendulum Readings Accurate?

Are pendulum readings accurate

Pendulums have long been associated with timepieces and the search for answers. When a pendulum swings, it is believed to give you a simple yes-or-no answer. This is called dowsing.

For centuries, people have asked pendulums questions and have received satisfactory answers. However, the question remains whether pendulum readings are accurate or not. Let’s examine some points to establish the accuracy of pendulum readings.

Why Use A Pendulum To Find Answers?

Pendulums have been used for centuries because they seem to respond to questions. These tools open the doorway for a spirit to provide answers that we otherwise may not have. Sometimes, it is as simple as deciding what to wear or which invitation to accept. Other times it may be a more complex situation about your job or a relationship.

Using a divination tolls may give you peace of mind, knowing that a decision was made for you. Perhaps that relieves a little bit of stress.

Some people believe that it is our higher self answering the questions, while others believe our conscious mind can affect the outcome. Some also believe that it is the spirit world that is guiding us on a path. Whatever your belief is, your hope for an answer is what guides you to use a divining instrument to either choose the right course or head in the right direction.

If you do believe you are asking your higher self, then it is best to specify this when you start. The same applies if you believe it is a spirit that is guiding you – you need to direct your question to the spirit.

Science Vs Spirituality

According to scientists, the swing of the bob is all about physics. How long they are and how heavy they are would affect how the bob moves. Add to this the fact that there may be a draught or even heavy breathing that could affect the area around the dowsing tool, causing air resistance and movement. Something as simple as a muscle twitch could also affect the swing.

On the other hand, according to spiritualists, pendulum readings are guided by intuitive forces, beings from a higher realm, or even your higher self.

While you can’t always argue with scientific facts, spiritualists believe in the accuracy of them due to the answers that they receive from personal experience.

Studies On Dowsing

Studies have been done on the pendulum swinging to establish if there is truth in the swing. One study in particular was from Oxford Academic.

According to the study, “results suggest that people have different decision strategies when using a pendulum compared to conscious guessing. These findings may help explain why some people can answer questions more accurately with pendulums and Ouija boards.”

They further went on to note that “people can answer questions more accurately with muscle movements than they can with conscious guessing”.

How The Subconscious Mind Affects Pendulum Readings

Our subconscious mind can affect the result of any pendulum reading. What we want, we manifest. The harder we believe, the more influence our thoughts and energy could have on readings. The Oxford study also indicates that our subconscious mind can influence our muscles, which may in turn influence the answers we get from a divination tools.

Our subconscious mind picks up more than we consciously realise and more often than not we already have the answers we need.

Tips For An Accurate Pendulum Dowsing Session

  • Always clear your mind before you begin.
  • Clear out the room where you want to do your pendulum reading and cleanse it of all negative energy. This is especially required if you are feeling down or negative.
  • Focus all your energy on the pendulum.
  • Ensure the bob and chain hangs dead still. Keep your body still.
  • Close any windows and switch off fans to eliminate any draught factors.
  • Ask simple, straightforward questions that require a yes-or-no answer. Every word you use must be simple and unambiguous.
  • You can test if your reading is accurate by asking it a simple question that you already know the answer to. For example, “Is today Monday?”. You can use that to determine if the answers you receive are accurate.

How To Ask A Pendulum Questions

While our minds have much to say, they might not always give us an answer. A pendulum, on the other hand, can. It may take a little practice to understand what your tool is trying to tell you, but you should find it answering the questions you need it to in no time.

Before you begin

Before you start your pendulum reading, you need to clear your mind and focus all your energy on the bob. If your mind is in turmoil, or you are not properly focused, you could receive incorrect answers. You must be relaxed. Perhaps even start with some meditation to relax both your body and mind.

Pendulum Predictions

Pendulums can be used for predictions. For example, a pendulum is often used to predict the gender of an unborn child. If the pendulum swings from the left to the right, it is a boy, and if the goes in a circle, then it is a girl. Often, you will receive accurate answers. Another example is about relationships and whether they will last. Many times, the pendulum prediction will be correct.

If you are wondering about the accuracy of using divining tools, you could always test the answer and formulate your own opinion on its accuracy level. If it turns out that the pendulum was accurate, you will surely return for another bout of truth-seeking. If, however, if it gives you the wrong answer, then you may need to look at another source for answers.

What to do if you get an unclear answer

If the readings don’t give you a clear answer, you can ask it loudly and clearly to repeat its answer. Or, you could ask the same question again. An alternative is to use a simpler phrase when asking for an accurate reply. You could also put your free hand under the bob to focus any wandering energy into a single spot.


Why is my pendulum giving me the wrong answer?

If you believed your pendulum gave you the wrong answer then you need to possibly reassess your approach. When you started your pendulum reading, did you calm your mind and focus clearly on asking simple questions? These are usually the main reasons why a pendulum would give you the wrong answers.

Is it better to use a crystal pendulum?

Some people may think that it is better to use crystal pendulums. However, remember that stones and crystals need to be cleansed often because they absorb and store energy. If you choose to use crystal or stone, then don’t share them amongst your friends so that you avoid a distorted answer.

Can I do a pendulum reading without a pendulum?

If you don’t have a pendulum, you can place a ring on a necklace, creating a makeshift pendulum. Or, you can put a weighted object on a piece of string to use it as a pendulum.

Are pendulums safe to use?

Certainly, pendulums are safe to use for seeking spiritual advice and making decisions. Use them with a clear and positive mindset. And regularly purify and energize them to preserve their vibrancy.

Final Thoughts

The point of using a pendulum is very clear: you have a question that you need answered. Each person will make their own determination of whether the answers provided are right or wrong.

However, one thing is for certain: a person who doesn’t at least try to find the answers they are looking for will be left in the dark. While not every person will accept the accuracy of a pendulum for their decision-making, it can still be a valuable tool. Many users opt to wear their pendulum, and keep it on them at all times.

Whether pendulum readings are accurate seems to be a matter of opinion. However, between science and spiritualists, there seems to be an agreement. It all starts with believing that a great divination tool can provide the answers you seek.


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