Dreams About Walking: What Do They Mean?

Dreams about walking

Dreaming is a chance for your subconscious mind to come to life. Some believe that they have dreamless nights, others will study their recurring dreams in the search for the true meaning.

A common act during dreaming is walking, this may appear as struggling to walk or perhaps walking too fast. What are your walking dreams trying to tell you? We delve into some of the many translations of walking dreams.


You are likely searching for one absolute explanation to your dreams, one that puts everything into perspective and solves all of your questions, most often, this is entirely not the case. If you awake in the morning to recall your dream and the only detail that springs to mind is that you were walking, a guaranteed explanation of this is that you are moving forward. The specifics of where you are going and how you are doing it are not so translucent.

Breaking down the way that you are walking, is a start to exploring the more in-depth meaning of your dream. The finer your recall is, the easier it will be to find connections between the subconscious and the conscious mind. Recurring dreams are ideal when attempting dream translations, as you can break down each detail with more ease.

Walking Quickly

From a positive perspective, walking with speed in your dream can mean you are confidently striding along your own path, not an obstacle in sight. You are heading towards your goals and where you want to be, and you are doing so at your desired fast pace.

On the other hand, a negative translation of walking at a speedy pace in your dream can be that your mind tells you that you should slow it down. The walk is not smooth, it is destructive and not very helpful in the slightest. You are not heading towards any goals, you are speeding past them without a care.

Walking Slowly or Walking Uphill

Walking at a slow and steady pace is often thought to translate to a struggle in your life that is taking time to overcome. Your current path may not be the easiest route to go down, it is encouraged to think about what exactly is slowing you down. Is it the steepness of the hill? Or are your legs not moving in the way you need them to?

Walking whilst your legs are injured can indicate that you have been experiencing some form of harm but turning a blind eye to it. While this minor injury may seem like a waste of time dwelling on, you must acknowledge what your subconscious is trying to tell you – slow down. Even major issues in life go relatively unnoticed until they start heavily affecting us, sometimes all it takes is to tackle the problems when they are small and easily perishable.

Walking uphill most commonly means that you are going through a challenging period in your life. It may be uncomfortable and straining, however, to achieve a better reality, everyone must face and overcome these challenges. The path you are on is heading to somewhere better than you feel you are now, so stay on that path and keep moving forward – you’re doing great.

If you are walking slowly without any challenging factors, this usually means that you are moving through life with too much caution. Life can be scary at times, and it is easy to be fearful of the unknown. However, life is too short to be treading carefully. We all run into trouble at some points, but fear of these events should not be the reason that holds us back from achieving our true potential. There is no rush to move faster than you can manage. However, it is important to keep a steady pace, one small step at a time.

Walking Downhill

If your dream involves you making your way down a hill, the translation is fairly obvious in that it symbolises you have made your way over the hurdle and have safely overcome it. It is a peaceful state to be in, there is no challenge in the decline, only rewards. The walk downhill likely demonstrates that you are enjoying your current state in life, you have earned your place here, and it is time to sit back and relax and enjoy the views on the way down.

It is important to remain some sense of awareness even whilst walking on a decline, if not, you may lose control of your relaxed legs and your walk may turn into a roll as you lose sight of what is next to come.

While navigating the hills and pathways in your walking dreams, you may also encounter more mysterious elements, such as ghosts. Understanding the meaning of ghost dreams can be just as revealing.

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