Can Ghosts Hurt You?

Can ghosts hurt you?

It is not uncommon for a person to have a fear of ghosts. There are plenty of ghost stories that tell tales of terrifying spirits, out to seek revenge. While most ghosts tend to be friendly rather than vengeful, this does not diminish the fear you may have of a ghostly encounter.

Chances are, you’ve probably watched dozens of movies that depict evil spirits of all kinds. But is there any truth to the typical horror film? In this article, we will discuss the capabilities of ghosts, if they can harm you, and whether they even exist.

But in short, it is safe to say that ghosts or any such spirits cannot cause you any physical harm, so there is no reason to be scared of them.

Are Ghosts Real?

Before we start discussing if paranormal entities can hurt you, we first need to determine if ghosts actually exist. Many cultures all over the world believe that the spirits of their deceased ancestors still roam the earth. Some people call them angels, while others may call them spirits, visions, or energy.

While there is not one common belief system surrounding ghosts, there is plenty of evidence to suggest these spirits do exist. Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, such as Nick Howe from Paranormal Research Investigators UK and Danny Robins, centre their entire lives around exploring haunted houses and proving the existence of paranormal phenomena.

How Do Ghosts Communicate?

Manipulating electricity

As ghosts are made up of energy, they are thought to have the ability to manipulate electricity. If you notice any strange light flickers, this may be a sign that a ghost is trying to send you a message. Just remember to rule out any logical causes before you jump to conclusions.

Thought communication

If you have a family member who recently passed away, their spirit may try and speak to you through thought communication. You may find that your brain always thinks of them. You may even hear their voice in your head. Another way that a spirit may choose to communicate is through dreams.


Do you hear the same sounds every morning at the same time? Do you sense a certain presence as soon as it becomes dark? Is there a room in your house that is always occupied by a strange smell? Repetition is a common type of paranormal communication.


Some ghosts use the natural world to communicate with the living. This could take form in a butterfly at your window every morning, a rainbow when you are feeling sad, or a bird on your front porch. Look out for the signs if you think a deceased person may be trying to send a message.

Communication through ghost-hunting equipment

Using professional ghost-hunting equipment allows ghosts to really get their message across. Some of the most popular equipment for communicating with ghosts include:

Of all the abovementioned equipment, ouija boards tend to be the most effective when communicating with spiritual entities as they allow you to have somewhat of a conversation. The other types of equipment are better at identifying whether or not any paranormal entities are present.

The Material Plane vs The Spiritual World

Humans live their lives in the physical realm but may still be able to sense certain happenings in the spiritual world. In contrast, ghosts live within the spiritual realm but they may still have something tying them to the physical world. There is a veil that separates these two realms, which still allows ghosts to make their presence known, but prevents them from harming the living.

However, living with a ghost can affect your mental health. Paranormal encounters may be frightening and disturbing for those who are inexperienced. Oftentimes, they are not believed by their friends and family members, which makes the experience all the more frustrating.

If you find yourself in this situation, you could learn how to carry out paranormal investigations yourself, and even get in touch in touch with a professional paranormal investigator. There are plenty of accounts of people moving house on account of unfriendly entities, so you are not alone!

How To Tell If A Ghost Is Unfriendly

We’ve all heard of Casper the Friendly Ghost, but what do you do if you encounter an entity that is unfriendly? You will usually get a feeling as to whether or not a noisy ghost is troublesome. They may invoke fear, play games with you, or you may simply sense that something is not right. They may be jealous that you are alive and they are not.

If this is the case, you want to make sure that you don’t give the spirit any special attention. In most cases, they will eventually grow bored of you and disappear. In certain cases, you may need to get rid of the entity by cleansing your home, performing rituals, and more. You could also try to manifest positive energy to diminish the ghost’s power.

Common Misconceptions About Ghosts Hurting People

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis occurs during the REM stage of sleep when your brain does not allow your body to move. For many years, the phenomenon of sleep paralysis was blamed on ghosts with a dislike of humans, holding their bodies down with paranormal force. These days, we know that the condition is caused by insomnia or disrupted sleep during the night.

Ghosts want revenge

Popular culture has led us to believe that there are plenty of ghosts out there with unfinished business. And yes, a deceased person may still choose to haunt a house because they seek a form of closure. However, many others are simply lost souls who seek to speak to the living.

Haunted houses are dangerous

The main danger of exploring a haunted house under the cover of darkness is tripping and falling due to human error. This is why it is so important to bring a torch with you so that you can see where you are placing your feet. This is not to say that you won’t encounter any negative energies, but these energies are by no means dangerous.


What should I do if I fear that a ghost will hurt me?

Firstly, remind yourself that ghosts do not have the ability to physically harm you. That being said, ghosts can still disturb your peace, so it is important not to give the spirit too much attention.

If you still don’t like the idea of sharing your home with a ghost, you could take steps to get rid of the paranormal entity. This begins with ruling out any logical explanations, cleansing your home, and removing any objects that the ghost may be attached to.

Is it a good idea to acknowledge the presence of a ghost?

If you want a ghost to know that you know they are there, it may be a good idea to speak up. But it’s essential that you communicate confidently. For example, here’s a quote from one of our recent blogs: “Take a deep breath, puff out your chest and in a strong, calm and respectable voice announce your presence whenever you notice that peripheral ghost sighting.”

You can also acknowledge a ghost by lighting candles to honour the dead and creating a dedicated altar in one of the rooms of your home. If this idea appeals to you, you may want to purchase the relevant altar equipment.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ghosts cannot harm you and there is no reason for you to be scared of them. However, as we mentioned in this article, some ghosts like to play games and may bring negative energy into your life. This can be very distressing and it is especially frustrating when you are not believed.

At the end of the day, you should feel comfortable in your own home. If you feel as though the presence of ghosts is hurting your life, there are plenty of solutions that you can look into.

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